My Top 30 Favorite Members In The AKB48 Family, April 2015.

30. Minami Takahashi (AKB48 – Team A Captain and General Manager of AKB48 Group).

Several days ago April 8th, was her Birthday. Happy belated 24th Birthday, Takamina.Bsa9-eUCIAAakqh29. Haruka Kodama (HKT48 – Team H and AKB48 – Team K).

Her and Sakura Miyawaki will be center on HKT48 upcoming single “12 Byou”, which will be her released on April 22nd. Support her and HKT48, buy a copy or 2.HKT48 Haruka Kodama Yosei on WPB Magazine 00128. Sayuri Matsumura (Nogizaka46 – 1st Generation).

She really has lovely hair, hope she never changes it.0927. Minami Minegishi (AKB48 – Team 4 Captain).01 - 226. Rena Kato (Team 4).cT39t3M25. Ryoha Kitagawa (SKE48 – Team S).

It seems like SKE48 is really counting on her to be one their future stars, she’s been heavily promoted right almost from the beginning since she was a Research Student. Even with some really heavy pushing way before last year AKB48 senbatsu election, she failed to ranked. If she ranks in the top 30 or 20 in this years election, then it would have been worth it. Several big names aren’t participating in this years election, that may help her. If she doesn’t ranked I’m a little worried, the heavy pushing could end. I think she’s really pretty, I would like to see alot of her.

To me she’s like the Anna Iriyama of SKE48 although Ann Iriyama is not as heavily push as she once was. They’re heavily push with really no results, but the heavy pushing continues.tumblr_nhgbgumWJf1rrlor2o8_128024. JiaMin Zhao (SNH48 – Team SII).

Here’s a good SNH48 video that I can’t stop watching since January, it features her and JingYi Ju. Check it out, the song is as good as the video. “Yuan Jin Shi Jian” – .tumblr_njo4i4ZbCr1ri7x69o2_128023. Shihori Suzuki (AKB48 – Team K).IMG_594222. Miori Ichikawa (NMB48 – Team BII).

She’s just as cute as ever.B8FT2KVCIAAf8nv21. Nanami Hashimoto (Nogizaka46 – 1st Generation).

I think I said this last month also, but for more than a good month now. I’ve just been fascinated by her.tumblr_ngodphEQfP1rol1m7o9_128020. Aki Takajo (AKB48 – Team B).AKB48 Aki Takajo Akiiro Akicha on Young Champion Magazine 00319. Mion Mukaichi (AKB48 – Team 4).AKB48 Mion Mukaichi Totsuzen on Bubka Magazine 00318. Asuka Kuramochi (AKB48 – Team B Captain).Kuramochi-Asuka-2015-akb48-38089109-600-80017. Sakura Miyawaki (HKT48 – Team KIV Co-Captain and AKB48 – Team A).

Her and Haruka Kodama will center for HKT48 upcoming single “12 Byou”, it’s her first time as center for an HKT48 single. Although she’s been center for an AKB48 single before.HKT48 Sakura Miyawaki Shojyo to Otona no Aida on Flash Magazine 00216. Rie Kitahara (AKB48 – Team K Co-Captain).AKB48 Rie Kitahara Mizuto Onnato Kidoairaku on Girls magazine 00115. Rino Sashihara (HKT48 – Team H snd HKT48 Theater Manager).141023_114. Sumire Sato (SKE48 – Team E).

I’m kinda glad she got transfered to SKE48, I’m seeing and hearing more of her. Since the last couple of years she was with AKB48, before she got transfered.fa0ed2754a9ac7ccfb52ffb4fd45d90413. Haruka Shimazaki (AKB48 – Team A).o080011221317488680912. Anna Iriyama (AKB48 – Team A).

She won’t be participating in AKB48 senbatsu election this year, which starts next month. Considering what happen last year, it’s understandable. It’s to bad with my favorite member not participating, I would have given her 1 vote.main11. Rina Kawaei (AKB48 – Team A).

