AKB48 7th Album “0 to 1 no Aida”, First Week Sales.

  • 20151112-00000021-flix-000-viewAKB48 release a Best of Album “0 to 1 no Aida”, on November 18th (It’s their 3rd Best Album). It sold 625,756 copies in it’s 1st week of released, to ranked number one on the weekly oricon album charts. The “Complete Singles Edition”, which is what I got. Has all the 43 singles title track they release so far, with 2015 version of their 1st 2 indie single. Also 3 new songs. The album was released in 3 editions, or 4 if you included the Theater Edition.

I find this interesting that none of their albums have sold a million copies, in it’s first week of release. Also what’s the deal with Rena Kato on the album cover, I don’t understand that at all. She was kinda a heavily push member a few years ago, I don’t think anyone really took notice and just ignore it. Then it seem like she disappeared for the longest time. Then about a year ago or so, I guess they started to push her a little again. Again no one really took notice, haven’t really heard or seen anything of her that’s of any significant the last few months.

No. 1 Singles Edition Cover.

No. 1 Singles Edition Cover.

Million Singles Edition Cover.

Million Singles Edition Cover.

Complete Singles Edition Cover.

Complete Singles Edition Cover.

Theater Edition Cover.

Theater Edition Cover.








Oricon Top 10 Album, Week 48, November 30, 2015.

Rank/Album/Artist/Release Date/Sales.

  1. 0 to 1 no Aida – AKB48 (11/18/2015) (625,756).

* It’s AKB48 6th number one album.

Complete Singles Edition Cover.


2. Secret Collection ~Green~ – Kana Nishino (11/18/2015) (65,025).

Kana_Nishino_-_Secret_Collection_~GREEN~_LTD3. Secret Collection ~Red~ – Kana Nishino (11/18//2015) (61,230).Kana_Nishino_-_Secret_Collection_~RED~_RG4. Uta no Prince-sama Theater Shining Bloody Shsdows – Ai Mikaze (Shota Aoi), Masato Hijirikawa (Kenichi Suzumura), Ren Junguji (Junichi Suwabe) (11/18/2015) (25,857).1975. Sekai wa I ni Michiteiru – CHiCO with HoneyWorks (11/18/2015) (24,440).81jckglrNDL__SL1500_6. 4 – Spyair (11/18/2015) (20,444).SPYAIR_-_47. Bridge The World – NU’EST (11/18/2015) (18,798).cover1200x12008. Kanjani8 no Genki ga Deru CD!! – Kanjani8 (11/11/2015) (17,825) (333,730).JACA-5567_55689. Japonism – Arashi (10/21/2015) (17,529) (949,319).arashi-japonism10. Made In The A.M – One Direction (11/13/2015) (15,560) (57,883).One-Direction-Made-in-the-AM-1447282378________________________________________________________________________

Of Interest To Me Only (New Releases Only) :

25. Aice5 All Songs Collection – Aice5 (11/21/2015) (3,362).91tmzcsrexL__SL1500_47. The Idolmaster Station!!! in Wonder Radio – Manami Numakura (Hibiki Ganaha), Yumi Hara (Takami Shijyou), Azumi Asakura (Yukiho Hagiwara) (11/18/2015) (1,672).91md-W1QQrL__SL1500_55. Miracle Mystery Tour – Earphones (11/21/2015) (1,425).151121%20Earphones%20-%20MIRACLE%20MYSTERY%20TOUR_zpsr5exqiaj64. New Beginning – Band-Maid (11/18/2015) (1,230).12027143_1506652462993410_6462545200605838935_o_____________________________________________________________________

Oricon Top 10 Singles, Week48, November 30, 2015.

Rank/Single/Artist/Release Date/Sales.

1. Yume wo Mireba Kizutsuku Koto mo Aru – KinKi Kids (11/18/2015) (154,552).

* KinKi Kids 35th number one single.79b3e115db9f82347272f6c05e9724512. Christmas Song – Back Number (11/18/2015) (43,454).back_number_-_Christmas_Song_RG3. Happy Days – B1A4 (11/18/2015) (39,953).o06200615134666506864. Blanket Snow – Dream (11/18/2015) (31,245).o12331074p5. Puramai -Aiko (11/18/2015) (29,709).81NJcUmLyRL__SL1500_6. Mr. Platonic – Fairies (11/18/2015) (26,715).CD+DVD7. Embrace Blade – Afilia Saga (11/18/2015) (22,623).as_11008. The Idolmaster Cinderella Master 36 Tachibana Arisu – Arisu Tachibana (Amina Sato) (15,470).

* Yes that’s the same Amina Sato, that used to be in AKB48.

Xcrsue69. Must Be Now – NMB48 (10/07/2015) (15,174) (359,833).

Regular Edition Type A Cover.

10. Kai – Customize (11/18/20150 (14,983).151118%20Customize%20-%20Kai_zpspojmzn8n____________________________________________________________________

Of Interest To Me Only (New Releases Only) :

11. The Idolmaster Cinderella Master 38 Ichinose Shiki – Shiki Ichinose (Kotomi Aihara) (11/18/2015) (14,732).810w+qFlSrL__SL1500_12. The Idolmaster Cinderella Master 40 Sakurai Momoka – Momoka Sakurai (Haruka Terui) (11/18/2015) (14,116).818eck1TOvL__SL1500_13. The Idolmaster Cinderella Master 39 Shiomi Shuko – Shuko Shiomi (Ru Thing) (11/18/2015) (13,815).913MXsNYhDL__SL1500_14. The Idolmaster Cinderella Master 37 Katagiri Sanae – Sanae Katagairi (Azumi Waki) (11/18/2015) (13,030).91St36Pz8BL__SL1500_15. Tsuchinoko tte Iru to Omou…? – Otome Shinto (11/18/2015) (12,187).71rWKCGabwL__SL1012_21. Dancing All Night – Crayon Pop (11/18/2015) (5,684).folder23. Sayonara no Yukue – Arisa Takigawa (11/18/2015) (4,893).Print25. Onna wa Sore wo Gaman Shinai / Be-nius / Lonesome X – Vanilla Beans (11/18/2015) (4,518).o14171417144619083522531. Rhapsody In White – Lagoon (11/18/2015) (3,464).498800911729434. Koi – Minori Chihara (11/18/2015) (2,955).1200x1200-7541. Unreal / Hope – Q’ulle (11/18/2015) (2,129).81-CBoqn+bL__SL1429_63. 14 Sai no Oshiete – Zunne from JC-WC (11/18/2015) (1,336).00106888_1447896390_1976orig78. Butter-fly – Trefle (11/18/2015) (976).151118%20Trefle%20-%20Butter-Fly_zpsg1o5r97d135. Winter Merry Go Round – RYUTist (11/17/2015) (424).ryutist


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