5 Members promoted to Team 4, Plus a New Member to Team K and Team B.

On March 24 during the 2nd day of AKB48 concert, at Saitama Super Arena (3 day concert). Their were a few announcements, first Team 4 are getting 5 new members they now have a total of 16 members. The 5 Research Students who got promoted are:

Juri Takahashi (14), 12th Generation.

Karen Iwata (13), 12th Generation.

Rena Kato (14), 10th Generation.

Rina Kawaei (17), 11th Generation.

Yuka Tano (15), 12th Generation.


In other announcements Jurina Matsui of SKE48 will be joining Team K, this is only temporary, she’ll still be with SKE48 how she’ll manage this who knows. And no other than NMB48 number two girl Miyuki Watanabe , will be joining Team B don’t worry she’s still with NMB48 . This is only temporary just like Jurina, I like Milky so I don’t have a problem with her being on Team B. I don’t know why they just didn’t promote 2 AKB48 Research Students for those position, instead of those 2.

Jurina Matsui.

Miyuki Watanabe.

Also a new Team, Team 8 will be added to AKB48 soon. Details to be announce at a later date.


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