Keyakizaka46 4th Single “Fukyouwaon”, First Week Sales.

April 13, 2017

Keyakizaka46 4th single “Fukyouwaon”, which was release on April 5th. Sold 632,667 copies in it’s first week of release to ranked number one, on the weekly oricon singles chart. Yurina Hirate is center for single as she been for all the Keyakizaka46 singles to date, this single was release almost one year (1 day less) after their 1st single.

For comparison purposes this is how it did compared to their first 3 singles, in it’s 1st week of release.

Single/Release Date/Sales.

1. Silent Majority (04/06/2016) (261,580).

2. Sekai ni wa Ai Shika Nai (08/10/2016) (323,066).

3. Futari Saison (11/30/2016) (442,322).

4. Fukyouwaon (04/05/2017) (632,697).

“Fukyouwaon” video – .

CD+DVD Type A Cover.

CD+DVD Type B Cover.

CD+DVD Type C Cover.

CD+DVD Type D Cover.

Regular Edition Cover.







Oricon Top 10 Singles, Week 16, April 17, 2017.

Rank/Single/Artist/Release Date/Sales.

1. Fukyouwaon – Keyakizaka46 (04/05/2017) (632,667).

* Keyakizaka46 4th number one single.

2. Happy Party Train – Aqours (04/05/2016) (54,517).3. Deai Aishite – MYNAME (04/05/2017) (28,422).4. Bugtte Iijan – HKT48 (02/15/2017) (19,329) (245,569).

5. Influencer – Nogizaka46 (03/22/2017) (18,190) (941,433).

6. #CD ga Urenai Konna Yononaka Ja – Golden Bomber (04/05/2017) (16,043).7. Grapefruit Moon – Shiina Natsukawa (04/05/2017) (11,730).8. Rock Tha Town – Sexy Zone (03/29/2017) (10,673) (130,260).9. Into The World / Marchen – Kalafina (04/05/2017) (10,285).10. Don’t Stop – Q’ulle (04/05/2017) (9,154).____________________________________________________________________________

Of Interest To Me Only (New Releases Only) :

14. Unmei Root no Big Bang / Genei Galactica – Kirameki Anforent (04/04/2017) (4,491).15. Ii Suta – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (04/05/2017) (4,440).47. U Na Gi No Bo Ri – Zenryoku Shoujo R (04/05/2017) (1,149).151. PPDKM / Momoiro no Jinsei! – PaiPai Dekami (04/05/2017) (245).

200. Aikyo Land – Idol Class (04/08/2017) (153).


Oricon Top 10 Albums, Week 16, April 17, 2017.

Rank/Album/Artist/Release Date/Sales.

1.Superfly 10th Anniversary Greatest Hits “Love, Peace & Fire” – Superfly (04/04/2017) (46,293).

* Superfly 7th number one album.2. The JSB World – Sandaime J Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe (03/29/2017) (44,367) (401,139).3. Innocent Flower – Inori Minase (04/05/2017) (17,979).4. Get Wild Song Mafia – TM Network (04/05/2017) (11,513).5. Peace Out – Pistol Takehara (04/05/2017) (9,173).6. Memories… Do Not Open – The Chainsmokers (04/07/2017) (7,565).7. Sing ~Original Motion Picture Soundtrack~ – Soundtrack (03/15/2017) (6,084) (22,896).8. La La Land Original Soundtrack – Soundtrack (02/17/2017) (5,920) (75,571).9. Automaton – Jamiroquai (03/31/2017) (5,818) (13,916).10. NieR:Automata Original Soundtrack – Various Artist (03/29/2017) (5,160) (39,815).__________________________________________________________________________________

Of Interest To Me Only (New Releases Only) :

21. Blue Ocean Fishing Cruise – Tsuri Bit (04/05/2017) (3,091).26. Image – Maison Book Girl (04/05/2017) (2,646).

* If my memory serves me correctly I remember reading a couple of months ago that they we’re going to break up after the release of this album, recently I’ve been reading they’re promoting this album and no mention of breaking up. I don’t think my memory is very good it could have been another group, I’m sure it was them. It doesn’t look like it.105. Coloring Book – Oh My Girl (04/07/2017) (580).

* Korean release mini album.230. Brass! Brass! Brass! – Hauptharmonie und Tapferkeit (04/04/2017) (272).

My Top 30 Favorite Members In The AKB48 Family, March 2017.

March 28, 2017

30. Ranze Terada (Nogizaka46 – 2nd Generation).29. Yurina Hirate (Keyakizaka46 – 1st Generation).

With Nogizaka46 Nanami Hashimoto graduation from the group last month, it opens up a spot. She was the only one that really came to mind, she’s the first Keyakizaka46 member to ranked here. She’s Keyakizaka46 center, I’ve been checking her out quite a bit the last month or two. I really do like her she seems so sweet and fresh, very recently I’ve just notice she kinda looks like and reminds me of former AKB48 member Haruka Shimazaki.28. Nao Furuhata (SKE48 – Team KII).27. Miori Ichikawa (NMB48 – Team N).26. Sayuri Matsumura (Nogizaka46 – 1st Generation).25. Akane Takayanagi (SKE48 – Team KII).24. Haruka Komiyama (AKB48 – Team 4).23. Natsumi Matsuoka (HKT48 – Team H Captain).22. Nanase Nishino (Nogizaka46 – 1st Generation).21. Juri Takahashi (AKB48 – Team 4 Captain).

