My Top 30 Favorite Members In The AKB48 Family, June 2015.

30. Minami Takahashi (AKB48 – Team A Captain and General Manager of AKB48 Group).

She’s going to be graduating from the group on December 8th, of this year.  I think she’s going to be releasing her 2nd solo single before then.takamina040829. Minami Minegishi (AKB48 – Team 4 Capatain). IMG_942028. Sayuri Matsumura (Nogizaka46 – 1st Generation).MatsumuraInochi27.Rena Kato (AKB48 – Team 4).

It seems like she’s been getting a little bit of attention lately, which is good. I like to see and hear about her more.tumblr_n9hchxNfzx1qki7kio2_128026. Haruka Kodama (HKT48 – Team H and AKB48 – Team K).HKT48 Haruka Kodama Fairy Breath on Bubka Magazine 00225. Shihori Suzuki (AKB48 – Team K).

She graduated from AKB48 on May 21st, and her last handshake event was on May 30th. Since she graduated near the end of the month I’ll included her in this months ranking, this will her last. I wish her ‘The Best Of Luck’.

It was a joy following her.AKB48_Suzuki_Shihori_201524. Ryoha Kitagawa (SKE48 – Team S).tumblr_nhgbgumWJf1rrlor2o3_128023. Miori Ichikawa (NMB48 – Team BII).

She’s such a cutie, still enjoy watching her. She always makes me laugh.B8GQ7G1CcAEAmxO22. JiaMin Zhao (SNH48 – Team SII).

She’s so beautiful, yes I’m getting a little sxcited.zhaojiamin201412142052a21. Nanami Hashimoto (Nogizaka46 – 1st Generation).tumblr_nj9a8u9T251s96zelo6_128020. Aki Takajo (AKB48 – Team B).

After all these years, she still gives me that feeling. Which I can’t figure out or put my finger on it. Which I kinda like it gives me a sentimental feeling.AKB48 Aki Takajo Akiiro Akicha on Young Champion Magazine 005

19. Mion Mukaichi (AKB48 – Team 4).AKB48 Mion Mukaichi Yappari Miion Shugi on WPB Magazine 005

18. Asuka Kuramochi (AKB48 – Team B Captain).fcb803ae17. Rie Kitahara (AKB48 – K Co-Captain).

She’ll be Captain of AKB48 new sister group NGT48, which is scheduled to start their first Theater performance on October 1st.

Today June 24th, is her Birthday. Happy 24th Birthday, Kitarie.

5239086916. Rino Sashihara (HKT48 – Team H and HKT48 Theater Manager).

Again, congratulation to Sasshi. For coming on top on AKB48 recent Senbatsu Election, it’s the 2nd time she ranked first in the election.

i_2015052822172515. Sakura Miyawaki (HKT48 – Team KIV Co-Captain and AKB48 – Team A).AKB48 Mayu Watanabe and Sakura Miyawaki Tenshiga Kureta Okurimono on WPB Magazine 00914. Sumire Sato (SKE48 – Team E).

Good. I think she’s become a little relevant again. Not that she was really.e390f9aece2b708281a7350f66d665d213. Haruka Shimazaki (AKB48 – Team A).o080011221317488614512. Anna Iriyama (AKB48 – Team A).AKB48 Anna Iriyama Hikari no Sasuhoue on Flash Magazine 00511. Rina Kawaei (AKB48 – Team A).

She has announced her graduation from AKB48, I don’t know if a date was announce when she’ll leave or I just can’t remember.8c24588c10. Aika Oota (HKT48 – Team KIV Capatin).HKT48 Aika Ota Love Again on WPB Magazine 0079. Rena Matsui (SKE48 – Team E and Nogizaka46).

Rena who announced her graduation about a couple of weeks ago, will have her graduation concert at Toyota Stadium on August 30th.

SKE48 upcoming single “Mae Nomeri”, which will be released on August 12th. She’ll be center for the single, it’s her first solo center on a SKE48 single.SKE48 Rena Matsui Hibi Saisai on Young Animal Magazine 0038. Sayaka Yamamoto (NMB48 – Team N Captain and AKB48 – Team K).ent17. Miyuki Watanabe (NMB48 – Team BII and SKE48 – Team S).

Although my interest in some of the older members in the AKB48 family, has diminished a little bit. My interest in her hasn’t, it’s as high now, as it ever was.febbomb36. Meru Tashima (HKT48 – Team H).

Hard to believed I didn’t like her at first, in fact it lasted for a good one year or so. Now she’s near the top.005uwNMFjw1ela1qe5xxmj30k00qoae75. Mayu Watanabe (AKB48 – Team B).image4. Kei Jonishi (NMB48 – Team N Co-Captain).tumblr_nm2up4MKV91tmdkp5o1_12803. Mai Shiraishi (Nogizaka46 – 1st Generation).

The picture below she looks like Mayu, a few people have mention that. At first I couldn’t see it until I took a closer look a her face, I have seen a lot of pictures of her where she really looks like Mayu. I’ve also seen some pictures of her where I kinda confused her with Haruna Kojima, but that’s whole different story.20141223002048a522. Yuki Kashiwagi (AKB48 – Tean B and NMB48 – Team N).

Good to know she won’t be graduating for a while, since she’s also going to be a member of NGT48.AKB48 Yuki Kashiwagi Forever Heroine on Young Champion Magazine 0051. Haruna Kojima (AKB48 – Team A).

Ok, I’m over about not seeing her in New York City, last month. Maybe not, I’m actually disappointed about not seeing her although doing it would have caused me alot of stress. It’s one of those damn if do, damn if you don’t kind of thing. I’m disappointed not going, going could have been a disappointment since their are no guarantees like a good view, this isn’t “Cheeky Parade”. Ok, That’s it, I’m not gonna write anything about this anymore.

It’s not just her I’m disappointed about not seeing also Tomu and 2 other members.


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