JKT48 First Album ‘Heavy Rotation’.

150th Post.

banner-home-8Earlier tonight I had a big Surprise when I found out JKT48 release their 1st Album ‘Heavy Rotation’, on February 16th. Maybe I’ve been spending to much time on SNH48, so I didn’t found out til now. Actually from what I’ve read their was no annoucement on this, so unless you’re a really big JKT48 fan and check on them at least every other day or so. You probably don’t know about this.
If you want to buy the CD or some information on it, you can check here http://jkt48-official.shop.rakuten.web.id/c/214409/ .

Here’s a video from about a year ago, I don’t know if this will the video on the CD+DVD. I hope not, I hope they make a new one. They have to include Akicha, and Harugon right. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mCRlK7A2D4 .

CD Only Cover.

CD Only Cover.

CD+DVD Cover.

CD+DVD Cover.


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