Keyakizaka46 1st Single “Silent Majority”, First Week Sales.

o19201020pKeyakizaka46 1st single “Silent Majority”, which was release on April 6th. It sold 261,580 copies in it’s first week of release to ranked number one, on the weekly oricon singles chart. I think this a record for most first week sales by a female artist debut single, the previous record was HKT48 “Suki! Suki! Skip!”. Which sold 250,000+ copies, in late March 2013. This single was release in 4 versions. Yurina Hirate is center for this single.

Keyakizaka46 is Nogizaka46 1st sister group, just like Nogizaka46 the members are really cute and pretty. I think they might be group I might be checking out often.

I bought all 4 editions of the single, cause it look good. Glad I did, cause it’s really good.

Video – .

Limited Edition Type A Cover.

Limited Edition Type A Cover.

Limited Edition Type B Cover.

Limited Edition Type B Cover.

Limited Edition Type C Cover.

Limited Edition Type C Cover.

Regular Edition Cover.

Regular Edition Cover.








Oricon Top 10 Singles, Week 16, April 18, 2016.

Rank/Single/Artist/Release Date/Sales.

  1. Silent Majority – Keyakizaka46 (04/06/2016) (261,580).Limited Edition Type A Cover.

2. Cherie! – Team Syachihoko (07/07/2016) (35,954).

* When I saw only 5 members on the cover, I though someone graduated. Yuzu Ando has suspended activities indefinitely, while recovering from health issues.Cd1czGPUIAA1oom3. Watch Out – Da-iCE (04/06/2016) (34,592).1516135_669203723220227_433458971_n4. UP<UPBEAT – PrizmaX (04/06/2016) (29,289).81mnXByyveL__SL1165_5. Party People Alien / Seven Peace – Up Up Girls (Kari) (04/05/2016) (27,660).

* This is their 1st single in like way more than a year. Before they were releasing singles, like their was no tomorrow. I thought they broke up or something.03%20upupgirls_0405_single_syoka6. Chicken LINE (03/30/2016) (17,866) (274,961).

Limited Edition Type A Cover.

7. Harujion ga Suku Koro – Nogizaka46 (03/23/2016) (13,843) (785,787).

Regular Edition Cover.

8. Shabon – Rena Matsui with Charan-Po-Rantan (04/06/2016) (11,820).

* Rena’s 1st single since she graduated from SKE48, way back in August last year.

This is a good week for Nogizaka46, Keyakizaka46 have the number one single. And Rena is in the “Top 10”, she was also a member of Nogizaka46 for a short period of time.

I guess it’s a great week for Rena, she’s not only in the top 10. 2 groups she was a member of are also in the top 10, only AKB48 is missing.AVCD-83527:B_Jake_H149. Mirai Prologue – Sakura Cinderella (04/05/2016) (11,399).458947822002910. Committed Red / Inherit The Force – T.M. Revolution (04/06/2016) (10,448).1200x1200-75__________________________________________________________________________________

Of Interest To Me Only (New Releases Only) :

12. Can Not Change Nothing – callme (04/06/2016) (9,166).

* 3 former members of “Dorothy Little Happy”.callme_Cncn_TypeB14. Banzai! Banzai! – Rio Hiiragi (04/06/2016) (5,020).CdRNG71VAAEMR_A24. Bacchi Koi!! Syrup – Sendai Syrup (04/06/2016) (2,486).4cd287ed5cf8d27e3d8720ab7b6c9d0e-340x30035. Again – Arisa Takigawa (04/06/2016) (1,782).71f2f+6xIIL__SL1250_41. I’ll Do My Best – Natsume Mito (04/06/2016) (1,264).ill-do-my-best-limited-edition-462077_1

52. Mudai Gasshou – Zenbu Kimi no Sei da (04/06/2016) (873).Ce8C5ccXEAAkkb0

62. Aitai Aitai – Yururirapo (04/06/2016) (792).71yjiMhrv-L__SL1235_

82. Sakura – Trefle (04/06/2016) (590).91hEf6DJ3PL__SL1500_


Oricon Top 10 Albums, Week 16, April 18, 2016.

Rank/Album/Artist/Release Date/Sales.

  1. Cosmic Explorer – Perfume (04/06/2016) (122,732).

* Perfume 6th number one album.per12. The JSB Legacy – Sandaime J Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe (03/30/2016) (57,646) (533,766).51Ugh6T4pWL__SL1351_3. N.W.U – FTIsland (04/06/2016) (23,603).N_W_U4. Enigma – Tak Matsumoto (B’z) (04/06/2016) (20,888).f43c1ed3ed245c6a08c5687da657c14e_content5. Metal Resistance – BABYMETAL (04/03/2016) (20,317) (153,198).a559362b0d_full6. The Beautiful People – SiM (04/06/2016) (18,119).61cJRtmGDmL__SL1138_7. Chou Ikimonobakari ~Tennen Kinen Members Best Selection~ – Ikimonogakari (03/15/2016) (12,563) (224,626).いきものがかり_8. Stroll and Roll – The Pillows (04/06/2016) (7,359).71eNwa9dbIL__SL1500_9. KAT-TUN 10th Anniversary Best “10Ks!” – KAT-TUN (03/22/2016) (5,937) (188,860).2016021011333489210. S.I.V.A – Royz (04/06/2016) (5,592).BPRVD-213___________________________________________________________________________________

Of Interest To Me Only (New Releases Only) :

11. Innocent Age – Minori Chihara (04/06/2016) (5,030).goods_pic1_64740971_2016030816441036. Delax ~dela Best~ – dela (04/05/2016) (1,307).81-lQDo1xkL__SL1421_45. Meets Sparkjoy – Shiho Nanba (04/06/2016) (1,069).91M8AzATpPL__SL1417_


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