Morning Musume at Anime Matsuri, Houston, 2016.

Anime Matsuri at Houston, Texas was on February 26-28. So I just took a vacation that week, before heading to Houston me and a friend went to New Orleans and stayed there for about 3 days. But I’m not gonna get into that, except that I’ve never been there before and really enjoyed and had fun during my time there.

Back to Anime Matsuri I wanted to get there just after it open on Friday around noon, because I wanted to get an Autograph ticket for Morning Musume. You had to buy a Morning Musume T-shirt and that got you a raffle ticket, I think their was only 400 tickets available. Only 120 winning tickets available for that, I don’t think they sold out. To find out if you had a winning number you had to go there on Sunday at the autograph booth to find out, they had a list of the winning numbers there. The line up to buy the T-shirt to get the ticket wasn’t as long as I expected, but I was in line for about 2 hours. Which was a good thing the Opening Ceremonies wasn’t til 3:00pm, so I really didn’t have that much time to kill. I wanted to see the Opening Ceremnies because Morning Musume was going to be there, they introducted them last or near it. I was very thrilled too see them they look so much better, prettier and cuter in person. That lasted just over and hour, Morning Musume had Q & A in the same room around 5:00pm. I attended that my friend didn’t, the Q & A was just under an hour. Later on the day, or night I had a funny experience with Morning Musume. Where I was standing basically with Morning Musume, without knowing it. After Morning Musume Q & A I decided not to attend the J-Fashion show which was schedule for 8:00pm, since everything was running late and I still had to check in to the hotel we were staying near the convention center. Back to my story, after Morning Musume Q & A. Me and my friend walk all over the convention center where Anime Matsuri was held just to see what was there for about an hour or more. Anyways we’re heading to the 1st floor to leave, I see these cute looking asian girls they look like they were waiting to go to a room or something. So I go up to were they are, to see what they’re lining up for. Then my friend tells me “isn’t that your group”, so I took a closer look. I was like “Oh Shit”, that’s Haruna Iikubo. I froze and was in shocked for abit, just when I was about to do or say something. Someone opens the door that was infront on them, I didn’t know it was an exit door, they were leaving to go somewhere I guess. How I failed to notice them at first, I really don’t know. They had staff members with them there, I guess that threw me off.

Now to Saturday, I went there around noon. I wanted to get Kelly Hu autograph and get a picture taken with her, who I’m a fan of. Then we went to the auto show spent almost an hour there. Then around 1:30pm I went to see Morning Musume do there autograph session with the super pass people, so I just watch it went for more than an hour. Maria Makino was just to cute, my eyes were on her most of the time. She really has nice legs. After that me and my friend just walk around the vendors area to see what was available for sale, and take pictures of some of the cosplay people. After a couple of hours we went back to the hotel, to rest for Morning Musume concert later on. Morning Musume concert was suppose to start at 7:00pm, as with everything else it started way later than it was schedule to start. Considering how far back we were in the line up, I thought we would in up near the back. It was a really big room, We were actually not to far from the stage, Had a great and kinda close view. I’m not going to talk about the concert what they did and sang, or this could be very long. I had a great time best J-Pop concert I’ve seen so far.

How to Sunday, Morning Musume had an autograph session for the raffle ticket winners. This was schedule for 10:00am, I knew it would be starting late so I was planning on going at 10:30am. We check out at the hotel, then headed down to the convention center. We got there just after 10:00am, went to check to see if I had a winning ticket, and I did. I was near the end of the line, there’s advantages of being at the end or near the end of the line up. The closer I got to getting Morning Musume autograph, the more nervous I became, I brought a poster with me for them to sign. I guess I’ll do a little summary of my experience of each member, on getting there autograph.

Mizuki Fukumura – 1st up was Mizuki, I was so nervous in front of her. She was asking me where I wanted her to sign,  I was a little nervous to understand what she was saying. After few times asking me I finally figured out what she was saying, yeah there is good. To where she was pointing at, after that I loosen up abit.

Erina Ikuta – It just might be me of all the members, I observed. She made the least eye contact to the fans and smiled the least, she rarely waved. So when it came to getting get her autograph, I was a little scared. Then She said “Hi”, then gave me the biggest and sweetest smile “Thanks, for seeing us”. It made me melt and loosen me up even more. She really took her time signing my poster, when she was done she gave me that big smile again.

Kanon Suzuki – All I really remember about her is she was cheerful, and she seem really thrilled any happy to meet you. She made you feel really relaxed, so it made it easy to talk to her. Before I left I said something, which I can’t remeber now. Which was my way of saying I’ll miss you when you graduate.

Haruna Iikubo – When I got to her was just so pretty, that I got all nervous and shaky. I could barely say anything, I could have I just stared at her all day.

Ayumi Ishida – She kept on saying calendar a few times , so I just smiled and nodded my head. Then I realise she was talking about my poster, I never noticed it before. It’s also a calendar. Kanon Suzuki also mention it, I didn’t know what she was taking about. I had trouble finding her in the poster.

Misaki Sato – I had no trouble at all pointing her out in the poster, and showing her were to sign. A joy to watch always smiling and a really sweet cute voice.

Haruka Kudo – Had alittle nice conversion with her, after I pointed out she wrote her name in english.

Sakura Oda – She seems like the most sincere, of all of them. Had a nice little talk with her, she really is beautiful.

Haruna Ogata – You just got to see this girl in person, she is really cute. I really feel bad about this I hoped she wasn’t hurt by this, when it came for her to sign I couldn’t figure out who she was in the poster. My hand was shaking trying to find her, then she pointed to where she was “that’s me”. After she sign my poster she pointed to Miki in the poster, she’s next. And she did in a really sweet way, has not to offend me. She was really sweet and sincere.

Miki Nonaka – She said lived in the US for 8 years, so her english is pretty good. We had a little talk about her injury, they wheeled her around in a wheelchair.

I forgot to mention this, even with her injury she still perform in the concert. She just had to sit a chair.

Maria Makino – She’s so cute, in the 3 days when I attended a Morning Musume event here. My eyes were on her most of the time, she really knows how to please her fans. She’s was very easy to talk to.

Akane Haga – She’s seems like a really quite girl, I kinda feel bad about her. She’s always sit at the end and with Maria Makino beisde her, let’s just say she gets really overshadowed by Maria. But, she was really nice to talk to and very sweet. I think I may have spent the longest time talking with her. She has smile that just makes you melt.

Some Pictures :

Opening Ceremonies.

Opening Ceremonies.

Morning Musume Q & A.

Morning Musume Q & A.

Akane and Maria during Saturday autograph session. Isn't Maria so cute. Akane you're cute to.

Akane and Maria during Saturday autograph session. Isn’t Maria so cute. Akane you’re cute to.

Akane and Maria, I just think this picture funny.

Akane and Maria, I just think this picture funny.

After the autograph session on Sunday.

After the autograph session on Sunday.

The poster I had them sign.

The poster I had them sign.



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