I still remember it very well it was 5 years ago, when I first saw her. When AKB48 (or least 16 members) did a concert in Washington, D.C.20. Saki Takeuchi (SKE48 – Team KII).19. Haruka Kodama (HKT48 – Team H and AKB48 – Team K).18. Yui Kojina (HKT48 – Team H).17. Rena Kato (AKB48 – Team B).16. Sumire Sato (SKE48 – Team E).15. Ryoha Kitagawa (SKE48 – Team S and AKB48 – Team 4).14. Rie Kitahara (NGT48 Captain – Team NIII).13. Rino Sashihara (HKT48 – Team H and HKT48 Theater Manager).12. Yuria Kizaki (AKB48 – Team B Captain).11. Aika Oota (HKT48 – Team KIV Captain).

She’ll be graduating from the group next month on April 10th.10. Mion Mukaichi (AKB48 – Team K).

I had a dream about her not that long ago, In the dream I was just chasing her around. I had this magazine with her on the cover, I wanted to autograph it.9. Anna Iriyama (AKB48 – Team A).

I pre-ordered her 1st Photo Book “Utsukushii Tsumi” ealier this month, I think it’s suppose to be release around this time, I can’t wait to get it.

More like yesterday, it was 5 years ago. That I really started to notice and really got to liking her, after seeing her in Washington, D.C.8. Sakura Miyawaki (HKT48 – Team KIV Co Captain and AKB48 – Team A).

March 19th was her Birthday. Happy belated 19th Birthday, Sakura.7. Sayaka Yamamoto (NMB48 – Team N Captain).6. Mayu Watanabe (AKB48 – Team B).

A couple of days ago March 26th, was her Birthday. Happy belated 23rd Birthday, Mayuyu.5. Meru Tashima (HKT48 – Team H).4. Mai Shiraishi (Nogizaka46 – 1st Generation).3. Kei Jonishi (NMB48 – Team N).

I bought her 2nd Photo Book “21K”, which was release last month. I have to say this the best $25 ( or whatever the cost was), I ever spent on anything. After looking at it, it’s probably my favorite Photo Book that I bought.

She’ll be graduating from NMB48 on April 10th, is that the same date that Lovetan is graduating from HKT48.

Earlier this month on March 18th, was her Birthday. Happy belated 22nd Birthday, Keicchi.2. Yuki Kashiwagi (AKB48 – Team B and NGT48 – Team NIII).1. Haruna Kojima (AKB48 – Team ).

She’s graduating from AKB48 on April 19th, I don’t know how I’m feeling now. Definitely not happy.

SKE48 2nd Album “Kakumei no Oka”, First Week Sales.

March 4, 2017

c23wxayusaa-jb0SKE48 2nd album “Kakumei no Uta”, which was release on February 22nd. Sold 99,646 copies in it’s first week of release to ranked number2, on the weekly oricon album charts. It’s a great album, I just bought the Type A Edition.

Type A Cover.

Type A Cover.

Type B Cover.

Type B Cover.

Type C Cover.

Type C Cover.

Theater Edition Cover.

Theater Edition Cover.







Oricon Top 10 Albums, Week 10, March 6, 2017.

Rank/Album/Artist/Release Date/Sales.

1. Way To Glory – AAA (02/225/2017) (107,969).

* 5th number one album for AAA,  SKE48 gave them a scare during the weekend.15877382_1423057587706423_9071900561938317312_n2. Kakumei no Oka – SKE48 (02/22/2017) (99,946).

Type A Cover.

3. Five – SHINee (02/22/2017) (68,102).初回盤スリーブ4. Nando Datte, Suki ~Kokuhaku Jikko Iinkai~ – HoneyWorks (02/22/2017) (33,688).21702121512150_3155. Splash World – miwa (02/22/2017) (31,347).4eecc0342a8cbcc66a20cb4add3500d36. MANKAI Kaika Sengen – A3ders! (02/15/2017) (23,766) (37,723).c3cxwk8ueaakusj7. Too Many People – Aska (02/22/2017) (21,989).c2smdtuveaa7bxl8. Shishamo 4 – Shishamo (02/22/2017) (13,583).

* I didn’t think they would ever make the Top 10 ever, I kinda like them. At least music wise.c1bbm8uuuaarl5m9. Osomatsu-san Kakure Episode Drama CD “Matsunoke no Nandemonai Kanji” Volume 1 – Osomatsu Matsuno, Karamatsu Matsuno, Choromatsu Matsuno, Ichimatsu Matsuno, Jushimatsu Matsuno & Todomastu Matsuno (02/22/2017) (13,282).148593027810. Owari to Hajimari – Team Syachihoko (02/22/2017) (12,870).c4_r-dyueaeofca______________________________________________________________________________

Of Interest To Me Only (New Releases Only) :

15. Opportunity – Kana Hanazawa (02/22/2017) (8,359).c5kwbonvyaah25w25. Re:STUPiD – BiS (02/22/2017) (4,964).c5mkqrouyaajfhm44. Around the True – True (02/22/2017) (2,256).true-around-the-true-758x75846. SxW – Luna Haruna (02/22/2017) (2,157).c22wcdxucaakfjn96. Tokyo Days, Tokyo Nights – Spica no Yoru (02/22/2017) (803).c3pghohvcaa2rjp

104. Prizmmy The Best!! – Prizmmy Prism Mates (02/22/2017) (735).c3qabkvuyaegckp119. Do_S – Shishido Kavka (02/22/2017) (653).1200x1200-75151. Antino Mi deology ~Kaishiki~ – Yukuetsurezure (02/22/2017) (519).

