Sayaka Nakaya To Graduate from AKB48.

Sayaka532AKB48 Team K Member Sayaka Nakaya has annouce her graduation from AKB48, during a theater performance on March 2nd. She will graduate from AKB48 after her theater performance on March 6th. The reason she`s graduating is because she wants to become a Seiyuu a voice actress, she`s going to audition for her favorite anime. She`s just not leaving AKB48, but also her agency Mousa. One of the qualification for the audition is that you can`t belong to any agency. There`s no guarantee she will get the part, but neither way a Seiyuu is what she wants to be. Personally, altough it`s big risk I think she making the right decision. I wish her the `Best Of Luck`, hoped she gets the part she auditioning for.

Nakayan is a 3rd Generation (Orginal Team B) AKB48 Member, then transfered to Team A during AKB48 1st Teams reshuffle in March, 2010. Then transfered to Team K during the recent Team shuffle in November, 2012. She was one the first member I knew, mainly because her name was so easy to remember. She`s like the 6th or 7th AKB48 member that has announced her graduation or has graduated fron AKB48, during the last 3 months or so.


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