Babyraids “Koyomi no Ue Dewa December”.



I don’t usually promote J-Pop Idol groups outside of the AKB48 family here, since I’m promoting a great drama also. It’s OK. I just have to write about this little story.

About a month ago when I was ordering Morning Musume, HKT48 and Atsuko Maeda latest single online. I came across “Babyraids”, which I found kinda interesting. I didn’t know they were releasing a single, I’m usually up to date on that kind of stuff with Idol groups I like and kinda follow (Babyraids is one of them). I was thinking didn’t they just release a single not that long ago, so I was surprise by this. Since it was cheap I decide to order it to, It has only one song “Koyomi no Ue Dewa December”. I just listen to the song, I’ve heard this song before, couldn’t remember where. So I did some research on the song, and found it’s from the Japanese TV drama “Amachan”. Which is pretty hot in Japan now. I downloaded the Soundtrack “Amachan Uta no Album”, a month or 2 ago. That’s where I first heard it from, I love that song.

I’m just guessing here, but I think this is how the single came about. I’m not going to get into what the the drama is about, but their’s this Idol group there who had a number one single with that song (Koyomi no Ue Dewa December). Anyways, I can’t remember the date, I think it was in June. That song was number one on the daily Recochoku and itunes. So I guess Babyraids management or agency, started to see $$$$$ signs. Not to long after that it was revealed that Babyraids with Voice Actress Inori Minase, are the ones singing that song. Anyways Babyraids recorded it again just them and release as their 5th single.

As for the TV Drama “Amachan”, watch it. I highly recomment it, I promise you. You won’t be disapponted.

Babyraids “koyomi no Ue Dewa December” Video – .

Inside the Babyraids “Koyomi no Ue Dewa December’ single, I got a Rio Watanabe card photo. I like her, so I’m happy about that. HMV japan where I oredered The CD from also send me 2 Babyraids Group card photo.


Acchan Single “Time Machine Nante Iranai”, is amazing especially Type A, B & C. Very nice small photobook came with it and it was all different, also nice photo of her came with it.


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