My Favorite J-Pop Idols and J-Pop Artist, August 2014.

I do this twice a year in January and July, because I went on holidays in July for 2 weeks. I decided to do this in August, instead.

My Top 25 Favorite J-Pop Idols, Singers, or whatever else.

25. Masaki Sato (Morning Musume).

I just think she’s super cute.44atMlJb05U1q9iTuHA6dsrCJpQ24. Karin Ogino (Yumemiru Adolescence).

Yumemiru Adolescence Leader, I think she would make a good travel companion. I usually do 3 or more kinda long distance driving a year, if I could choose 1 J-Pop Idol to take along to keep me company. Don’t ask why, I would choose her.4847046250_09_MAIN__SCRMZZZZZZ_23. Yuna Sekine (Cheeky Parade).

I’ve been really into her and checking her out quite abit, during the last month or so. A real cutie.tumblr_n4sgn7n3L51rld6ydo1_1280

22. Nao Sakura (Team Syachihoko).

A cutie, that’s alot of fun to watch.92c1b001e564153038a409301998529a21. Honoka Akimoto (Team Syachihoko).

Team Syachihoko’s Leader. I like her, I find her very funny.news_large_014_3793

20. Asami Watanabe (Cheeky Parade).

As for following her it’s been on and off and on again, I was really into her early last year. Then I kinda lost interest in her, now I’m back again to being really interested in her.1061074_65019. Reina Washino (Flower / E-Girls).

She’s someone who I’ve admired for a long time (Ok. Almost 2 years, I don’t know if that’s a long), she’s just absolutely beautiful. I love her sweet and cute singing voice. As far as singing voices goes, that I like listening to. She ranks at the top.tumblr_mzrov4yXMY1s0326ro1_r3_1280

18. Rina Matsuno (Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku).

I like tall girls, she’s really tall compared to most J-Pop Idols.sg6_treca0517. Rika Mayama (Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku).

She’s the Leader of Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku. Whenever I’m watching her, for some reason I just get hypnotize by her.news_xlarge_DSC_650916. Miyuki Watanabe (NMB48 / SKE48).

She really has a nice ass.ivRIQd5hXcsGV15. Sayaka Yamamoto (NMB48 / AKB48).

If you haven’t yet, you should check her out playing the guitar. She’s not bad.sUwvu4p14. Kei Jonishi (NMB48).

I think she’s the kind of girl, I would like as a girlfriend. I’ve said that to few J-Pop Idols before, I really do like her.Brb78fDCYAAF4Zy13. Miki Shimomura (Fairies).

Here’s someone I’ve like alot since I first heard of Fairies sometime in 2012, she’s someone who I’ve considered and wanted to include in this ranking before. Why I didn’t until now, I really don’t know. BoucwAyIIAA7j9t12. Haruna Iikubo (Morning Musume).

I don’t know why, when I see her. I just start to laugh, I mean that in a good way.blog2C20Iikubo20Haruna-457900-6864411. Kanako Momota (Momoiro Clover Z).

The Leader of Momoiro Clover Z. I think she has cutest dimples, Sorry Lovetan.news_xlarge_ADS_545510. Rena Matsui (SKE48/Nogizaka46).

I feel a little awkward when I see her with Nogizaka46, it’s almost like she’s too good for them. I just saw her profile picture270e07ecb15600f5c97b52ec7b93ad0867d9aadd_6_788246534_161_large, I think she looks really nice (Nogizaka46 Like). She doesn’t seem to happy in the picture.tumblr_n0eh10UniP1qeh2m0o1_12809. Mayu Watanabe (AKB48).

I’ve mention this show before “Sailor Zombie”, for those who haven’t check it. You got to check it out, I think it’s really good and fun to watch. Mayu is in it.068. Mai Shiraishi (Nogizaka46).

I wasn’t planning on posting this on her Birthday, since I did. Happy 22nd Birthday, Maiyan.067. Seran Mizorogi (Cheeky Parade).

My J-Pop Idol girlfriend.

