AKB48 To Come To New York City, For Japan Day @ Central Park.

I would like to thank someone for letting me know about this, I don’t know who that person is. But he or she knows.

On Sunday May 10th, AKB48 will be performing in New York City, at Central Park it’s Japan Day that day there. It’s actually only 6 members coming – Haruna Kojima, Rena Nozawa, Rina Hirata, Ryoka Oshima, Saho Iwatate, Tomu Muto. They’re only going to perform for like only 20 minutes, I don’t care it’s free (or I think so). You guys all know why I’m going this might be my only chance to see Haruna Kojima, and it’ll be nice to see Rina Hirata again.

I do have few problems, that’s the weekend I’m suppose to move my stuff to my new place. The hell with that, I’ll rebook it the week after. It’ll be the 2nd time I’ve rebooked it, hopefully nothing else comes up. New York City is about 8 or 9 hours drive from where I am, I need get back by Tuesday. Since I got tickets for BABYMETAL concert in Toronto here.

For info about Japan Day at Central Park – http://japandaynyc.org .



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