AKB48 Kenkyuusei, SKE48, HTK48 Preliminary Tournament, For AKB48 3rd Janken Tournament.

AKB48 Kenkyuusei Members held their preliminary janken tournament, for AKB48 3rd Janken Tournament. On July 4th, only one spot is available. It was won by AKB48 12th Generation Erena Saeed Yokota.SKE48 held their preliminary janken tournament on July 5, 8 spots are available and the members that won it were –

Ami Kobayashi – Team E.

Kanako Hiramatsu – Team S.

Kanon Kimoto – Team E.

Kasumi Ueno – Team E.

Mieko Sato – Team KII.

Seira Sato – Team KII.

Yuka Nakanishi – Team S.

Yumana Takagi – Team E.


Jurina Matsui of Team S was exempt from this tournament, because she’s a temporary AKB48 Team K member and automatically qualifies for AKB48 3rd Janken Tournament.

HKT48 held their preliminary jankan tournament on June 6, and the 3 members that qualified for AKB48 3rd Janken Tournament are –

Chiyori Nakanishi – Team H.

Madoka Moriyasu – Team H.

Sayaka Eto – Kenkyuusei.


Sasshi by the way who was transfered to HKT48 not that long ago, but hasn’t joined the group yet. Took part in the tournament and lost in the 1st Round.

So AKB48 3rd Senbatsu Janken Tournament is all set, this will determine the senbatsu members (Top 16). For AKB48 29th single, which will be release around December of this year. This tournament will take place on September 18th, at Nippon Budokan. Their will be 86 members participating in this tournament.

AKB48 (69)

Team A – 14

Team K – 16

Team B – 16

Team 4 – 16

The 6 newly promoted Research Students.

Research Student – 1


SKE48 (8)

NMB48 (6)

HKT48 (3)


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