Misato Nonaka has announced her graduation.

B-nonaka_misatoThis really sucks, I’m really sad about this. AKB48 Team B Member Misato Nonaka, has announced her graduation today February 28th. When she’s actually leaving the group, I guess that will be announced at a later date. I just did a post on her protesting her transfer a couple hours ago, I guess this explains it. I found it kind of usually, she seems shy and quiet kind of prerson. She wasn’t transferring to another group, just to another Team

When she actually does graduate from AKB48, that might a good time for me to graduate being an AKB48 fan. I really do like her she was a regular on my monthly favorite AKB48 members ranking, until it got change to the AKB48 family. The only problem was I rarely got to see and enjoy seeing her, because they never showed her. As far as I’m concerned she’s just not one of pretties AKB48 member, but one of the pretties female I’ve ever seen.

I really do feel like crying right now.


3 Responses to Misato Nonaka has announced her graduation.

  1. Ann says:

    She is really pretty, the few members that has nice teeth. I always wondered why management never push her maybe for her mature and serious personality ??? ……………. but why are you graduate for being AKB fan, I thought your number one was Kojiharu ????

    • I was just being funny.
      It’s just that their was a time when I knew everyone’s name and face on each team in AKB48. Also alot of members of graduated, since Acchan graduated from the group.

  2. Lian says:

    Wah… I never knew.. Well, it really makes me sad but why graduate when she haven’t even participate once in the Senbatsu?? T_T

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