AKB48 4th Senbatsu Election Result.

AKB48 4th Senbatsu Election for their 27th single, title and release date to be announce at a later date. Was held June 6th at Nippon Budokan, which was broadcast live on AKB48 Google+. Didn’t watch it, will watch the video when I have time. Good thing to it makes this posting more fun, not knowing the results. The voting period was form May 22 – June 5, 2012. The voting ballots for this was available from AKB48 26th single ‘Manatsu no Sounds Good!’, which was release on May 23. Each single had one voting ballot, this wasn’t the only way you could have voted for your favorite member. But it’s where the majority of the votes came from.

I had 8 votes it all went to AKB48 Team A member Haruna Kojima, I wasn’t planning on giving her all those votes. Seeing how low she was after the 1st day results, I had to. I really wanted to give one vote to Rina Kawaei to show my support for her, or to NMB48’s Kei Jonishi who I like alot. For anyone interested last year I gave Haruna Kojima 8 votes, and Aika Oota 2 votes.

The particiting members for this election was 237 members from AKB48, SKE48, NMB48 and HKT48 plus all the kenkyuusei members from all groups. I don’t why they have to included their sister groups in this, I guess it’s all about money.

First of all congratulations to all those members that rank, for those that didn’t. There’s always next year.


49-64 Future Girls.

64. Mika Komori (Team B) – She dropped big time, at least she got ranked. 5,398 votes

63. Yuka Nakanishi (SKE48 Team S) – I’m happy for her, she’s a former AKB48 Research Student. 5,592 votes.

62. Mika Yakata (SKE48 Team KII) – Since I don’t really follow SKE48 I don’t know she is, there’ll be a few SKE48 members here I don’t know. 5,606 votes.

61. Sumrie Sato (Team B) – I don’t know what happened here, she’s had some pushing the last year or so. 5,706 votes.

60. Mayu Ogasawara (NMB48 Team N) – 5,919 votes.

59. Shizuka Oya (Team A) – I though she would moved up from last year, at least she got rank. 5,933 votes.

58. Miori Ichikawa (Team 4) – Just like last year I overestimated her, regardless this is a big dropped for Lemon. 5,963 votes.

57. Mina Oba (Team 4 – Captain) – I guess considering the Scandal she had not that long ago, she’s foruate to be rank. 5,969 votes.

56. Kanon Kimoto (SKE48 Team E) – I know who she is and she’s cute, I can’t honestly say. I Like her. 5,982 votes.

55. Moeno Nito (Team K) – Sad to see her dropped this much. 6,025 votes.

54. Suzuran Yamauchi (Team 4) – I just started to really get into her, like a few days ago. So I’m very happy about this, I recently got this very nice picture of her not that long ago, which is the reason I got into her. 6,027 votes.

53. Sakiko Matsui (Team K) – I can’t say I’m surprise she dropped, but I am. 6,058 votes.

52. Aika Oota (Team A) – Oh Noooo, I can’t stand to see Lovetan cry. She must be crying very hard, I’m crying very hard too. Lovetan shouldn’t be rank anywhere this low. I had a feeling she’d dropped big time, but not this big. 6,140 votes.

51. Ayaka Kikuchi (Team K) – Happy she got rank, this proves she still has a fair amount of fans. 6,185 votes.

50. Haruka Ishida (Team B) – Since she wasn’t guaranteed to get ranked, this is a good result for her. 6,333 votes.

49. Tomu Muto (AKB48 Research Student) – Went to check who she was after the 1st day result, she’s very cute. Highest rank AKB48 Research Student. 6,428 votes.

Future Girls, 49-64.

33-48 Next Girls.

48. Haruka Katayama (Team A) – She’s back, has rank in the senbatsu election 3 out of the 4 years. 6,602 votes.

47. Sakura Miyawaki (HKT48 Team H) – Highest rank HKT48 member. 6,635 votes.

46. Nana Yamada (NMB48 Team N) – A good result for her. 6,683 votes.

45. Yuka Tano (Team 4) – Don’t know who she is. 6,694 votes.

44. Haruka Nakagawa (Team A) – Dropped big time. 6,890 votes.

43. Aina Fukumoto (NMB48 Team N) – 6,912 votes.

42. Ami Maeda (Team A) – Happy for her. 7,168 votes.

41. Kana Kobayashi (Team B) – I never knew she was this popular. 7,195 votes.

40. Reina Fujie (Team K) – Number 40, for a 2nd straight year. 7,782 votes.

39. Mariya Nagao (Team 4) – 7,809 votes.

38. Miho Miyazaki (Team B) – She drop 11 spots from last year, but didn’t drop as much as I though. So I’m kinda happy, wish she would have rank alot higher though. 8,173 votes.

37. Chisato Nakata (Team A) – Nice to see a member you don’t hear or see too much or at all, rank this high. 8,315 votes.

36. Sayaka Nakaya (Team A) – I shouldn’t be, but I’m surprise she’s rank this high. I think she’s a very sexy dancer. 8,505 votes.

35. Manatsu Mukaida (SKE48 Team KII) – Who is she? 8,552 votes.

34. Kaori Matsumura (SKE48 Research Student) – WOW. I’m I seeing this right an SKE48 Kenkyuusei Member, rank this high. 9,030 votes.

