My Top 30 Favorite Members In The AKB48 Family, January 2016.

I’ve done this before but it was a long while ago, for this month comments. I’ll just write about when I started to like them, or notice them or got interested in them. If just a little.

30. Nanase Nishino (Nogizaka46 – 1st Generation).

I guess the first time I kinda notice her was almost 2 years when she was going to become Center for a Nogizaka46 single, she was also getting a fair amount of attention around that time. I just remember wondering what all the fuss was about her, anyways I really didn’t start to really like her until a few months ago. I just think she seem really nice and sweet.WYJ_50_2015_SPECIAL_VOZ48_1629. Rena Kato (AKB48 – Team B).

It was March or April 2011, I was watching an AKB48 concert video from 2010. I just remember how cute she really look, she was the first non official AKB48 member I was really interested in.169829828. Minami Takahashi (AKB48 – Team A).

I notice her right from the beginning although I couldn’t tell the difference her and Yuko Oshima, it took about a couple of weeks for me to tell the 2 apart.tumblr_nxyopv2sfd1tztahxo1_128027. Minami Minegishi (AKB48 – Team K Captain).

I notice her almost from the beginning, and like her right away. She was so funny and playful and kinda mouthy.CUz3cu_YUw_AAf_Gdz

26. Sayuri Matsumura (Nogizaka46 – 1st Generation).

It was either very late 2011 or very early 2012, I think it had something to do with promoting their 1st single. She was one of the first member that caught my eye, she was really cute and I just loved her hair.IMG_167525. Miori Ichikawa (NMB48 – Team BII).

I first noticed her the same video that I first notice Renacchi in, she was so cute and tiny. She was so awkwardly funny I just couldn’t stop laughing, even now for some reason when I see her. I just start to laugh.CV7Vug1WsAAlLwM

24. JingYi Ju (SNH48 – Team NII).

It was a year ago when I started to get back to follwing SNH48 again for a 3rd time, at that time it was just the 1st Generation members that I mainly knew. When I saw her I though she was really pretty, check her out. It hasn’t really stop since.jujingyi_saipan201504232219a23. Yuria Kizaki (AKB48 – Team B Captain).

That’s a good question, I really don’t know or remember. I think I remember seeing her in late 2011, she was really cute. But like almost every SKE48 member at the time I just didn’t bother checking her out or try even remotely to get interested in her. I guess it was almost a year ago that I started to like her and started paying more attention to her.Kizaki_Yuria_First_Photobook_Peace_03422. Aki Takajo (AKB48 – Team K).

I notice her and was very attracted to her almost from the beginning, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.Aki120121. Nanami Hashimoto (Nogizaka46 – 1st Generation).

I started to really notice and get interested in her around the summer of 2013, she was going to star on a TV show and she was also getting alot of attention around that time, or atleast it seem like to me.o080011731345126096920. ZheHan Wu (SNH48 – Team SII and Team X).

When she was number one in SNH48 1st Senbatsu Election (2014), that was a surprise for me. So I kinda did some checking on her, I though she was very pretty I can see why she was on Top. Then I kinda forgot about her, when SNH48 released “Give Me Five” in January 2015. I though she look great in the video and I kinda fell in love with her. Unfortunately she got into a scandal not too long after that, not that I cared. It was just that for several months I really didn’t see or hear too much about her, as far has SNH48 events or activities goes.150130_zhehan-mina_0219. Haruka Kodama (HKT48 – Team H and AKB48 Team K).

I notice her right from the beginning as she promoted to be HKT48 Center, I really didn’t start to really like her and get very interested in her until early 2014.oth782711287c902594c76854a689877963ee43493e9090018. Ryoka Kitagawa (SKE48 – Team S and AKB48 – Team 4).

I remember seeing her on the CD Cover of SKE48 single “Sansei Kawaii!, which was released on November 2013. She was still a Research Student I’ve never her before, but she was really pretty. Around early 2014 she was getting alot of heavy pushing, considering how pretty I though she was. It was very hard not to notice and get interested in her.4d103e43111342100544309725dae88017. Rie Kitahara (NGT48 Captain – Team NIII).

I notice her almost from the beginning, athough I knew they were 2 different person. For a couple months when ever I saw her I though it was Sasshi, yes it took me that long to tell them apart maybe longer than that. I wish she would do alot more bikini photoshoot, like she use to.北原里英 Kitahara Rie Weekly Playboy June 2015 Pictures 0216. Rino Sashihara (HKT48 – Team H and HKT48 Theater Manager).

When I first got into AKB48 her and Yui Yokoyama were probably the most heavily push members, she’s so funny and entertaining it was hard not to notice and like her.o080011961331908573015. Mion Mukaichi (AKB48 – Team K).

I still remember when it was August 2013, I was checking out AKB48 Research Students for reason (This is something I don’t do). When I saw her it was love at first sight, since that time I’ve been following her.

