Rino Sashihara Scandal.

Just got back from a holiday, when I first read about this I though it was a joke.

On June 14 ‘Shukan Bunshun’ a tabloid magazine ran a story from an alleged ex-boyfriend of Sasshi, who she dated in the summer 2008-2009. The magazine included emails and photos (Including nude photos of herself), that she had sent to him. For her punishment she has been sent to one of their sister groups HKT48, which will only make HKT48 more popular. Good thing she’s a popular member or she would have been suspended for several months, or worse fired from the group. I’ve read that this a permanent moved, I think she’ll be back with AKB48 before the year ends. Then again maybe not, she’ll probably become the face of HKT48.

I think the reason they didn’t suspend her, is if they did that she won’t be able to do or participate in any AKB48 duties. With AKB48’s big Summer Concert at Tokyo Dome coming up on August 24-26, and their sisters group also being there. Don’t be surprise if Sasshi will be performing with AKB48, like she never left. That Tokyo Dome concert is also Acchan graduation date, as she will make her final AKB48 performance as an AKB48 member. On August 27 at there Theater.

I’d love to see those nude Sasshi photos.


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