AKB48 Group Draft Meeting.

AKB48 Group Draft Meeting took place on November 10th, at the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa.  It’s a public audition where the managers and captains of AKB48, SKE48, NMB48 and HKT48 will pick members to add to their teams. A total of 29 candidates are available.

Before this their was 3 rounds of audition:

1st Round which was held August 12-September 3, was the application peroid.

2nd Round which was held September 14th, is the interview. From the successful applicants from above.

3rd Round which was held on September 21-23, is the Dance and Vocal Audition. Which 30 passed.

Back to the Draft.

20 girls got drafted to teams, has for the other 9 girls. Theater Manager of all 48 groups Tomonobu Togasaki, said they can audition for any of the 48 groups in the future. And can skip the primary examinations.

Who Drafted Who:


Team A – Yui Yokoyama (Captain) – Drafted : Rena Nishiyama (12), Kayoko Takita (16).

Team K – Yuko Oshima (Captain) – Drafted : Moe Goto (12), Hinana Shimoguchi (12).

Team B – Ayaka Umeda (Captain) – Drafted : Aeri Yokoshima (13), Saya Kawamoto (15).


Team S – Yuka Nakanishi (Captain) – Drafted : Chikako Matsumoto (13).

Team KII – Akane Takayanagi (Captain) – Drafted – Natsuki Takasuka (13), Yuki Arai (15), Nene Suzuki (17), Saki Goudo (17), Sarina Soda (20).

Team E – Rena Matsui (Captain) – Drafted : Sana Takatera (13), Nao Fukushi (14), Kumiko Koishi (18).

NMB48 :

Team N – Sayaka Yamamoto (Captain) – Drafted : Ririka Suto (16).

Team M – Rena Shimada (Capatin) – Drafted : Sara Takei (15).

Team BII – Emika Kamieda (Captain) – Kokoro Naiki (16), Kanae Iso (20).

HKT 48 :

Team H – Chihiro Anai (Captain) – Drafted : Mao Yamamoto (17).

For more info on the girls that got drafted – http://www.akb48.co.jp/akbdraft/ .

I don’t like this at all, I don’t think it’s fair to the Research Students in Group already.

I hope this is just one time thing, I’m not going to question anything they do. You don’t stay on top by standing still, and playing safe. One thing about the world of AKB, they always keep it interesting like it or not. I think this is just a publicity stunt,  I just hope they don’t make this a yearly thing.


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