My Prediction for AKB48 7th Senbatsu Election (Top 20 Only).

I meant to do this a few days ago, I’ve been busy moving stuff to my new place, I just forgot about it. This is were the fans vote on the members they want to participate on AKB48 41st single, Top 80.

1-16 Senbatsu Members.

17-32 Under Girls.

33-48 Next Girls.

49-64 Future Girls.

65-80 Upcoming Girls.

Several ways you can vote, I thinks most of the votes will come from AKB48 40th single “Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai”, which was released on May 19th. Voting peroid is from May 19th to June 5th. There will be a Preliminary first day results announcement, on May 20th. The final results will be announced on June 6th,

Several notable members not participating in this years election like. Haruna Kojima, Rina Kawaei, Anna Iriyama, Rena Ikoma, Asuka Kuramochi, Rena Matsui to name some.

My Top 20 Prediction.

1. Mayu Watanabe – No member as won 2 in a row, Mayu could be the first. I wouldn’t bet on it, it’s hard to bet against her. I think this is the most wide open election, I would say there are 4 members on have a good chance at being number one (Just my opinion).

2. Rino Sashihara – I have to say her and Mayu, are the favorites. Although I would be surprise if they get anywhere the amount of votes they did last year.

3. Yuki Kashiwagi – My heart tells me she will be number 3, my head tells me Jurina will be. I’m going with my heart, my head usually wins. I just hope she doesn’t drop out of the Top 5. Which I think she may.

4. Jurina Matsui – I honestly think Jurina will challenge for the top, then again maybe not. I might be overestimating her this year, I don’t know if Rena Matsui not participating in this year will have a positive or negative effect on her. Personally I think it will one or the other.

5. Sayaka Yamamoto – Top 4 is a possibility.

6. Haruka Shimazaki – I’m confident she’ll ranked atleast this high.

7, Sakura Miyawaki – She seems very popular now, alot of fans are really crazy about her it seems like. I would put her with Mayu, Sasshi, Jurina who could end being center, I’m just afraid to overestimate her. I think going from 11th the year before, right to number one. Might be too much.

8. Akari Suda – Don’t be surprise, she seems very popular within SKE48.

9. Minami Takahashi – Since she’s graduating this year, she should get some sentimental votes.

10. Sae Miyazawa – You think she’ll drop, maybe even big time. But she never does.

11. Aya Shibata – She can only moved up.

12, Yui Yokoyama – She could drop maybe even big time, with a few big names not participating in this election. I can’t see it happening.

13. Haruka Kodama – I might be underestimating her, I think she has a chance at top 10.

14. Kaori Matsumura – You know what, I think she has better chance at Top 10. Than Haruka Kodama.

* This is where it gets really hard to predict.

15. Miyuki Watanabe – I just know it, I’m overestimating her. like I do every year.

16. Juri Takahashi – I don’t think so, but I do hope she ranks this high.

17. Madoka Moriyasu – I think I’m starting to throw random names now. But she does have a chance at ranking this high,

18. Rie Kitahara – I haven’t heard or seen much of her the last year or so, she did moved up last year. She’s always ranked kinda high in the elections.

19. Tomu Muto – This girl so hot.

20. Meru Tashima – Wishful thinking, Mio Tomonaga is probably a better pick or choice.

* I just know I should put Yuria Kizaki somewhere there, maybe replaced Rie Kitahara for her. I’m fairly confident if my predictions, atleast the Top 14,


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