AKB48 2014 Janken Tournament Results.

AKB48 5th Janken (Rock, Paper & Scissors) Tournament was held on September 17th, at Nippon Budoukan. It’s different this year, as the winner will get to release a solo single. #2-#16 members will sing the coupling song on the B-side of the single. The released date of the single will be announce at alter date.

A total of 113 members participated in the tournament – All AKB48 members, on a Team with the exception Of Team 8 (79). And also including all concurrent members from sister group, that’s in AKB48 (10). Also 3 members from Team 8 and 1 AKB48 Research Student for a total of 93, SKE48 (8). NMB48 (7), HKT48 (5).


1st Round :


Miyuki Watanabe (NMB48/SKE48) vs. Bye

Sakiko Matsui (AKB48) vs. Kanna Okada (HKT48)

Hitomi Honda (AKB48) vs. Kayoko Takita (AKB48)

Mako Kojima (AKB48) vs. Mizuki Tsuchiyasu (AKB48)

Rina Hirata (AKB48) vs. Bye

Mayumi Uchida (AKB48) vs. Miyu Takeuchi (AKB48)

Ayaka Okita (NMB48) vs. Haruka Ishida (AKB48)

Yuna Ego (SKE48) vs. Chisato Nakata (AKB48)

Miki Nishino (AKB48 vs. Bye

Riho Kotani (NMB48/AKB48) vs. Makiko Tatsuya (AKB48)

Jurina Matsui (SKE48/AKB48) vs. Yui Yokoyama (AKB48)

Mion Mukaichi (AKB48) vs. Mariya Suzuki (AKB48/SNH48)

Chiyori Nakanishi (AKB48) vs. Bye

Natsuki Uchiyama (AKB48) vs. Rena Kato (AKB48)

Karen Iwata (AKB48) vs. Haruka Shimada (AKB48)

Shu Yabushita (NMB48) vs. Mariko Nakamura (AKB48)

Rena Nishiyama (AKB48)vs. Bye

Nana Fujita (AKB48) vs. Misaki Iwasa (AKB48)

Mariya Nagao (AKB48) vs. Mitsuki Maeda (AKB48)

Ayano Umeta (AKB48) vs. Rina Izuta (AKB48)

Natsuki Takatsuka (SKE48) vs Bye

Maria Abe (AKB48) vs Mayu Watanabe (AKB48)

Minami Minegishi (AKB48) vs. Yuiri Murayama (AKB48)

Kiara Sato (AKB48) vs. Yurina Gyouten (AKB48)

Anna Ishida (SKE48) vs. Bye

Saho Iwatate (AKB48) vs. Seina Fukuoka (AKB48)

Sakura Miyawaki (HKT48/AKB48) vs. Saki Kitazawa (AKB48)

Ryoka Oshima (AKB48) vs. Ayaka Okada (AKB48)

Nana Okada (AKB48) vs . Bye

Mayu Ogasawara (AKB48) vs. Tomoko (SKE48)

Aki Takajo (AKB48) vs. Nao Furuhata (SKE48/AKB48)

Haruka Kodama (HKT48) vs. Manami Ichikawa (AKB48)

Miku Tanabe (AKB48) vs. Bye

Aeri Yokoshima (AKB48) vs. Rena Nozawa (AKB48)

Miho Miyazaki (AKB48) vs. Moe Aigasa (AKB48)

Marina Kobayashi (AKB48) va. Moe Goto (AKB48)

Haruka Shimazaki (AKB48) vs. Bye

Tomu Muto (AKB48) vs. Mikoto Uchiyama (SKE48)

Anna Iriyama (AKB48) vs. Akari Ishizuka (NMB48)

Mio Tomonaga (HKT48/AKB48) vs. Natsumi Matsuoka (HKT48)

Yumana Takagi (SKE48) vs. Bye

Haruka Komiyama (AKB48) vs. Rio Okawa (AKB48)

Haruna Kojima (AKB48) vs. Rina Ikoma (AKB48)

Miyaki Ino (AKB48) vs. Yurina Takashima (AKB48)

Ayaka Morikawa (AKB48) vs. Bye

Yuki Arai (SKE48) vs. Hinana Shimoguchi (AKB48)

Ayana Shinozaki (AKB48) vs. Wakana Natori (AKB48)

Yuka Tano (AKB48) vs. Juri Takahashi (AKB48)

Ami Maeda (AKB48) vs. Bye

Ami Yumoto (AKB48) vs. Izumi Umemoto (HKT48)

Serina Kumazawa (HKT48) vs. Miyu Omori (AKB48)

Nana Owada (AKB48) vs. Oya Shizuka (AKB48)

Asuka Kuramochi (AKB48) vs. Bye

Saki Goudo (SKE48) vs. Yukari Sasaki (AKB48)