* This is re-recorded version of their “Antino Mi deology” 1st mini album. Which was release last year.c9044670

245. Artless – Predianna (02/22/2017) (312).c41x4lzvyaabe8o


Oricon Top 10 Singles, Week 10, March 6, 2017.

Rank/Single/Artist/Release Date/Sales.

1. Over The Top – Hey! Say! JUMP (02/22/2017) (271,945).

* Hey! Say! JUMP 19th number one single.c3fbo-suyaagjqm2. Ryudoutai ni Tsuite – Kenji Ozawa (02/22/2017) (37,752).c5izkhevmaeu-bb3. Hatsukoi Sunrise / Just Try! / Uruwashi no Camellia – Tsubaki Factory (02/22/2017) (35,241).1bEPCE7278_FH1A_H1-4_prep.pdf4. Super Fly – Exile The Second (02/22/2017) (34,632).c5pawvaukaaecit5. Inochi ni Fusawashii – amazarashi (02/22/2017) (15,927).inochi-ni-fusawashii-508985_16. Kimi no Na wa (English Version) – Radwimps (02/22/2017) (13,804).6d4139abbf334c6e39a35fd7689ebada7. I Miss You – Boyfriend (02/22/2017) (13,067).c3_hai0wyaibgdn8. Makenaizo – LinQ (02/22/2017) (11,570).49880645513619. Catch The Moment – LiSA (02/15/2017) (11,248) (38,620).c2mxm3cucaavmt210. Bagutte Iijan – HKT48 (02/15/2017) (11,147) (221,217).

Type B Cover.


Of Interest To Me Only (New Releases Only) :

13. Shirotsumekusa – The Hoppers (02/22/2017) (9,328).c5mo8fnvcai868o17. Los! Los! Los! – Tanya Degurechov (Aoi Yuuki) (02/22/2017) (6,795).cover-224. Disco Rettou Ukiyo no Yume – Fes Tive (02/22/2017) (3,958).tkca-7448225. Gabriel Dropkick – Gabriel (Miyu Tomita), Vignette (Saori Onishi), Satanichia (Naomi Ozora), Raphiel (Kana Hanazawa) (02/22/2017) (3,937).711jhctklnl__sl1008_30. Hallelujah Essaim – Gabriel (Miyu Tomita), Vignette (Saori Onishi), Satanichia (Naomi Ozora), Raphiel (Kana Hanazawa) (02/22/2017) (3,604).c4ige3guoaahpb2_176440997358a6bc552b054-800x79335. Yumeji Labyrinth – Rabirinnzu (Chiya (Sayaka Harada), Kon (Kaede Hondo), Koume (Yurika Kubo), Nono (Haruka Yoshimura) (02/22/2017) (2,872).71tqykwo4vl__sl1015_45. Flawless – Pyxis (02/22/2017) (2,266).c3ofagzvyaexzk748. Yumei ni, Nyaritai – Wa-Suta (02/22/2017) (1,984).91bzq4phdul__sl1500_-1200x120058. Chaos Syndrome – Konomi Suzuki (02/22/2017) (1,739).chaos59. Natsuoto ~Fushigi na Iro / Cat-Cat Romance – Clover / f*f (02/22/2017) (1,736).c2lrixcucaasdqq64. Shiny Ray – YURiKA (02/22/2017) (1,535).c0sshrguqae8sgr72. Northside / Only For You – Arisa Takigawa (02/22/2017) (1,321).c3fpqlaucaaf2ny78. Tokugawake Kakun – Joshi Dokushin Club (02/22/2017) (1,193).tokugawake-kakun-cd-dvd-limited-edition-506373_1

94. Sweet Cutie Lovely Deluxxx (02/21/2017) (799).scld_1stsingle_jkt2-300x300108. Puzzle / Hanabira – Natsume Mito (02/22/2019) (639).4547366291889

150. Respect – with (02/22/2017) (410).c5olb_iumaa8mes177. Icchokusen – Girlfriend (02/22/2017) (315).71xz831oo4l__sl1004_

My Top 30 Favorite Members In The AKB48 Family, February 2017.

February 28, 2017

30. Ranze Terada (Nogizaka46 – 2nd Generation).

With Haruka Shimazaki graduation late in December of last year, it opens a spot. So enter Ranze Terada she’s someone I’ve like her for a while now, she has come close to ranking here a couple of times before (Before I change my mind in the last minute). I first saw her early last year about the same time keyakizaka46 release their 1st single, at first I thought she was a Keyakizaka46 member. I was hoping she was, then I would have been checking out Keyakizaka46 a lot more than I was.

