Update on AKB48 Big Team Shuffle.

AKB48 had a big team shuffle on the 24th, and from what I’ve read it was finalized on February 27th. Their have been some changes since the shuffle on the 24th, since management gave the the members, til February 26th at 6:00 pm. To protested their transfer.

It seems like 6 girls protested (or didn’t like where they’re going to).

Ayaka Kikuchi – Who was to transfer to NMB48 Team N, will be staying with AKB48 Team A. Good for her since the NMB48 theater in Nanba, Osaka is about 250 miles from tokyo.r2kAK5tCRGU

Karen Iwata – She was to transfer to SKE48 Team S, but will remained with AKB48 Team A. When I first saw this I found this hard to understand, she’s only 15. They’re asking her to moved to Nagoya which is like more than 200 miles from Tokyo.IMG_5876

Misato Nonaka – Who was to transfer to AKB48 Team K, will remained in AKB48 Team B. She protested this, maybe her friend is there?TDbL2fw

Yurina Takashima – Who was to transfer to SKE48 Team KII, will be staying with AKB48 Team 4. Another youngster their asking to moved, what were they thinking.10 - 1

Yui Takano – Who was to transfer to NMB48 Team BII, will be staying put in NMB48 Team M. Maybe her friend is there.05 - 1

Eriko Jo – Who’s a NMB48 Research Student, got promoted to NMB48 Team M. She refused the promotion. WHAT!!!! She’s originally a 2nd Generation NMB48 member, then unexpectedly graduated from the group on September, 2012. She was a senbatsu member on NMB48 2nd-5th single, so the future was bright for her. I remember it very well I just came back from a holiday not that long. I went to California, USA., Alot of AKB fans were making kinda a big deal about it. It was around this time that I was beginning to lose abit of interest in AKB48, Acchan just graduated. Also AKB48 management were doing thing’s I didn’t like, and it was turning me off like the transferring or concurrent position of Jurina and Milky. How they handled the Sasshi scandal or was it actually a scandal, or was it planned. The disbandment of Team 4, who I like alot, and enjoyed watching. The AKB48 Team Shuffle, just to a mention a few. Anyways, back to Eriko Jo. She came back as a 4.5 Generation member on October 13, 2013. For some reason I miss this news, Ok, I don’t check up on NMB48 that much. (If she was in AKB48 I would have known). When I was doing the post for that “Big Team Shuffle” a few days ago, and I saw her name. I was like when did she come back to NMB48 Research Student, is this the same person? All this and she’s only 15 years old.Jo2013

If you want to check out the finalized line up of all the teams, you can check > http://www.akb48.co.jp/page/daisokaku/list.php?after=1&group=akb48 .


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