SNH48 2nd Senbatsu Election, Final Results.

SNH48 2nd senbatsu election final results which was announced on July 25th, same day as last year. This is where fans get to vote on the members they want as senbatsu (1-16) and Under Girls (17-32), on SNH48 9th single. Ballots for this were available on SNH48 8th single “Manatsu no Sounds Good!, which was released on May 15th. The online single had partial votes (0.1 out of 10), and the physical single had a full vote. If that makes any sense, voting period was from May 20th to July 25th.

I’m about a week late, it was the long weekend here. I had better things to do, Sorry.

First of all I would like to congratulate to all the members that ranked, for those that didn’t. Well, wait til next year.

Final Results :

Under Girls (17-32) :

32. Meng Yue (Team NII) 8,218 votes.Meng_Yue201531. Xu Han (Team HII) 8,415.1 votes.Xu_Han201530. Hao WanQing (Team HII) 8,523.8 votes.Hao_WanQing201529. Li DouDou (Team HII) 8,590.1 votes.Li_DouDou201528. Tang AnQi (Team NII) 9,015.2 votes.Tang_AnQi201527. Liu PeiXin (Team HII) 9,023.6 votes.Liu_PeiXin201526. Qian BeiTing (TeamSII) 9,407.5 votes.Qian_BeiTing201525. Liu JiongRan (Team HII) 9,718.1 votes.Liu_JiongRan201524. Chen Si (Team SII) 9,811.7 votes.Chen_Si201523. Song XinRan (Team X) 10,179.2 votes.

* She’s from Team X, which is something like a “Kenkyuusei”.Song_XinRan201522. Chen GuanHui (Team SII) 10,897 votes.Chen_GuanHui201521. Jiang Yun (Team SII) 11,174.1 votes.Jiang_Yun201520. Xu JiaQi (Team SII) 14,351.7 votes.Xu_JiaQi201519. Shao XueCong (Team X) 15,874.3 votes.

Highest ranked Team X member.Shao_XueCong201518. Gong ShiQi (Team NII) 16,047.3 votes.Gong_ShiQi201517. Lin SiYi (Team NII) 16,050.5 votes.

Under Girls Center.Lin_Siyi2015Senbatsu (1-16) :

16. Kong XiaoYin (Team SII) 17,658.9 votes.Kong_XiaoYin201515. Dai Meng (Team SII) 17,907.3 votes.Dai_Meng201514. Qiu XinYi (Team SII) 20,078.3 votes.

She was number 2 last year, she dropped big time this year.

Qiu_XinYi201513. Mo Han (Team SII) 20,201.7 votes.Mo_Han201512. Feng XinDuo (Team NII) 22,028.7 votes.Feng_XinDuo201511. Zhao Yue (Team NII) 25,245 votes.Zhao_Yue201510. Lu Ting (Team NII) 25,669.2 votes.Lu_Ting20159. Zeng YanFen (Team NII) 25,861.2 votes.Zeng_YanFen20158. Yi JiaAi (Team NII) 30,004.8 votes.Yi_JiaAi20157. Li YuQi (Team SII) 31,215.9 votes.Li_YuQi20156. Wan LiNa (Team NII) 31,608.3 votes.Wan_LiNa20155. Zhang YuGe (Team SII) 32,306 votes.Zhang_YuGe20154. Huang TingTing (Team NII) 35,189 votes.

Highest member to ranked this year, that didn’t ranked last year.Huang_TingTing20153. Li YiTong (Team NII) 47,134.5 votes.

Moves up 3 spots from last year.

Li_YiTong20152. Ju JingYi (Team NII) 64,785.5 votes.

Moves up 2 spots from last year.Ju_JingYi20151. Zhan JiaMin (Team SII) 74, 393 votes.

Congratulation to my baby “JiaMin”, who’ll be Senbatsu Center.

She was 3rd last year, which was abit of a surprise to me. I though she would end up at the top, or at number 2 at the very least.zhao-jiamin

* Last year Center “Wu ZheHan”, didn’t ranked this year. Which is very sad for me, I really d0 like her alot. I guess when it comes to scandals, Chinese fans are less forgiven than Japanese fans.


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