Cheeky Parade will be doing a concert in New York City, in October this year. I’m going, I will talk about it more later. I can’t wait, I’m really looking forward to this.tumblr_n4gpgiefiS1rld6ydo3_12806. Yukafin Doll (Afilia Saga).

She’s just so hot and sexy.BtoonD-CIAE5qs85. Ai Negishi (PASSPO).

PASSPO Captain. I’m losing abit of interest in PASSPO, it just seems like they keep doing the same. I’m definitely not losing interest in this lovely creature.LUV_FO~14. Hitomi Arai (Tokyo Girls’ Style).

I met her last month when I went to the J-Pop Summit Festival in San Francisco, she was everthing I imagine her to be. She looks exactly like she does in pictures and videos if not, then better. At the Meet and Greet there I spent maybe a minute or two with “Tokyo Girls Style”, I was very excited and nervous all at the same time. I like the other members, but I just couldn’t take my eyes off her. I probably would rank that maybe in my top 10 of my most memorable moments in my life (That’s a big maybe), Either way that was one of the greatest feeling I’ve ever had.tgs5tsu0443. Yuki Kashiwagi (AKB48 / NMB48).12. Yurina Kumai (Berryz Koubou).041. Haruna Kojima (AKB48).0nZwHE____________________________________________________________________

My Top 20 J-Pop Idol Groups.

20. Fairies.

I like them a mature style, but cute group.BuBBVAmCUAAqamD19. Yumemiru Adolescence.

They’re all pretty or cute, or both. Especially their leader Karin Ogino, who I have crush on right now. As for the music I love everything they have released, their next single “Shoumei Teenager”. Will be released on September 9th, which is my Birthday. I will get as a present to myself.0_128387018. Babyraids.

For almost a year now I’ve been really into this group, I’m always checking on them. Too see what their up to, I really enjoy watching them.girlsnews-15581216970-img20140603babyraids317. Team Syachihoko.

I find them unpredictable, the only thing predictable about them is I think their kinda weird. I mean that in a good way, alot fun to watch I always get a good laugh from them.

With AKB48 Minami Minegishi.

With AKB48 Minami Minegishi.

16. 9nine.

Good Songs, members are kinda cute. Really nothing to hate about them.9nine『With-You-With-Me』A写(smallサイズヨリ確)15. C-ute.

As much as I try I just can’t hate this group, I don’t even know why I’m trying. Really nothing to hate about them. I really enjoy watching their videos.C ute, Hagiwara Mai, Nakajima Saki, Okai Chisato, Suzuki Airi, Yajima Maimi-43971414. SKE48.

To me they just don’t seem as fun as before, they’ve had alot members who have graduated during the last year or 2. Some of the new members are pretty cute, I guess I just got to warm up to them.ffe464aa13. NMB48.

I just bougth their album, which was released last week. It’s very good.c36644ec12. Nogizaka46.

I didn’t like the last 2 singles they’ve released, compared to their previous ones. I still like the group alot.tumblr_n4j4425lEP1tw2uh9o3_128011. Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku.

They’ve drop in my rankings since the last time I did this, mainly because a couple members I like graduated from the group earlier in April. Especially Hirono Suzuki who I like alot, and would have ranked in my Favorite J-Pop Idols.maxresdefault10. HKT48.

I didn’t really follow them at first, I’ve been kinda following them abit since March or April of ths year, Thanks to Meru Tashima.IMG_16639. Cheeky Parade.

They’re coming to New York City in October, to do a concert at Times Square. I’m definitely going, I even got a friend to come with me. Which isn’t easy for me to do on something like this, Oh Yes, I can’t wait to see them. This is going to be very exciting, Seran Mizorogi Mmmm….BtD3TgkCMAAxGeS8. PASSPO.

They’re not releasing as much stuff as last year, which is a good thing. Makes me look forward more, to each release.original7. Idoling!!!.

I think all the members are really pretty, one of the very few Idol groups that never dissappoint me.412148a61268a85daf2d95bb986d9ef16. SUPER GiRLS.

