NMB48 Preliminary Tournment, For AKB48 3rd Janken Tournament.

On June 30 NMB48 held their preliminary Janken Tournament, for AKB48 3rd Janken Tournament. Which will determine the 16 senbatsu members, for AKB48 29th single. Which will be release around December of this year. Their’s 6 of 86 spots available for NMB48 members. A total of 61 NMB48 members took part, including 31 Research Students. The tournament started with the 31 research students, which was won by Rina Kushiro. Then she was added to the main tournament along with the 30 NMB48 members. The 6 members that qualified are :

Team N

Kana Shinohara.

Riho Kotani.


Team M

Ayame Hikawa.

Natsumi Yamagishi.

Rena Kawakami.

Yui Takano.


Ayame Hikawa is one lucky girl she just didn’t qualify for last year tournament, she made to senbatsu placing in 9th place. And she was a NMB48 Research Student back then.

Team N Miyuki Watanabe was exempt from this tournament, because she’s a temporary AKB48 Team B member. So she automatically qualifies for AKB48 3rd Janken Turnament. Milky by the way made her first appearance with AKB48 Team B at AKB48 theater, on June 29.


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