Cheeky Parade Concert in New York City.

On Sunday October 12th, Cheeky Parade did a concert at Time Square in New York City. They perform for about 30 minutes, I think they did 6 or 7 songs. They were very energetic and alot of fun to watch. After the show they did some photo shoot in Time Square around the stage they were performing for about 10 minutes, took some pictures. After that they started to walk to their tent, I guess it was. A few people were following them I thought they were fans of theirs, so I followed along. Then I realize they were staff members of the group, they probably thought I was stalking them. Oops… Sorry, I guess I better leave. Before I left I asked if I could get my picture taken with the group. They said yes, so I had a few pictures taken with the group. They were all very friendly and alot fun, to be with. They were all so cute. Then it was Bye Bye Cheeky Parade, Thanks for coming. All and all it was a great experience.

Here’s some picture I took of their performance :DSC02191 (1920x1278)DSC02197 (1920x1278)DSC02212 (1920x1278)DSC02217 (1920x1278)DSC02223 (1920x1278)DSC02265 (1920x1278)DSC02278 (1920x1278)DSC02283 (1920x1278)DSC02299 (1920x1278)DSC02320 (1920x1278)


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