They need a change, I mean that in a good way. They’re starting to become predictable, what else is new in the J-Pop Idol world.tumblr_n4zniyNZDN1rld6ydo9_12805. Morning Musume.

I’m not following them anywhere as much as I once was, I still follow them alot more than most Idol groups. I’m facing a dilemma as Morning Musume will be doing a concert in New York City, in October of this year. A week before Cheeky Parade concert at Times Square, Likely I can only go to one, Hey New York City is a 9 hour drive from where I am. I choose Cheeky Parade, mainly because it’s on a long weekend in Canada. I could go to both, I’m considering it. I really do wanna see Morning Musume in concert.rvgJKnT4. Momoiro Clover Z.

Another Idol group I’m starting to find predictable, but they’re alot of fun and alot of fun to watch.6cc218fbgw1egcqma854qj20v618gas33. Tokyo Girls’ Style.

On previous post I’ve said I didn’t like their music and they were boring, since meeting them and watching them perform. I’ve had a change in opinion, they’re really get into their performance which gets me into it also. At Meet and Greet they were alot fun to be with, they were funny to. Ok they have more than a few songs I don’t like, but they also have alot of songs that I like. Like “Wonderful Smile”, which I’ve been listening to alot during the last month.

I’m probably ranking them a little high here, it’s probably because I’m still on a high from meeting them.rVkX39F2. Berryz Koubou.

It was announced earlier this month, that they will going on indefinite hiatus starting in Spring 2015. Which I guess is a way of saying they’re disbanding them, without causing panic. I hope that’s not the case. Considering the ages of the members and how long they’ve been around, that news doesn’t sound good.Hello_Project-4717581. AKB48.

Ever since Acchan graduated from AKB48 in August 2012, which you could say was the beginning of a very slow decline in my interest in AKB48. Anyways it reach an all time low in February of this year, not just AKB48 but J-Pop in general. At the time it just seem like I’ve seen everything that need to be seen, and heard everything that needed to be heard. I was really into KPop at this time, I’ve actually started getting into Kpop the same time I started getting into Jpop (Just not as much as JPop, But that’s all another Story). I was Checking out alot of Kpop stuff, “Crayon pop” in particular. It all started with Peach Girl “Fox Fur Muffler”, and it just rolled from there. This lasted for almost 2 months. Thanks to HKT48 and Meru Tashima, I started to get back into AKB48 and J-Pop and my interest in that as been and still is growing since that time. The fact that AKB48 6th Senbatsu General Election was coming up, help alot too. I would say this is most I’ve been interested in AKB48 since Acchan graduation, and it’s still rising. It also helps that I’ve finally accepted all the changes that happens in the world of AKB48 and the new members.a9a59f96-705f-4fbb-9fb2-b7ef54ad3f10



4 Responses to My Favorite J-Pop Idols and J-Pop Artist, August 2014.

  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    Thank you Yukirin, for clarifying what “curvilinear” equations are : )

  2. anon says:

    Kojiharu #1 again :))))) for old AKB’s fans the new members aren’t so funny to watch, but for new fans they can’t wait for old generation to graduate.

    I am gonna always love the old AKB the one with Maeda, and it is funny that after she graduated the music wasn’t good anymore maybe Akip lost her muse jajaj

  3. kuroyuki tomorin says:

    Glad to see Yukirin there! She’s a charm 🙂

    Anyway my case is kinda the same as yours. My interest in AKB48 group has been declining since Acchan’s graduation. I was crazy about them before, but somehow managed to stick with them even though the Zettai Ace wasn’t around. It was only until my kamioshi Tomochin graduated that I felt it’s time. With so many fav members are out, I can no longer do this.

    Though I have to say the new gen isn’t bad at all particularly Kawaei, Sakuratan, Haruppi and Paruru. Old gen like Mayuyu and Yukirin still have the bomb but it’s no longer the same without the 1st gen. Hoping for the best to AKB48 but will no longer be as obsessed and fanatic as I was before haha.

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