Rena Matsui, Birthday.

July 27, 2012

Today July 27 is SKE48’s Rena Matsui 21st Birthday, Happy Birthday, Rena.

And a couple of Birthday’s in advance –

On July 30th it’s AKB48 Team B Member Miho Miyazaki 19th Birthday, Happy Birthday Myao.

On August 3rd it’s AKB48 Team B Member Yuka Masuda 21st Birthday, Happy Birthday Yuka.





French Kiss 5th Single ‘ Romance Privacy’, First Week Sales.

July 25, 2012

AKB48 sub-unit French Kiss release their 5th single’ Romance Privacy’, on July 18th. It sold 85,011 copies in it’s first week of release to rank number 2, on the weekly oricon singles chart. That’s very low sales for them, anyways this single was release in 4 versions. It’s a great single by a great group, please buy this single help the sales.

Video – ‘Romance Privacy’ . or

‘Rainy Day’

Type A Cover.

Type B Cover.

Type C Cover.

Theater Edition Cover.


Oricon Top 10 Singles Chart, Week 30, July 29, 2012.

Single/Artist/Release date/Sales.

1. Chankpana – NEWS (07/18) (244,710).

Video – .

2. French Kiss – Romance Privacy (07/18) (85,011).3. Kazega Fuite Iru – Ikimonogakarai (07/18) (29,144). .

4. Kana Hanazawa – Hatsukoi Note (07/18) (14,328).

Video – .

5. You and I – IU (07/18) (14,109).

Video – .

6. LinQ – Shiawase no Energy / Matsuri no Yoru ~Kimi woSukini Natta Hi~ (07/18) (12,835).

Video – .

7. Rimfire – Granrodeo (07/18) (12,206).

Video – .

8. Yui Ogura – Raise (07/18) (11,794).

Video (Short Version Only can’t find the Full Version) – .

9. Mellow Hollow – Baroque (07/18) (10,564).10. Android – Tohoshinki (07/11) (8,458) (160,878).Video – .

AKB48 Birthday’s.

July 23, 2012

I feel really bad about this last week July 16, was AKB48 Research Student Rina Hirata Birthday. I saw her earlier in March, in Washington, DC. I was really impressed by her, shame on me forgetting her Birthday. Anyways’s I’m late but, Happy 14th Birthday, Hirarii.

Also yesterday July 22, was AKB48 Team K Member Moeno Nito 20th Birthday.

Also Happy Birthday in advance to AKB48 Team 4 Member Shiori Nakamata, who turns 20 years old on July 25.

And also to AKB48 Team K Captain Sayaka Akimoto, who turns 24 years old on July 26.

With so many members in the AKB48 family, I just can`t post everyone`s Birthday. I still wish them a Happy Birthday, even if I don`t do post on them. Like Komorin who turn 18 years old a few days ago (July 19), a member I like alot.



Moeno Nito.

Shiori Nakamata.

Sayaka Akimoto.

Mika Komori.

My Favorite J-Pop Idols and J-Pop Artist.

July 17, 2012

It’s about the half way point of the year, so it’s time for this. I do this twice a year in January, and in July.

Top 10 J-Pop Idols.

10. Sayaka Yamamoto (NMB48).9. Rena Matsui (SKE48).8. Miyuki Watanabe (NMB48).

I really hate to rank her ahead of Sayaka, but I’m liking Milky more and more. And their’s no stopping it, believe me I’m trying to stop it. Cause I like Sayaka Yamamoto alot.7. Miyabi Natsuyaki (Berryz Koubou).

Nothing much to write about her, I just think she’s really pretty.6. Atsuko Maeda (AKB48).

5. Mayu Watanabe (AKB48).

She will release her second solo single ‘Otona Jelly Beans, on July 25. Buy it, buy all the versions, I am. .

It’s free international shipping, you can also get it at CD Japan or HMV Japan.4. Momoka Ariyasu (Momoiro Clover Z).

I don’t like her as much as before, but I still like her alot. Honestly I don’t know why I like her so much, she just has that something? Just as I wrote in my last ranking about her, I don’t know why I have her rank this high.3. Yuki Kashiwagi (AKB48).2. Yurina Kumai (Berryz Koubou).

The only reason she’s rank ahead of Yukirin, is I met her at AnimeNext, in New Jersey, last month. I have to say that was one of the biggest thrill in my life, she’s just absolutely gorgeous.1. Haruna Kojima (AKB48).

