Mayu Watanabe, Birthday.

I’m in Utah right now, doing my annual USA week road trip,  just got to the motel now. I’m very tired been driving all day, feel like I’m about to get a headache. I should go to bed right away, but I just got to wish cute little Mayu. Happy Birrthday on her Birthday. This may get posted on the 27th can’t be bothered to change the settings on this laptop. It’s still the 26th where I am.

Today March 26th is AKB48 Team A Member Mayu Watanabe, Birthday. Happy 19th Birthday, Mayuyu.tumblr_m9ttqs4LTY1rx69wko1_1280

On the 30th I might still be in the States, so I’ll do this now. So I won’t forget.

On March 30th is AKB48 Team B Member Haruka Shimazaki Birthday, Happy 19th Birthday in advance Paruru.63-71

Paruru vs. Mayuyu, the present or future version of  although it’s very poor man’s version of Acchan vs. Yuko. The shy, quiet, girl next door type vs. the flashy one. I don’t think Mayu is that flashy, atleast not in a Yuko kind of way. She does stand out  and knows how to stand out. She won’t stand behind anyone.

*Note –  Oricon Top 10 Singles and Albums Chart, which I usually post on Wednesday. Will be late this week likely this Sunday, hopefully I should be back home then. Anyway’s won’t be doing it, til I get back home.


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