In Nogizaka46 up coming single she’ll be a senbatsu member, the first time she’s been a senbatsu for an Nogizaka46 single.9526af67452eb23dce15478859d4179c29. Nao Furuhata (SKE48 – Team KII).spa_21062016_voz48_0728. Miori Ichikawa (NMB48 – Team N).

I’m very late, better late than never. On February 12th, was her birthday. Happy belated 23rd birthday, Lemon.crknfk0vuaiuiro

27. Sayuri Matsumura (Nogizaka46 – 1st Generation).2798f6f6c3fa2d2ae9af47de3a253d4626. Haruka Komiyama (AKB48 – Team 4).akb48-haruka-komiyama-and-saya-kawamoto-ma-cherie-on-bomb-magazine-00525. Akane Takayanagi (SKE48 – Team KII).424. Nanase Nishino (Nogizaka46 – 1st Generation).tumblr_odujhcf4lj1usci4io2_128023. Natsumi Matsuoka (HKT48 – Team H Captain).hkt48-natsumi-matsuoka-10dai-saigo-no-natsu-on-manga-action-magazine-00322. Saki Takeuchi (SKE48 – Team KII).421. Juri Takahashi (AKB48 – Team 4 Captain).akb48-juri-takahashi-extra-photos-for-ex-taishu-magazine-00120. Yui Kojina (HKT48 – Team H).

I’ve said this before, because I feel it is so I’ll say it again. She really has the best body in the entire AKB48 family, I’m so mesmerize by her body I sometimes forget how pretty her face is. I’m a hair guy and I just love her hair, almost as much as I love Anna Iriyama hair.

I was at the Toronto Auto Show on Sunday, and I saw this girl that look like her. But that’s another story.9597755557d07c3cf2e1e56d66bb74b119. Haruka Kodama (HKT48 – Team H and AKB48 – Team K).tumblr_o96j61jbyu1sppsexo3_128018. Rena Kato (AKB48 – Team B).01817. Nanami Hashimoto (Nogizaka46 – 1st Generation).

She graduated from Nogizaka46 about a week ago, on her birthday. She’s the 1st significant member in the group to graduate, I wish her the “Best of Luck”.

February 20th, was her birthday. Happy belated 24th birthday, Nanamin.416. Sumire Sato (SKE48 – Team E).315. Ryoha Kitagawa (SKE48 – Team S and AKB48 – Team 4).

I never realise how tall she was, she’s not really that tall. A little taller than I thought.ca895028

14. Yuria Kizaki (AKB48 – Team B Captain).

On February 11th, was her birthday. Happy Belated 21st birthday, Yuria. Better late than never.tumblr_n92k4m3k9s1rnh655o2_1280

13. Rie Kitahara (NGT48 Captain – Team NIII).cwg9ezavmaejwd012. Rino Sashihara (HKT48 – Team H and HKT48 Theater Manager).111. Aika Oota (HKT48 – KIV Captain).

She announced her graduation last month, her graduation concert will be on April 10th. As far as I’m concern she graduated when she got transferred to HKT48, if you know what I mean.culae7zusaaul1s10. Mion Mukaichi (AKB48 – Team K).akb48-mion-mukaichi-lock-on-on-monthly-young-gangan-magazine-0059. Anna Iriyama (AKB48 – Team A).cou-5nnueaa9ysg8. Sakura Miyawaki (HKT48 – Team KIV Co-Captain and AKB48 – Team A).20160907_1447_0027. Sayaka Yamamoto (NMB48 – Team N Captain).nmb48-sayaka-yamamoto-hello-new-stage-on-young-magazine-0036. Mayu Watanabe (AKB48 – Team B).watanabemayushiranaiuchini245. Meru Tashima (HKT48 – Team H).

Right now I’m a little worried about her future in HKT48.4e613683fcfaa00ab7c2ce40ef67415d4. Kei Jonishi (NMB48 – Team N).

Her graduation concert will be on April 10th.c2iexweusae0ua8

3. Mai Shiraishi (Nogizaka46 – 1st Generation).

2. Yuki Kashiwagi (AKB48 – Team B and NGT48 – Team NIII).pomu_matomemato_me_pomu_matomemato_me_livejupiter_1469429615_73081. Haruna Kojima (AKB48 – Team A).

I think her final Theater performance will on April 19th, on her 29th Birthday. Then I guess it’s Bye, Bye.akb48-haruna-kojima-kiseki-no-bitai-on-friday-magazine-010

HKT48 9th Single “Bagutte Iijan”, First Week Sales.

February 24, 2017

c3thz9uumaamz92HKT48 9th single “Bagutte Iijan”, which was release on February 15th. Sold 210,070 copies in it’s first week of release to ranked number one, on the weekly oricon singles chart. Rino Sashihara is center for this single, it’s the 1st time she’s been center for an HKT48 single.

Type A Cover.

Type A Cover.

Type B Cover.

Type B Cover.

Type C Cover.

Type C Cover.

Theater Edition Cover.

Theater Edition Cover.







Oricon Top 10 Single, Week 9, February 27, 2017.

Rank/Single/Artist/Release Date/Sales.

1. Bagutte Iijan – HKT48 (02/15/2017) (210,070).

* HKT48 9th number one single.

Type A Cover.

