My Top 30 Favorite AKB48 Members, September, 2012.

Before I get to my rankings, I just want to show a couple of videos. Of AKB48 performing ‘Give Me Five!’, this has nothing with my Top 30 AKB48 favorite members. Except that most the members performing in the videos, are in my rankings this month.

The first one here looks like it was done in there theater earlier this year, not 100% sure who everyone is. It’s looks like a mixture of Team B and Team 4 members.

Video – .

The second one are the senbatsu members for this single minus NMB48 Sayaka Yamamoto, plus AKB48 Team 4 Haruka Shimazaki. Not sure where and when this was.

Video – .


Now to my rankings.

30. Karen Iwata (Team 4).

Ever since I first heard of her in late March of this year I’ve tried to ignore her, tried not to notice her. The last month or so she’s been getting to me.29. Haruka Shimazaki (Team 4).

I think I can get used to her heavy pushing.28. Ami Maeda (Team A).27. Misato Nonaka (Team K).

I wish she gets some push, even a little bit. I don’t see her anymore.26. Juri Takahashi (Team 4).

During the AKB48 Team Shufflle not that long ago her and Rina Kawaei got put on the same Team (A), which I like. They’re so cute together, when those new Teams will come into effect. No dates given yet.

Edit: Why I wrote Juri and Rina will be on the same Team, I don’t know. Right now they’re on the same Team (4), anyways they’re great together. Glad they won’t be separated.

25. Anna Iriyama (Team 4).

Despite failing to rank in AKB48 4th senbatsu election, she continues to get decent pushing. I like her, so I’m not going to complain. I became a fan of hers after I saw her in Washington, DC., in March of this year. Before that although I knew who she was, for some reason I just didn’t like her.

24. Rie Kitahara (Team B).

To me she’s all sex appeal.23. Aki Takajo (Team A).

When I heard she’ll be transfering to JKT48, when that will happen I don’t know. It was very sad news for me, I actually felt like crying. What will become of ‘French Kiss’, since they only release 2 or 3 singles a year. I guess they’ll work something out. Who knows what goes on, or what’s going to go on in the AKB48 family. Members shuffling and transfering here and there, being with this group and that group.22. Shihori Suzuki (Team B).21. Ayaka Kikuchi (Team K).

I Love this picture of her below, she looks so hot.

20. Rina Kawaei (Team 4).

I’ve I mention that she may become a Favorite AKB48 Member, of mine.19. Haruka Ishida (Team B).18. Haruka Katayama (Team A).

Is it me. Does she get more screen time outside of AKB, than she does in AKB? Oh, well. That’s another story.17. Asuka Kuramochi (Team A).16. Miho Miyazaki (Team B).15. Minami Takahashi (Team A – Captain).

The Heart of AKB48.14. Haruka Nakagawa (Team A).

Ever since she came back from that surgery she had not that long, I haven’t heard or seen much of her. Not that I was seeing her alot, before that.13. Mika Komori (Team B).

It seems like that the pushing as stop, for this off and on again push member. At least for now.12. Sumire Sato (Team B).

I hope she doesn’t become a failed push member, she’s getting some pretty good pushing.11. Yuko Oshima (Team K).10. Aika Oota (Team A).

Lovetan is going to become Sasshi sidekick in HKT48, whenever she transfers to that group.9. Amina Sato (Team B).

I really hate to move her down in my rankings, cause I like her alot.8. Minami Minegishi (Team K).

Read comment above.7. Tomomi Nakatsuka (Team K).

Finally she starting to move up, how high she’ll go. Only time will tell.6. Tomomi Itano (Team K).5. Mariko Shinoda (Team A).4. Atsuko Maeda (Team A).

Since she graduated from AKB48 at the end of last month, I’ll include her in this month ranking. This will be the last time she’ll be here.3. Mayu Watanabe (Team B).

A very mature looking Mayu, I Like.

2. Yuki Kashiwagi (Team B – Captain).1. Haruna Kojima (Team A).

Finally some major movements in my rankings.

Since April 2011 someone new has finally broke into the top 8, that’s 17 months.


One Response to My Top 30 Favorite AKB48 Members, September, 2012.

  1. Lexia Gray says:

    30. Why try to ignore Iwata? She has a strong personality, is great on variety shows, and is an exceptionally talented singer.
    29. I’m not really getting used to it… She seems fine when being pushed among members of her generation, but out of place next to top Senbatsu.
    21. I agree, that’s a great picture of Kikuchi.
    18. Haachan is one of my top AKB members. She’s talented, being a good dancer, a great singer (with one of my favorite voices of the whole group), and is also lovely.

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