Yuki Azuma (NMB48) vs. Nao Ueki (HKT48)

Yuria Kizaki (AKB48) vs. Rina Kawaei (AKB48)

Nao Ota (AKB48) vs. Bye

Yuki Kashiwagi (AKB48/NMB48) vs. Hikari Hashimoto (AKB48)

Sayaka Yamamoto (NMB48/AKB48) vs. Minami Takahashi (AKB48)

Shinobu Mogi (AKB48) vs. Saki Kono (NMB48)

Fuuko Yagura (NMB48/AKB48) vs. Kana Kobayashi (AKB48)

Natsuki Kojima (AKB48) Vs. Shihori Suzuki (AKB48)

Rie Kitahara (AKB48) vs. Haruna Kinoshita (NMB48)

Saya Kawamoto (AKB48) vs. Nagisa Shibuya (NMB48/AKB48)


2nd Round :

Winner / Loser

Miyuki Watanabe (NMB48/SKE48) vs. Sakiko Matsui (AKB48)

Hitomi Honda (AKB48) vs. Mako Kojima (AKB48)

Mayumi Uchida (AKB48) vs. Rina Hirata (AKB48)

Ayaka Okita (NMB48) vs. Yuna Ego (SKE48)

Riho Kotani (NMB48/AKB48) vs. Miki Nishino (AKB48)

Jurina Matsui (SKE48/AKB48) vs. Mion Mukaichi (AKB48)

Chiyori Nakanishi (AKB48) vs. Natsuki Uchiyama (AKB48)

Shu Yabushita (NMB48) vs. Karen Iwata (AKB48)

Rena Nishiyama (AKB48) vs. Nana Fujita (AKB48)

Mariya Nagao (AKB48) vs. Ayano Umeta (AKB48)

Maria Abe (AKB48) vs. Natsuki Takatsuka (SKE48)

Kiara Sato (AKB48) vs. Minami Minegishi (AKB48)

Saho Iwatate (AKB48) vs. Anna Ishida (SKE48)

Sakura Miyawaki (HKT48/AKB48) vs. Ryoka Oshima (AKB48)

Nana Okada (AKB48) vs. Mayu Ogasawara (AKB48)

Aki Takajo (AKB48) vs. Haruka Kodama (HKT48/AKB48)

Aeri Yokoshima (AKB48) vs. Miku Tanabe (AKB48)

Miho Miyazaki (AKB48) vs. Marina Kobayashi (AKB48)

Haruka Shimazaki (AKB48) vs. Tomu Muto (AKB48)

Mio Tomonaga (HKT48/AKB48) vs. Anna Iriyama (AKB48)

Yumana Takagi (SKE48) vs. Haruka Komiyama (AKB48)

Haruna Kojima (AKB48) vs. Miyabi Ino (AKB48)

Yuki Arai (SKE48) vs. Ayaka Morikawa (AKB48)

Yuka Tano (AKB48) vs. Ayana Shinozaki (AKB48)

Ami Maeda (AKB48) vs. Ami Yumoto (AKB48)

Nana Owada (AKB48) vs. Serina Kumazawa (HKT48)

Saki Goudo (SKE48) vs. Asuka Kuramochi (AKB48)

Yuki Azuma (NMB48) vs. Yuria Kizaki (AKB48)

Yuki Kashiwagi (AKB48/NMB48) vs. Nao Ota (AKB48)

Shinobu Mogi (AKB48) vs. Sayaka Yamamoto (NMB48/AKB48)

Natsuki Kojima (AKB48) vs. Fuuko Yagura (NMB48/AKB48).

Saya Kawamoto (AKB48) vs. Rie Kitahara (AKB48)


3rd Round (Winner will make Top 16) :

Winner / Loser

Miyuki Watanabe (NMB48/SKE48) vs. Hitomi Honda (AKB48)

Mayumi Uchida (AKB48) vs. Ayaka Okita (NMB48)

Riho Kotani (NMB48/AKB48) vs. Jurina Matsui (SKE48/AKB48)

Chiyori Nakanishi (AKB48) vs. Shu Yabushita (NMB48)

Mariya Nagao (AKB48) vs. Rena Nishiyama (AKB48)

Kiara Sato (AKB48) vs. Maria Abe (AKB48)

Sako Iwatate (AKB48) vs. Sakura Miyawaki (HLT48/AKB48)

Nana Okada (AKB48) vs. Aki Takajo (Akb48)

Miho Miyazaki (AKB48) vs. Aeri Yokoshima (AKB48)

Mio Tomonaga (HKT48/AKB48) vs. Haruka Shimazaki (AKB48)

Haruna Kojima (AKB48) vs. Yumana Takagi (SKE48)

