Details on AKB48 5th Senbatsu Election.

Last Year,Center. Yuko Oshima.

Last Year, Center. Yuko Oshima.

Should have done this about a week ago, but couldn’t find the time to do it til now.

This is where fans can vote for the members who they want to participate on AKB48 32nd single, the single will be release around late August of this year. Just like last year, only the members with the 64 most votes will get to participate.

1-16 Senbatsu

17- 32 Under Girls

33-48 Next Girls

49-64 Future Girls

Several ways you can vote, most of the votes will mainly come from AKB48 31st single. Which will be release on May 22nd, each single will have one voting ballot.

It’s different this year since the members eligible have to announce their candidacy, which they have til April 7th (which was last week). Members eligible to be candidates for this year’s election are current (as of March 31, 2013), AKB48, SKE48, NMB48 and HKT48 Members. This includes all the Research Students from all those groups. Also former AKB48 members currently abroad (with JKT48 and SHN48), as well as graduated members who were part of the group for 4 years or longer. I think the reason they made 4 years or more is they want no porn star, as in “Rina Nakanishi”. Or “Eri Takamatsu””, although she was never an official AKB48 member, I don’t think she would have been eligible anyways.

The voting will start on May 21st at 10 a.m. til June 7th at 3 p.m. (Japan Time). The selected members will be annouced at Nissan Stadium on June 8th.

You can check the candidates for AKB48 5th Senbatsu Election (I would recommend reading my entire post, before checking the list) here – .

AKB48 Team A Member Tomomi Nakatsuka won’t be participating in this years election, I can’t say I blamed her. She’s never come close to being rank before, no reason this year will be any different. I think they’re annual senbatsu election is very stressful and hurtful for her, regardless I will continue to support her. Also Sayaka Akimoto former AKB48 Team K Captain who announced her graduation from AKB48 (No Date Yet), about a week ago also won’t participate. This one I can’t understand, Haruka Nakagawa who’s currently with JKT48. Choose not to participate, I see a conspiracy here. This is just my opinion I think it has something to with Aki Takajo, from what I’ve seen and read. Harugon very popular there, I think with her fans there.  Good chance she would have made senbatsu or Top 5 (Maybe even Center) , Interesting how Akicha will do. No doubt who the JKT48 fans or wato will vote for.

For some reason I’m not excited or looking forward to this, like I was the last 2 elections. Maybe my AKB48 fascination is wearing off. I think it’s more like ever since Acchan graduated alot of the older generations have left the group or announce their graduation, in about a year. This will not be the AKB48 I knew and like, when I first became a fan. Bullshit, I think I will always like and follow them. They just have to many things going for them, I’m getting off topic here.

I will post make my predictions a day or two before the voting starts.


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  1. wld0715yukiring says:

    AKB48 32nd single Senbatsu General Election
    How To Install and Vote AKB Mobile Apps for iOS
    Let’s Vote for Kashiwagi Yuki ! Yukirin !(period 5.21-6.7)

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