I can only imagine what it would be like for me, to see or meet her in person.

My Top 14 J-Pop Artist.

14. Morning Musume.

I like their songs but until recently I didn’t really care too much about this group, I like the current line up. I like the 9th and 10th Generation Members, I especially like Haruna Iikubo.13. Watarirouka Hashiritai 7.

An AKB48 sub-unit, I like former SDN48 member Kazumi Urano the temporary member. I do miss Natsumi Hirajima being in this group. To me this group is all win.12. Passpo.

I like their concept, although I think they need to improve it. Or evolve from it.11. S/mileage.

Ever since Yuuka Maeda left, I’ve really lost interest in this group. I like all their songs, and they continue to release songs I like. So I still check up on them.10. NMB48.

I like them about the same as SKE48 if not a little more, I just don’t know as many members from them as I do from SKE48. The member I do know I like alot, and I do follow them a little more than SKE48.9. SKE48.

I’m starting to check on them alot more, than before. The only reason they’re rank ahead of NMB48 is they been around longer, have more songs. Which means more songs I like, I know alot more SKE48 members than NMB48.

8. Super Girls.

AKB48 wannabe, their sales are improving big time with every release.

7. C-ute.

I’m still liking this group less and less, since I first heard of them. I really don’t know why, because I like their songs.6. No Sleeves (or No3b).

My favorite AKB48 sub-unit, these are 3 fairly push and popular members. They’re also regular AKB48 senbatsu members, not to mention that they’re also all 1st Generation AKB48 members. So why their singles don’t sell more than it should, I just don’t know why. Heck, French Kiss even sells alot more than they do.5. Idoling!!!.

In my January rankings I meant to include this group, for some reason when I was doing it. I just completely forgot about them.4. Buono!

An Hello! Project idol group that comprises of 2 members from Berryz Koubou, and one from C-ute.3. Momoiro Clover Z.

This group is alot fun and full of energy.2. Berryz Koubou.

I saw them last month at AnimeNext in New Jeresy, they’re all so beautiful. This was a must go for me, I’ll drive anywhere to see them. If I could drive to Japan I would.1. AKB48.

What’s there for me to say about AKB48.

Yeah, it’s only 4 members out of what a 1,000. It’s hard to find pictures of all the members in the same picture.

Here’s an interesting video, with alot of those groups doing ‘Heavy Rotation’, if want more info just search ‘ Yubi Matsuri – Heavy Rotation’.

Artist involved – Idoling!!!, Rino Sashihara (Sasshi organize this thing), Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku, Super Girls, Tokyo Girls’ Style, Nogizaka46, PASSPO, Buono!, Momoiro Clover Z and Watarirouka Hashiritai 7. This was perfom on June 25, 2012.

Video – .

Yuki Kashiwagi Birthday.

July 15, 2012

Today July 15 is AKB48 Team B Captain Yuki Kashiwagi Birthday, Happy 21st Birthday Yukirin.

Sayaka Yamamoto Birthday.

July 14, 2012

Today July 14 is NMB48 Team N Captain Sayaka Yamamoto Birthday, Happy 19th Birthday Sayanee.

Oricon Top Singles, Week 28, July 16, 2012.

July 12, 2012

This was a very, very good week for new singles releases.

Oricon Top 10 Singles, Week 28, July 16, 2012.

Rank/Single/Release Date/Sales.

1. Heat – Kim Hyun Joong (07/04) (183,478).

Video – .

2. Love Chase – Tomohisa Yamashita (07/04) (118,981).

Video – .

3. One Two Three / The Matenrou Show – Morning Musume (07/04) (100,598).

Video – . As much as I like this group this video just like most of the videos they’ve done, is cheap and kinda boring. When I think about it all Hello! Project music videos, are cheap.

4. Puripuri SUMMER Kiss – SUPER GIRLS (07/04) (71,736).

Video – .

5. One Day – Oneday (2PM+2AM) (07/04) (54,734).Video – .

6. Yes! Yuyuyu Yuruyuri – Nanamori-Chu Goraku-Bu (07/04) (29,768).7. 100% Chugakusei – Nanamori-Chu Goraku-Bu (07/04) (28,317).8. Yume no Sota e – Gen Hoshino (07/04) (25,650).9. ULTRA SREEL – Takamiy (07/04) (15,751).Video – .

10. Paparazzi – Girls’ Generation (06/27) (14,177) (106,753).