She also won’t participating in AKB48 upcoming senbatsu election, since she has announced her graduation several weeks ago. It’s not a surprise.Kawaei-Rina-AKB48-Picture-810. Aika Oota (HKT48 – Team KIV Captain).BvcbVxTCcAAYqbQ9. Sayaka Yamamoto (NMB48 – Team N Captain and AKB48 – Team K).NMB48 Sayaka Yamamoto Namba hatsu Center Sengen on Flash Magazine 0018. Rena Matsui (SKE48 – Team E and Nogizaka46).

Another member who won’t be participating in this years AKB48 senbatsu election, which is to bad. She had a really good chance at Top 4 maybe even Top 3.rwlSRSy7. Meru Tashima (HKT48 – Team H).

My Baby.Magazine, Tashima Meru-5109636. Miyuki Watanabe (NMB48 – Team BII and Team S).ext1b5. Mayu Watanabe (AKB48 – Team B).Mayu-Watanabe-Feet-14344144. Mai Shiraishi (Nogizaka46 – 1st Generation).yg93. Kei Jonishi (NMB48 – Team N Co-Captain).

I started this ranking just over 4 years ago (February 2011), she’s only 7th member to ranked in the Top 3. The rest are Haruna Kojima, Tomomi Itano, Atsuko Maeda, Yuki Kashiwagi, Mayu Watanabe and Mai Shiraishi.ibplImX6G0KqyY2. Yuki Kashiwagi (AKB48 – Team B and NMB48 – Team N).AKB48 Yuki Kashiwagi Datsu Seijyunkei on Flash Magazine 0041. Haruna Kojima (AKB48 – Team A).

I’ve mention this before here, since it was such a great Photo Book I’ll mention it again. I just bought her latest Photo Book, I’ve look  at it several times already. What can I say, But it’s great.

Sadly (Maybe not) she also won’t participating in this years AKB48 senbatsu selection, it would been more fun following it if she was participating. This will likely take some of the interest away from following it, the good news is I will be able to give my 4 maybe 8 votes to some else. Which will make it more interesting, cause I don’t know who I will give it to. In the previous elections I participated in all my votes when to Kojima, except for one year when I had 10 votes, I gave 2 to Lovetan. I will making my annual predictions about a week before it starts, sometime next month.

In a week April 19th, it’s her Birthday. Happy 27th Birthday in advance, from Haruna biggest fan.25b6c6cb


3 Responses to My Top 30 Favorite Members In The AKB48 Family, April 2015.

  1. anon says:

    Kojiharu and Yukirin are the only ones who haven’t never moved positions XD. The election will not as fun as when Kojiharu is participating, but well it’s her decision I am at least glad she is not graduating.

    By the way are you going to see her for Japan day at Central Park???

    • I was reading about that earlier this year, no J-Pop artist coming so no since it’s in New York City. AKB48 is going to be there, so I’m going. Thanks, For that. What do I owe you, for this.
      I probably would have eventually found out about this, the sooner I know the better. So I can start planning. I do have a few problems since that’s the weekend I’m moving my stuff to my new place, but screw that. I’ll do it the week after. Seeing AKB48 will be better, I don’t care if it’s only 6 members that are coming. And looking at the schedule it looks like they’ll perform for only 15 or 20 minutes. This might be my only chance to see Haruna Kojima, and will get to see Rina Hirata again
      I want to make this a week holiday in New York City, but I need to get back by Tuesday. Since I got Tickets to the BABYMETAL concert in Toronto, I just may take a few sick days from work.
      Thank You, So Much. Again.

      • anon says:

        You are welcome, I thought it was estrange you had mentioned anything about that. I hope you’ll post pics and videos about the event though the perform it is really short. I am sure you are really excited to see Kojiharu for the first time.

        I didn’t know Babymetal are gonna be in Toronto they are becoming really popular. You are gonna be really busy those days. have fun !!!

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