Yuki Arai (SKE48) vs. Yuka Tano (AKB48)

Nana Owada (AKB48) vs. Ami Maeda (AKB48)

Yuki Azuma (NMB48) vs. Saki Goudo (SKE48)

Yuki Kashiwagi (AKB48/NMB48) vs. Shinobu Mogi (AKB48)

Saya Kawamoto (AKB48) vs. Natsuki Kojima (AKB48)


4th Round :

Winner / Loser

Miyuki Watanabe (NMB48/SKE48) vs. Mayumi Uchida (AKB48)

Riho Kotani (NMB48/AKB48) vs. Chiyori Nakanishi (AKB48)

Mariya Nagao (AKB48) vs. Kiara Sato (AKB48)

Saho Iwatate (AKB48) vs. Nana Okada (AKB48)

Miho Miyazaki (AKB48) vs. Mio Tomonaga (HKT48/AKB48)

Haruna Kojima (AKB48) vs. Yuki Arai (SKE48)

Nana Owada (AKB48) vs. Yuki Azuma (NMB48)

Saya Kawamoto (AKB48) vs. Yuki Kashiwagi (AKB48/NMB48)


Quarter Finals :

Winner / Loser

Miyuki Watanabe (NMB48/SKE48) vs. Riho Kotani (NMB48/AKB48)

Saho Iwatate (AKB48) vs. Mariya Nagao (AKB48)

Haruna Kojima (AKB48) vs. Miho Miyazaki (AKB48)

Saya Kawamoto (AKB48) vs. Nana Owada (AKB48)


Semi Finals :

Winner / Loser

Miyuki Watanabe (NMB48/SKE48) vs. Saho Iwatate (AKB48)

Haruna Kojima (AKB48) vs. Saya Kawamoto (AKB48)


Finals :

Winner / Loser

Miyuki Watanabe (NMB48/SKE48) vs. Haruna Kojima (AKB48)


First of all congradulation to Milky for winning, she’ll get to release her first solo single. I like her alot, so will definitely buy it.

I’m not going to say this fixed, but it makes me wonder. That last 4 winners have very popular members. Personaly I don’t really care if this tournament is rigged or not , it’s fun to watch. It’s alot of fun for the fans and members. Just like many fans I don’t really care about the results, I’m more interested in seeing what costume the members are wearing.


Top 16 :

16. Mio Tomonaga (HKB48 / AKB48) – Her 1st time making the Top 16, in Janken Tournament.23 - 1

15. Yuki Arai (SKE48) – Another 1st timer.AraiYukiKII2014

14. Yuki Azuma (NMB48) – Another 1st timer.AzumaYuki2014

13. Yuki Kashiwagi (AKB48 / NMB48) – Her 2nd Time she made Top 16 in 2012.c729d876824c1bcef7e11fa1e54d17a3

12. Mayumi Uchida (AKB48) – The winner of the first Janken Tournament in 2010, she was also 4th in 2012. It’s the 3rd time she’s place in the Top 16, along with Haurna Kojima it’s most by any member.UchidaMayumiK2014

11. Chiyori Nakanishi (AKB48) – A 1st timer.NakanishiChiyori2014Shuffle

10. Kiara Sato (AKB48) Another 1st timer.SatoKiara42014

9. Nana Okada (AKB48) – Another 1st timer.674dfedfjw1eg52g5y1u0j208d0ahabg

8. Riho Kotani (NMB48) – Another 1st timer.Ripopo2014

7. Mariya Nagao (AKB48) – Another 1st timer.0_1401250

6. Miho Miyazaki (AKB48) – After losing in the 1st round 3 times and in the 2nd round at another, she finally makes Top 16.c0100805_5376feaba5093

5. Nana Owada (AKB48) – A 1st timer. She had a starring role in the Drama “Sailor Zombie” earlier this year, now this. What’s the deal with her, I don’t mind I like her. I yhink she’s really cute.0_1401163

4. Saya Kawamoto (AKB48) – Another 1st timer.

3. Saho Iwatate (AKB48) – Another 1st timer. Considering this is the 5th Janken Tournament, alot of 1st Timer here (13).KawamotoSayaB2014

2. Haruna Kojima (AKB48) – She’s had success in the Janken Tounament, making the Top 16 the 1st 2. Losing in the 3rd round (one round away from making Top 16) the next 2, it’s her highest placing. One spot higher when she was 3rd in the 1st Janken Tournament. It’s the 3rd time she’s place in the top 16, along with Mayumi Uchida it’s the most by any member.22

1. Mikyuki Watanabe (NMB48/SKE48) – Congraduations Milky. It’s her 1st time making the Top 16.watanabe_miyuki_nmb








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