AKB48 New Team 4.

On August 24th, on AKB48 3rd day Tokyo Dome concert. It was announced that a New Team 4 will be formed, with all the 13th and 14th Generation Research Students getting promoted to that Team. And Minami Minegishi who got demoted to a Research Student very early this year, due to a scandal. Also has been promoted to the Team, and will be the Captain of the new Team 4.

Didn’t AKB48 formed a Team 4 before, on June 2011. Just to disband them on October 2012.

If this Team is in effect yet or not, I’m not sure.


The Members that got promoted are :

1st Generation.

Minami Minegishi – Team 4 Captain, 20 years old.35_2_thumb

13th Generation.

Moe Aigasa, 15 years old.Ken-aigasa_moeSaho Iwatate, 18 years old.003Saki Kitazawa, 16 years old.066

Shinobu Mogi, 16 years old.010

Yuri Murayama, 16 years old.069

Ayaka Okada, 14 years old.AKB48_Okada_Ayaka_2013Ayana Shinozaki, 17 years old.007Yurina Takashima, 16 years old.AKB48_Takashima_Yurina_2013Ayana Umeta, 14 years old.004

14th Generations.

Hikari Hashimoto, 16 years old.AKB48_Hashimoto_Hikari_2013Mako Kojima, 16 years old.img20130706akb4810Mitsuki Maeda, 14 years old.016Miki Nishino, 14 years old.AKB48_Nishino_Miki_2013Nana Okada, 15 years old.Ken-okada_nanaNatsuki Uchiyama, 17 years old.Ken-uchiyama_natuki


One Response to AKB48 New Team 4.

  1. GarySato says:

    Some ex-T4 fans won’t be happy about the new T4…

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