2. Tokyo Girl – Perfume (02/15/2017) (49,032).c2iwspzukaa20r13. Orion – Kenshi Yonezu (02/15/2017) (39,594).fa7ecc4e5b238b0e448530737a41fbb6-700x7004. Catch The Moment – LiSA (02/15/2017) (27,372).c2mxm3cucaavmt25. Special Day – Batten Showjo Tai (02/15/2017) (12,095).c2i8u47uuaafgjm6. Keep Going On! – Jun Fukuyama (02/15/2017) (11,053).rmvuvi7. Lychee Red no Unmei – Houkago Princess (02/15/2017) (10,816).m1000x10008. The Idolmaster Cinderella Master Evermore – Various Artist (02/08/2017) (10,651) (61,913).c3ge10tukaeltfl9. Sugar Baby – GEM (02/15/2017) (10,487).sbcd10. Emma – NEWS (02/08/2017) (8,863) (158,154).c4h1lq1wqaapwca________________________________________________________________________________

Of Interest To Me Only (New Releases Only) :

11. Kirakira Dato ka Yume Dato ka ~Sing Girls~ – Poppin’ Party (02/15/2017) (6,966).c3evn7yvuaexpi718. Watashi no Sekai – Megumi Nakajima (02/15/2017) (4,497).4a04c920ce7111e68a765f08cf77c29931. UFO – Pink Babies (02/15/2017) (2,891).c0veigzuqaarjyx33. Ikken Rakuchaku Goyoujin – Earphones (02/15/2017) (2,727).c4ohqvgucaaalyi40. Sophomore Sick Sacrifice – Zenbu Kimi no Sei da (02/15/2017) (1,609).c3zmttjvyaeydrj60. Starlight / Hoshi wo Sagashite / Manatsu no Lemon – Watarasebashi43 (02/14/2017) (1,050).c4mhzujucaarflu

67. Elemental World – ChouCho (02/152017) (895).1485680809727-1024x101175. Boy Friend – Monari Wakita (02/15/2017) (692).

* A former member of Especia.c4m5i9rumaaybor

89. Lover Or Friend Feat. SARA – Carat (02/15/2017) (595).74e37f9c09707a8f988eedb4f258b33b_content

172. iWaNNa – Candy Stripe Neo (02/17/2017) (222).c4m4xh4vmaar6bz

183. Cho, Chocho, Cho, Chocolate!! – Aozora Sorano (02/15/2017) (205).500x500


Oricon Top 10 Albums, Week 9, February 27, 2017.

Rank/Album/Artist/Release Date/Sales.

1. Made – BIGBANG (02/15/2017) (101,364).

* BIGBANG 4th number one album.4988064584642_22. SCANDAL – SCANDAL (02/15/2017) (31,180).c4vxfgyuoai7iwx3. 5th Anniversary Best – Leo Ieiri (02/15/2017) (26,326).c4qemj9vmaat7k04. Smile – Mai Kuraki (02/15/2017) (21,222).c4x-kgiwaaafylu5. MANKAI Kaika Sengen – A3ders! (02/15/2017) (14,957).c3cxwk8ueaakusj6. ALL SINGLeeeeS ~& New Beginning~ – GReeeeN (01/24/2017) (12,487) (102,840).c0aacznuuaao3xg7. Wings – BTS (10/12/2016) (12,029) (38,849).

* Korean release album, which was repackage. So the increase in sales, which is nothing new in K-Pop. Just another way of taking some money from fans.bts_-_wings8. re:Action – Sukima Switch (02/15/2017) (10,740).45473662883229. The Legend Of Zelda 30th Anniversary Concert (02/15/2017) (10,561).the-legend-of-zelda-30th-anniversary-concert-first-limited-edition-ost10. Encore – back number (12/28/2017) (10,046) (484,328).best_album_1__________________________________________________________________________

Of Interest To Me Only (New Releases Only) :

11. The Idolmaster Live Theater Forward 03 Starlight Melody – Various Artist (02/15/2017) (9,896).c5ako7rvyaa_tfi20. Cinema – PASSPO (02/15/2017) (3,541).c4q6yervmaeqp2h72. Noten Drop ~Present For Himekyun – Hime Kyun Fruit Can (02/15/2017) (811).himekyun-fruit-can-kick-to-the-brainpan201. Ijippari Mermaid – Sawa (02/14/2017) (291).c46iik2vyaeshe258. Dynamis World – Arisa Noto (02/14/2017) (224).c3kxy-oumaacebf

My favorite Top 25 J-Pop Idols and Top 20 J-Pop Artist, January, 2017.

January 31, 2017

I do this twice a year in January and July, although I’ve done it a couple of times in August. This was fun and interesting to do, especially trying to decide the bottom 5 in my J-Pop Artist. And the bottom 6 in my J-Pop Idols, with so many candidates to consider and with only 6 spots available.


My Top 25 Favorite J-Pop Idols :

* I was going include Marina Nagasawa of Houkago Princess at number 23, since she graduated from the group at the end of December last month. I decide not to, it was a last minute decision.

25. Rio Watanabe (Babyraids JAPAN).

I guess she has Marina Nagasawa to thank for this, I’ve always like her right from the beginning. Not the best dancer in the world, but I think she’s really cute.babyraids-japan-expo-interview-07-533x800

24. Mai Ozeki (Country Girls).

I really do like her, she’s really cute. she’s growing up to be a very beautiful young woman. Although I think she looks really cute in short hair, I think she looks really hot with her hair longer. I like her better with her hair long, if she cuts it short again it won’t change the way I feel about her.