33. Misaki Iwasaki (Team A) – I guess releasing her first solo single a few months ago, helped alot. She’s Next Girls Center. 9,297 votes.

Next Girls, 33-48.

17-32 Under Girls.

32. Shiori Ogiso (Team KII) – 9,596 votes.

31. Yuria Kizaki (SKE48 Team S) – 10,554 votes.

30. Airi Furukawa (SKE48 – Team KII) – I know this member only by name, I’ve seen her name in alot of places. 11,179 votes.

29. Akari Suda (SKE48 Team S) – 11,323 votes.

28. Kumi Yagami (SKE48 Team S) – Nice to see her rank here, after not ranking last year. Which I though she would. 11,712 votes.

27. Masana Oya (SKE48 Team S) – So many SKE48 members in Under Girls, too bad I don’t know most of them. 12,142 votes.

26. Yuka Masuda (Team B) – Back to her rightful place. 13,166 votes.

25. Sawako Hata (SKE48 Team KII) – 13,920 votes.

24. Akane Takayanagi (SKE48 Team KII – Captain) – Most popular SKE48 member, outside of the Matsui’s. 14,111 votes.

23. Haruka Shimazaki (Team 4) – She’s The Ace of Team 4, some are saying and predicting. Including myself, to be the future face of AKB48. 14,633 votes.

22. Asuka Kuramochi (Team A) – After seeing how low she was after the 1st day result, I’m happy about this. I think she should be rank a spot or two higher. 14,852 votes.

21. Amina Sato (Team B) – She dropped a little bit, I’m a little bit disappointed. 17,009 votes.

20. Sayaka Akimoto (Team K – Captain) – She’ll take this. 19,121 votes.

19. Miyuki Watanabe (NMB48 Team N – Temporary AKB48 Team B) – NMB48’s number two girl. 19,159 votes.

18. Sayaka Yamamoto (NMB48 Team N – Captain) – The Ace of NMB48. 23,050 votes.

17. Aki Takajo (Team A) – She dropped kinda big time, never expected this. At least she’s Under Girl Center. 23,083 votes.

Under Girls, 17-32.

1-16 Senbatsu.

16. Ayaka Umeda (Team K) – During the last year she’s had a good year and some good luck, since last years election. Nice to see her make senbatsu. 24,522 votes.

15. Yui Yokoyama (Team K) – A kinda very push member, not as push as before. Enough pushing to get her into senbatsu. 25,541 votes.

14. Minami Minegishi (Team K) – I don’t know why she can’t get any higher than this, she should be rank higher. All the signs are there. 26,038 votes.

13. Rie Kitahara (Team B) – I didn’t know what to expect from her, 13 must be her lucky number. Since that’s her ranking 3 of the 4 elections. 26,531.

12. Tomomi Kasai (Team B) – After a big drop from her last year, she move up pretty good. Everyone’s happy about this, a regular senbatsu member staying in senbatsu. 27,005 votes.

11. Sae Miyazawa (Team K) – 40,261 votes.

10. Rena Matsui (SKE48 Team S) – She should be rank higher. 42,030 votes.

9. Jurina Matsui (SKE48 Team S – Temporary AKB48 Team K) – Damn, she rank ahead of Rena. Damn you AkiP, the only reason I think you put Jurina in AKB48 Team K temporarily is so she wouldn’t drop from last year. I guess it work, afterall we can’t let the The Ace of SKE48 drop to far down. I do like Jurina, I just like Rena more. 45,747 votes.

8. Tomomi Itano (Team K) – Since she’s on abit of a downfall, this is a good result for her. Staying in the Top 8. 50,483 votes.

7. Haruka Kojima (Team A) – After seeing how low she was after the 1st day result, I got so stress out wondering where she’ll rank . I just had to give her all my votes, I like to think those votes made a difference, I think it did. Last year was almost the same thing, I think she likes to stress me out. 54,483 votes.

6. Minami Takahashi (Team A – Captain) – Nice to see her moved up from last year, I’m sure she got quite abit of Acchan votes. 65,480 votes.

5. Mariko Shinoda (Team A) – This might seem like a bad result from her, but she only few hundreds votes less than Sasshi. Hey, she’s still in the Top 5. 67,017 votes.

4. Rino Sashihara (Team A) – Some will say this is a surprise, some will say it was expected from the super push Sasshi. 67,339 votes.

3. Yuki Kashiwagi (Team B – Captain) – I don’t get it, she had less votes than last year. It’s usually the other way around, when your this popular. 71,076 votes.

2. Mayu Watanabe (Team B) – WOW. Where did all those votes come from, I doubt very much it was the Acchan effect. I’m very happy about this, not because she’s rank ahead of Yukirin. It’s because she’s number two, and she’s back to being the most popular Team B member again as she should be. I think everyone expected a Top 3 at best, so this wonderful. 75,574 votes.

1. Yuko Oshima (Team K) – Back at number one. Without Acchan taking part this year, any other member at number one. Would have been a big surprise and a big upset, she had about 14,000 less votes this year. The Acchan effect, but still a big gap from the next member. 108,837 votes.

1. Yuko Oshima

Senbatsu, 1-16. Yes you don’t see SKE48’s Jurina Matsui, cause she’s not there.


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