My Prediction For AKB48 8th Senbatsu Election (Top 20 Only).

*450th Post.

AKB48 8th senbatsu election, voting will begin on May 31st. With the final results being announced on June 18th.

I’m going to have 6 voting ballots, and it’s all going to go to “Haruna Kojima”.

  1. Yuki Kashiwagi – I think she’s going to get alot of votes from those NGT48 fans, which should be enough to get her to the top.

2. Rino Sashihara – Watch her proved me wrong she always does, I think those vote counts for the top 3 are going crazy.

3. Mayu Watanabe – I honestly think she’s going challenge for number one, may even get it. I’m only predicting her 3rd, because when I do these predictions she has more times than not been a disappointment for me.

4. Sayaka Yamamoto – A lot maybe thinking this to high for her, I think not. Don’t be surprise if she ranks higher, although I can’t see her ranking ahead of those 3 members above.

5. Sakura Miyawaki – The way she’s being promoted or push, you’d think she’ll be a shoo-in for number one. I think this one is either going to be a boom or bust, boom being maybe Top 2 or 3, bust just inside the top 10 (maybe #9).

6. Jurina Matsui – I have a feeling I might be underestimating her.

7. Rie Kitahara – I have a feeling I’m way overestimating her, I think those NGT48 fans will come through for the Captain.

8. Haruka Shimazaki – I’m just wishing the best for her, the higher she ranks. The happier I will be.

9. Haruna Kojima – I’ll just be happy if she ranks in the Top 10.

10. Yui Yokoyama – I don’t know if replacing Minami Takahashi as Team A Capatin & GM of AKB48, will mean anything, I’m sure it will abit.


* After the Top 10 it’s gonna be hard to predict, I’m fairly confident who I predicted in the Top 10. Will be in the Top 10, in what order remains to be seen.

I think after the Top 10 their will be alot of surprises, I’ll give it my best shot. Hope most of it is right.


11. Akane Takayanagi – Evey year when I do my predictions, I always overestimate her. Will see, this does seems very high for her.

12. Tomu Muto – This hottie has been moving up kinda big time in every election she has participated in, this year will be no different (Don’t proved me wrong).

13. Haruka Kodama – Not really sure where she’ll ranked in the end, I’m confident she’ll make senbastu.

14. Akari Suda – She drop big time last year, but she seems to be a popular SKE48 member.

15. Nao Furuhata – Some big names in SKE48, won’t participating in this years election. I think it could benefit her.

16. Minami Minegishi – Just when she’s going to move down, she moves up.

17. Yuria Kizaki – She’s due to move up big Time, hope this is the year.

18. Mio Tomonaga – Why is this girl so popular.

19. Marika Tani – I don’t anything about this girl, but she’s a regular SKE48 senbatsu member. She was the highest 1st time rank member in last years election.

20. Mion Mukaichi – What, I don’t think she’ll ranked anywhere this high. I don’t know else to put here that actually a chance at a Top 20.

Looking that those names unlike my previous predictions, I thnk I’m being safe this year.

* I know why Milky is not participating in this year election, as for Kei Jonshi. I could guess, but I won’t.


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