On February 10th, it’s her Birthday. Happy 15th Birthday in advance, Mai.c1ojkbiusaaaolo

23. Rei Kuromiya (The Idol Formerly Knows As LADYBABY).

I debated if she actually belongs here or not, I guess she done enough music stuff to qualify.cyzneryukaejipl22. Sakura Oda (Morning Musume).

She’s the 7th Morning Musume Member to make my favorite J-Pop Idol rankings, at one time or another. By far the most, AKB48 is next with 4 members.

I didn’t like her at first, I think it was around late 2015 that I started to take notice of her. Last year in Houston at Anime Matsuri it was a big thrill for me to meet her (Ok after the fact), she was so nice. I think it was unintentional she’s a flirt, but in a really nice and kind of way. After meeting her my interest in her just grew and grew and grew.3f96e20821. Risa Yamaki (Country Girls).

I like her, she has sex appeal. To me she’s like Yuki Kashiwagi, that I find it embarrassing to watch when she tries to be cute.c05zn4gviaakgli20. Misato Misaki (drop).

I can’t remember who now, she reminds me of a cartoon or was it a comic (or both) character. I’ve like her for a long time now, and I’ve enjoyed fantasizing about her for a long time now. She has the same birthday day as me, September 9th.ctppivhuiaauxqb

19. Sayaka Yamamoto (NMB48).nmb48-sayaka-yamamoto-nante-suteki-na-bicho-on-anan-magazine-00518. Mayu Watanabe (AKB48).

She just release her 3rd Photo Book not that long ago, the 1st Photo Book I ever bought was her 1st one. Way back in 2011.akb48-mayu-watanabe-hip-on-wpb-magazine-00117. Kanako Momota (Momoiro Clover Z).

I must really like her cause when I went to watch Momoiro Clover Z in New York City, late last year. I was really excited about buying her T-Shirt, she really has the cutest dimples.20161117_momoclo-716. Nao Sakura ( Team Syachihoko).

Although my interest Team Syachihoko has diminished, my interest in her is just has high as it ever was at anytime. I just enjoy looking at her, I just think she’s really cute.cxojuc5vqaagosi15. Seira Jonishi (Tokyo Performance Doll).

She has sex appeal, that’s all you need to know.01%202-jonishi-seira14. Kanna Hashimoto (Rev. from DVL).

I’m getting a little restless with her, it seems like her or Rev. from DVL. Haven’t been doing that much lately.

In a few days February 3rd, it’s her Birthday. Happy 18th Birthday in advance, Kanna.24_hashimoto_kanna_00813. Meru Tashima (HKT48).

I’m really pissed off about this, Meru is not a senbatsu member for HKT48 up coming single.73590bc189af7b8690386f0d4f314a0d12. Seran Mizorogi (Cheeky Parade).

Looks like my days of fantasizing about her is just about over, it was great and it was for a very long time. I’ve never enjoyed fantasizing about anyone has much as I enjoyed fantasizing about her, great memories.ctihcd-ukaaoahu11. Mai Shiraishi (Nogizaka46).nogizaka46-mai-shiraishi-megami-no-bitai-on-friday-magazine-00510. Kei Jonishi (NMB48).

Her 2nd Photo Book is going to be release next month, you know I’m getting this. It looks like it will be just as good, hot and sexy if not better than her 1st one. Which I really enjoyed looking at.s-sato2017011519uenisi-ogp_09. Maria Makino (Morning Musume).

I’ve been Maria Makino crazy, since October. I always did like her, but I’ve been really into her the last few months. I’ve bought a few of her solo stuff like her Photo Book and one of her Life size tapestry the one with her wearing a bikini, which I hang in my room. I really enjoy looking at the one.

It’s only a matter of time when she’ll become my favorite Morning Musume Member, but Haruna Iikubo will be very tough for her to dethroned. Time is on her side.

In a few days February 2nd, it’s her Birthday. Happy Sweet 16th Birthday in advance, Maria.maria-0308. Asami Watanabe (Cheeky Parade).

It’s become an annual thing, she has change her hairstyle again, regardless how she has it she always looks beautiful. I really can’t explain this, she’s the J-Pop Idol that I want to marry.cxb8usmvqaam8o27. Haruna Iikubo (Morning Musume).

She’s my favorite Morning Musume Member because she’s cute and funny, but mainly because she has sex appeal.xzvdmmzeqevwzjgwotfupbv-mym6. Ai Negishi (PASSPO).

She hasn’t released a photobook in a long while, she needs to soon. Especially bikini shoots, cause she really looks hot in a bikini.cw9phblvqaanr_v5. Miki Shimomura (Fairies).

I debated for the longest time if I should ranked her ahead of Ai Negishi or not.dad020d44. Yufakin Doll (Afilia Saga).

I don’t know what’s going with this graduation thing about her, first in late 2015 she announced she’ll be graduating from the group in 2016. Then you never heard anything about it, then I think it was a few months ago I read she’s suppose to graduate in early 2017. But I haven’t heard anything about it since, you know what they say “No News” is “Good News”.c0qnqkousaaibmeI didn’t notice this before, here’s a picture with her and “drop” Misato Misaki. I can’t confirm that’s Misato Misaki, it looks like her.cprob8tvmaay6we3. Hitomi Arai (Tokyo Girls’ Style).

