Kasai Tomomi Graduation Announcement.

On December 17th, AKB48 concert ‘The 2nd AKB48 Kouhaku Taikou Uta Gassen’, at Tokyo Dome City Hall. AKB48 Team A Member Kasai Tomomi announced she will be graduating from the group, details and dates of the graduation will announce at a later date. On November 29th Natsuki Sato graduated from the group to concentrate going to college and graduate. Then Yuka Masuda scandal about spenting the night some guys place, I was really sick at the time. I didn’t really check up on this really, still haven’t. Anyways on December 1st during an handshake event she announce she will withdraw from the group, but will continue doing AKB48 activities til the December 17th. So her final performance as an AKB48 member with AKB48, will be ‘The 2nd AKB48 Kouhaku Taikou Uta Gassen. Scandal or no scandal from what I’ve read, I don’t think it was enough to get her fired or forced to leave the group. Maybe just a few months suspension. When you consider that she didn’t participate in AKB48 big summer concert at Tokyo Dome, at the end of August. Also withdrew from AKB48 3rd Janken Tournment, to concentrate on the musical ‘The Wiz’, which she had the lead role. So I think that scandal just gave her the excuse to leave the group. Now she can go concentrate on her career, where her talents will better appreciated. She probably is or was the best singer and dancer in the whole AKB48 family, she beat out Umechan for the role on ‘The Wiz’.

All those 3 members are all 2nd Generation (Original Team K) AKB48 members, considering who’s left. A little worried, as they are on the older side. A lot of members leaving or graduating this year, not just in AKB48. Also from their sister groups, not just official members, but research students. Next Year might be worse, if you don`t like those kind of things. Most of my favorite members, are the older members.

Kasai Tomomi.

Kasai Tomomi.

Yuka Masuda.

Yuka Masuda.

Natsuki Sato.

Natsuki Sato.





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