Tomomi Nakatsuka has as announce she will Graduating from AKB48.

AKB48-Team-A-Nakatsuka-TomomiA couple of days ago May 20th, I think it was. 5th Generation and current Team A AKB48 Member Tomomi Nakatsuka as announce she will graduating from group, no date when she will graduate. When I first heard about it I took pretty hard, I’m over it abit since she’ll probably still be with the a group for a while. This definitely ranks up there along with the Natsumi Hirajima and Rumi Yonezawa scandal and Acchan graduation announcement has the saddest moment in AKB48 for me. Although Acchan announcement was a shock and a surprise more than anything. I should have seen this coming when she didn’t announce her candidacy for AKB48 5th senbatsu election. With so many AKB48 members already announcing that they’ll be graduationg from the group, I’m sure more to come. I think their’s going to be a mass graduation in there big summer concert this year. If I ever needed a reason to leave the AKB48 fandom, this is. I won’t leave AKB48 just have too many fond memories and it’s giving me too much to joy. This really sucks, she’s the member I really Love the most.


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