Cute Hitomi Arai, it seems like her and Tokyo Girls’ Style get no Love and respect. Or at least not enough of it.cwom3yjwgaik_bk2. Yuki Kashiwagi (AKB48 and NGT48).12774b8c1. Haruna Kojima (AKB48).

Her graduation from AKB48 is coming very soon, less than a month. February 23rd.2016120323596138313__________________________________________________________________________

My Top 20 Favorite Artist :

* Debated if to include ” Doll Elements” or not, who disbanded on January 14th, not to sure exactly where they would have ranked.

20. Moso Calibration.

I’ve been liking them a couple of years now, I especially like Nia Hoshino. Kinda funny looking, but I think she’s really cute.ct4fteoviae-1tq19. Fuwafuwa.

I first heard of them early last year, I don’t know a group this big. With so many cute members, I think they’re all cute.cuxwoasusaamxzr18. Niji no Conquistador.

I’ve like them for a long time now, I don’t know if it was laziness or what. I really didn’t start to really check them out, til maybe a year or so ago. A very fun group to watch. Nagi Nemoto is definitely very nice to look at.08_nemotonagi_00617. Keyakizaka46.

I think they might be a year or two away from doing any bikini shoots, can’t wait some really cute members there. Their first single was a great I like it a lot, but the next 2 singles they release I thought was kinda boring.cyqxugdukaazzka16. Kobushi Factory.

I’ve like them right from the beginning, but lately the last several months. I’ve been really into them, I especially like Rei Inoue for some reason. To me they’re like a cheap or a “Poor Man’s” version of Morning Musume, that was a compliment.cnulyclvmae5mbz15. Tokyo Girls’ Style.

Will be releasing a single, in about a month. One of the best J-Pop concerts I’ve ever seen (Top 3), was watching them at the J- Pop Summit Festival in 2014.c07drp4viaaks6814. Fairies.

Down to 5 members now, as Miria Fujita graduated from the group on January 10th. She was a cutie.cs2-gflviaegitg

13. NMB48.

Don’t follow them as much as before, with Kei Jonishi graduating soon. I’ll probably be checking them out even less.wcchw1l12. SKE48.

I never did follow them that much, they have or had a few members that I would check out regularly. But that was about it.

The 8th Generation they all look really cute, and the 7th Generation aren’t bad. So it’s looking good for SKE48.c1uk7n3vqaefpzy11. Country Girls.

They’ve been around for more than 2 years, but for some reason it seems a lot shorter. During that time they’ve had 2 members who graduated, and have added 2 members. and Momoko Tsugunaga will be graduating on June 30th. And she fitted so will with this group.

I like the fact they’re so very different from all the other Hello! Project groups, who seem to be all the same.rdxaypk10. Tokyo Performance Doll.

I think I’m still on a high from watching them at the J-Pop Summit in San Francisco last year, I just bought their latest album 2 weeks go. I’m still checking them out almost regularly, just not as much as before. I still like to fantasize about Nana & Seira.c0na1u6usaafwt19. Nogizaka46.

In my opinion the most classy, professional and discipline J-Pop girl group. Don’t ask me to explain.cohvug2vmaah2ts8. Yumemiru Adolescence.

Temporarily a 4 member group, since Rei Kobayashi is on hiatus.cxnxdnfukaaugtdYumemiru Adolescence with Tokyo Girls’ Style, as Yuumi Shida & Hitomi Arai release two singles last summer.cskdxx4uaaae9qt7. HKT48.

The most fun group in the AKB48 family to watch, lately they’ve done some things that’s annoyed me. Something AKB48 would do.70de08586. PASSPO.

I’m still debating if I like as a Band, yes still.c0_nrqeuoaave2h5. Momoiro Clover Z.

My interest in them as been diminishing a little bit for a long time now, I was hoping seeing them in concert late last year in New York City. Would change that, unfortunately it didn’t. Didn’t help either that I had a bad experience with one of the staff members, I think I got spoiled with Cheeky Parade when they came to New York City. Which I was basically allowed to chat with the members. The concert was great I enjoyed myself.tumblr_ogzqsg1hgc1r6njvto1_12804. SUPER GiRLS.

My only problem with them right now is that the last couple of years, they’re not releasing anything that much. Last year my interest in them has been rejuvenated, I’m starting to have fun following them. I think that was a great move when they transferred Nana Asakawa from GEM to SUPER GiRLS in 2014.822583. Cheeky Parade.

I just enjoy following and checking them out.cxclmy2ukaaotia2. AKB48.

They’ve dropped to number 2, nothing last forever. This maybe only be temporary time will tell.cxi75-zuqae2a651. Morning Musume.

Although it was almost a year ago, I’m still on a high from watching and meeting them at Anime Matsuri in Houston. They’re so much easier and more fun to follow than AKB48, when I’m checking them out at youtube for example. I get to see all the members unlike AKB48.mm16-akimyvision-groupphoto



My Top 30 Favorite Members In The AKB48 Family, January 2017.