On January 29th, it’s her Birthday. Happy 18th Birthday in advance, Mion. Wow, it’s been that long she was only 15 when I first notice her.tumblr_np71hmr8Ml1u8tdmlo7_128014. Sumire Sato (SKE48 – Team E).

I notice her way before this, but I just remember during AKB48 promoting their single “Everyday, Katyusha” she was involved in lot of the performance for the single.8cb006291ec529d6de7895a2d66bfa2813. JiaMin Zhao (SNH48 – Team SII).

When SNH48 were first starting out she was promoted that she would be center, and she was getting the most attention or pushing. Let’s be honest she was really cute back then, now days she has more of a mature look, but that’s another story. It doesn’t change anything.a04b2a1dgw1eufg51i94pj211x1kw7em

12. Haruka Shimazaki (AKB48 – Team A).

I guess it was around June 2012, she was getting alot of heavy pushing around this time. I just basically joined the bandwagon.tumblr_nw7lyi4QtG1uywha4o3_1280

11. Sakura Miyawaki (HKT48 – Team KIV and AKB48 – Team A).

I though she was really funny looking at first, she look like a doll. I can’t really remember when I started to really, really like her. She really as grown up.-447601_5545b9406491610. Anna Iriyama (AKB48 – Team A).

When did I start to notice, follow, get intertested and like her. When I saw AKB48 in Wahington D.C., in March 2012. I knew who she was way before this, but didn’t take notice or cared too much of her. I think she has the most beautiful hair.UTB_06_2015_VOZ48 (20)9. Aika Oota (HKT48 – Team KIV Captain).

It was likely WH7 “Valentine Kiss”, in the beginning I used to fantasize about her and Mayu (After I started liking her) alot.22 - 18. Sayaka Yamamoto (NMB48 – Team N Captain and AKB48 – Team K).

When I first saw AKB48 video “Everyday, Katyusha”, when I first saw her it was really love at first sight. I prefer her with long hair.WPB_19+20_2015_VOZ48 (5)7. Mayu Watanabe (AKB48 – Team B).

I notice her right from the beginning, although I really hated her the first 2 months or so. I just thought she was really funny looking and really weird. She’s the only AKB48 that I really hated, she was also so annoying. As soon has I got to know her abit more, the hating stop.s6_56629796c5e596. Miyuki Watanabe (NMB48 – Team BII and AKB48 – Team B).

I first heard of her around March 2011, she was the NMB48 member that all AKB48 fans were talking about. She was that first NMB48 member I knew, I didn’t like her at first mainly because I was a “Sayaka” fan. It was around December 2011, that I just started to like her for some reason. I really don’t know what happen, it was I just got up one morning and I was Milky fan.201508120137458148465. Meru Tashima (HKT48 – Team H).

I first heard of her around the release of HKT48 1st single “Suki! Suki! Skip!”, on March 2013. I wasn’t really following HKT48 back then, she was center on the single and on the CD Cover of all them. I was like “Who is she?”, although I didn’t really like Haruka Kodama that much at that time. I found this to a bit of a turn off for some reason, it was a great single. I didn’t really start to like Meru until about a year later, I just find very refreshing.

I’m very late on this. January 7th, was her Birthday. Happy Belated 16th Birthday, Meru.HKT48 Meru Tashima Super Natural on Bubka Magazine 0014. Kei Jonishi (NMB48 – Team N Co-Captain).

I mention this before I first saw her around the release of their 1st single, looking (Thinking) back it was actually the 2nd single. I was looking at some pictures of NMB48 it had something to do with the 2nd single, she just caught my eye. It wasn’t really until early in 2012 that I got all crazy about her.img_Kei_Jonishi_1st_43. Mai Shiraishi (Nogizaka46 – 1st Generation).

It was very late 2011 or very early 2012, Nogizaka46 was doing quite abit of photo shoot. Basically promoting their 1st single, they were all cute. She was the one who I thought was the pretties.brody1b2. Yuki Kashiwagi (AKB48 – Team B and NGT48 – Team NIII).

When it came to noticing her, I was a little slow. I didn’t actually know who she was until a couple of weeks after I got into AKB48. I just saw this one picture of her she look really hot, when I found out who she was I did some searches on her. She’s hot, how come I never notice her before.AKB48 Yuki Kashiwagi Anatani on Young Jump Magazine 0011. Haruna Kojima (AKB48 – Team A).

I got into JPop 1st or 2nd day of 2011, I was still about 2 weeks after discovering AKB48. I came across the AKB48 single “Chance no Junban”, which was their latest single. The CD Cover the one with her on it, there was one person that really caught my eye she was funny looking and had big ears. It’s hard to expalain the feeling, she was just most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. When I started to get into AKB48, I saw that CD Cover again not to long after. Oh, I though she look familiar.9d6fee68


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  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    Re: Mion’s upcoming 18th Birthday.
    You may hear my big sigh of relief, even from where you are.

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