Attack at AKB48 handshake event.

This happen at few days ago, when I first heard about it. I was in a shock and emotionally overwhelmed, I just didn’t want to write or talk about it. I’m still a little reluctant to do this.

As for what happen on May 25th, during an AKB48 handshake event at Iwate Industrial Culture Apio. AKB48 member Anna Iriyama and Rina Kawaei was attack by a 24 year old male, with a saw. Rina Kawaei fractured her thumb, and got slashed on her right arm. Anna Iriyama fractured her pinky finger, got slashed on her right arm and head area. A staff member was also in injured from the attrack, from protecting the members that was being attack. The three were send to the hospital, Rina and Anna had surgeries.

Anna and Rina recently updated their conditions about the incident on their google+, seems like the the 2 are doing well and are in high spirit. I Think they’re just putting a brave face for the fans.

My Best Wishes to both of them and the injured staff member.

It’s had a big impact in Japan has not just AKB48, but some Idol groups have canceled events / handshake events. In the next week or 2.

I could go on about this, it’ll just leave at this. I just hope the safety of the members always comes first, without naming names. I’ve heard you can’t be rude to the customers (Fans), they pay alot of money for this. It’s great how they have the handshake events, you can interact with the members. Because of this I’m sure they’ll make changes., I don’t really know what to say.

Right now all that matters is the 2 injured AKB48 member and the staff member. Again, My Best Wishes to them.


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