January 15, 2017

I wasn’t going to this, this early. But I will going on a week vacation really soon.

30. Nao Furuhata (SKE48 – Team KII).5

29. Haruka Komiyama (AKB48 – Team 4).akb48-haruka-komiyama-fuwa-fuwa-on-ex-taishu-magazine-00628. Miori Ichikawa (NMB48 – Team N).cperrx_vmaadaaw27. Sayuri Matsumura (Nogizaka46 – 1st Generation).b243910c26. Akane Takayanagi (SKE48 – Team KII).s6_574d69cc5666e25. Nanase Nishino (Nogizaka46 – 1st Generation).nogizaka46-nanase-nishino-tonari-no-naachan-on-manga-action-magazine-00124. Saki Takeuchi (SKE48 – Team KII).0062kothjw1f6d5ulrgqoj31jk28p7wh23. Yui Kojina (HKT48 – Team H).

On January 24th, it’ll be her birthday. Happy 19th Birthday in advance, Kojina.522. Natsumi Matsuoka (HKT48 – Team H Captain).hkt48-natsumi-matsuoka-and-madoka-moriyasu-itsuka-otonani-narumaeni-on-entame-magazine-00121. Juri Takahashi (AKB48 – Team 4 Captain).akb48-juri-takahashi-kimi-wa-mada-juri-wo-shiranai-on-young-jump-magasine-00520. Haruka Kodama (HKT48 – Team H and AKB48 – Team K).tumblr_oaw4khw78d1sppsexo2_128019. Nanami Hashimoto (Nogizaka46 – 1st Generation).

She’ll be graduating from Nogizaka46, some time around her birthday next month.0918. Rena Kato (AKB48 – Team B).217. Sumire Sato (SKE48 – Team E).

Hate it, she’ll likely continue to drop. I like her, I think she’s really pretty and kinda cute. I just hope it’ll be a slow one, I’m just not seeing or hearing enough of her. It’s been like that for the last couple of years or so, never as bad as last year though.coiow5_umaa6oy_16. Ryoha Kitagawa (SKE48 – Team S and AKB48 – Team 4).

For the longest time when I made this the “Top 30 Favorite AKB48 Family Ranking”, for the longest time I only had 2 a few times (I think) only one member. For a little while now I’ve had 5, then their’s Yuria Kizaki a former SKE48 member. But Suuchan is a former AKB48 member who’s now in SKE48, so I guess they both cancel each other out. I’m not really liking SKE48 more now, well a lot more than in the beginning.qfb9sm715. Yuria Kizaki (AKB48 – Team B Captain).akb48-yuria-kizaki-hatachi-no-seigi-on-manga-action-magazine-00514. Rie Kitahara (NGT48 Captain – Team NIII).ngt48-rie-kitahara-birth-of-___-on-blt-magazine-00513. Rino Sashihara (HKT48 – Team H and HKT48 Theater Manager).tumblr_oe7j1ngczy1qixdtpo1_128012. Aika Oota (HKT48 – Team KIV Captain).

Another member who’ll continue to drop in my rankings, the same reason has Sumire Sato. This one I think will be a lot slower.cva-2g9ukaar03v11. Haruka Shimazaki (AKB48 – Team A).

She graduated from AKB48 at the end of the last month, since it happen very late last month I’ll include her in this months ranking. I will surely, definitely miss her.

Good Luck, And Wishing You The Best. Paruru (I love that nickname).akb48-haruka-shimazaki-paruru-on-big-comic-spirits-magazine-00610. Mion Mukaichi (AKB48 – Team K).

In 2 weeks on January 29th, it’ll be her birthday. Happy 19th Birthday in advance, Mion.20160602_1528_0179. Anna Iriyama (AKB48 – Team A).556156238. Sakura Miyawaki (HKT48 – Team KIV Co-Captain and AKB48 – Team A).hkt48-sakura-miyawaki-egao-saku-on-young-champion-magazine-0077. Sayaka Yamamoto (NMB48 – Team N Captain).akb48-kami-bikini-cho-senbatsu-on-flash-magazine-0016. Mayu Watanabe (AKB48 – Team B).akb48-mayu-watanabe-encore-gravure-on-flash-magazine-0055. Meru Tashima (HKT48 – Team H).

On January 7th, it was her birthday. Happy belated 17th Birthday, Meru.050f22d50c7717d538a4a4cbcc5711674. Kei Jonishi (NMB48 – Team N).

I think her last single with NMB48 is “Boku Igai no Dareka”, which was release last month on December. I still don’t know when she’s actually going to leave NMB48.

I don’t know if I mention this before, probably not. Her young sister “Rei Jonishi” is a NMB48 5th Genetaion (June 2016).cm-1qzyuiaem-563. Mai Shiraishi (Nogizaka46 – 1st Generation).nogizaka46-mai-shiraishi-dont-stop-mai-on-big-comic-sprits-magazine-0032. Yuki Kashiwagi (AKB48 – Team B and NGT48 – Team NIII).tumblr_ntzl20qkip1u1rt3jo3_12801. Haruka Kojima (AKB48 – Team A).

I really hate writing this, she’s graduating next month. A couple of months back I thought I would be OK with this. The closer it gets to her graduation date, how do I say it. I’m becoming more emotional.s9e8oto