My Favorite SKE48 and NMB48 Members.

It’s been about a year since I did an SKE48 ranking, a first for NMB48. Since I don’t really follow either group that much, I do follow NMB48 abit more than SKE48 now. This will be a short list.

My Top 6 SKE48 Members.

6. Kumi Yagami (Team S).

I can’t honestly say she belongs here, I’m only including her for sentimental reasons.5. Akane Takayanagi (Team KII – Captain).

I don’t really know anything about her, I follow her just as much as I follow SKE48. Whenever I watch SKE48 videos I always notice her, same with AKB48 videos if she’s there.4. Kanako Hiramatsu (Team S).

I remember late last summer I got this picture of her (Not the one Below), she was one the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I didn’t know who she was I thought she was an NMB48 member, so I tried checking to find out who she was first NMB48 then SKE48 no such luck. Then I completely forgot about her, several months later I saw her in video. So I tried checking again no such luck, I eventually found out who she was about month later. Before I got the picture about several months back, I actually remember seeing her in a performance. I really did notice her I though she was the cuties thing, I’ve ever seen. At the time I was just to damn lazy to check who she was, and not being a big SKE48 fan back then didn’t help either.3. Yukiko Kinoshita (Team S).

A sweet and cute girl who looks hot, when she looks sexy which isn’t often. In a way she’s the one that made me check out SKE48, I knew Jurina and Rena from AKB48. In the beginning I didn’t really cared too much about SKE48, I remember seeing her in one of the AKB48 concerts. I though she look very hot and sexy, I just had to find out who she was. At first I though she was AKB48 when I tried checking there and didn’t find her I went through SKE48, that’s when I though SKE48 has some cute members. Maybe their worth checking out.2. Jurina Matsui (Team S).

I tend to bashed and make fun of Jurina now and then, I do like her alot. Yeah, the first 2 months or so I really hated her for obvious reasons, after watching a few AKBingo! episodes from around 2009. I became a fan of hers. 1. Rena Matsui (Team S).

In the beginning the only reason, I like Rena was because I hated Jurina. That’s not the case anymore, I just think Rena is Super Great. I was so happy when she was the on the cover of AKB48 CD Single of ‘Give me Five!’.Those 6 are about 80% of the SKE48 members, I really know.

My Top 4 NMB48 Members.

Sorry I wish it was more, this is basically all the NMB48 members I really know. I do like them all alot, if I was to do a ranking of the entire AKB48 family they all would rank pretty high. Especially the Top 3.

4. Nana Yamada (Team N).

I wish I followed NMB48 alot more, If I did I would follow Nana alot more. She’s worth following. I didn’t know this until recently, she’s a former Hello! Project. Which explains the pushing she’s getting. Also her brother is Yuma Nakayama from Johnny’s ‘NYC’.

3. Kei Jonishi (Team N).

I notice her very early on almost from the beginning, but for some reason I didn’t really bother to find out what her name was. Until yesterday morning, lately I’ve been really into her.

I just love this picture of her, she looks so cute brushing her teeth.

2. Miyuki Watanabe (Team N).

I didn’t like her in the beginning because you were either a Sayaka fan or a Milky fan I was a Sayaka fan. Since around December of last year, I started to get really into her. I won’t be surprise if by the end of this summer she will become my favorite NMB48, not because I’m liking Sayaka less and less (I’m not). I’m just liking Milky more and more, that member at no. 3 will also challenge for my favorite NMB48 member. She’s abit of a long shot, she’s not has push as the other two. 1. Sayaka Yamamoto (Team N – Captain).

Only member in NMB48 I follow, on a regular basis.


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  1. avahanian says:

    I have been familiar with this blog for a while. Good job on this post and yes I agree with you, Sayaka Yamamoto is definitely my favorite NMB48 member. I wrote about her on my magazine which is at

    Keep up the good work!

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