HKT48 10th Single “Kiss wa Matsu Shikanai no Drshouka” and NMB48 3rd Album “Namba Ai ~Ima, Omou Koto”, First Week Sales.

August 12, 2017

HKT48 10th single “Kiss wa Matsu Shikanai no Deshou ka”, which was release on August 2nd. Sold 199,504 copies in it’s first week of release, to ranked number one on the weekly oricon singles charts. It’s their first single to sell less than 200,000 copies in it’s week of release, just missed it by about 500 copies. Hana Mstsuoka is center for this single, I thought this was her first. It’s her second I forgot that she was also center for the single “Saikou ka yo”, glad to see Meru Tashima back has senbatsu.

A very good single overall.

Video – .

Type A Cover.

Type B Cover.

Type C Cover.

Theater Edition Cover.







Oricon Top 10 Singles, Week 33, August 14, 2017.

Rank/Single/Artist/Release Date/Sales.

1. Kiss wa Matsu Shikanai no Deshou ka – HKT48 (199,504).

* HKT48 10th number one single.

2. Ho wo Agero! – Boys And Men (08/02/2017) (165,305).3. Blast! Momoiro Clover Z (08/02/2017) (50,012).4. “Love Live! Sunshine” Duo Trio Cpllection CD Volume One : Summer Vacation – Aqours (08/02/2017) (26,277).5. Easy Love – SF9 (08/02/2017) (25,023).6. Himawari – Mr. Children (07/26/2017) (16,962) (138,241).7. Datte Atashi no Hero – LiSA (08/02/2017) (15,399).8. U – Daichi Miura (08/02/2017) (12,430).9. Egao no Orchestra! – Hello, My World (08/02/2017) (11,126).10. The Idolmaster Million Theater Generation 01 Brand New Theater! – 765 Million Allstars (07/26/2017) (10,564) (81,171).________________________________________________________________________________________

Of Interest To Me Only (New Releases Only) :

11. High Tension! Wagga Jinsei! / Wadachi – Ciao Bella Cinquetti (08/02/2017) (9,701).15. Futurism – Ayahi Takagaki (08/02/2017) (7,176).16. Dry Ai – Q’ulle (08/02/2017) (6,603).

* Manako is so cute, I don’t know why I don’t check up on her at all, I may need to change that.17. Maru Maru Maru Maru Maru – Babyraids JAPAN (08/02/2017) (5,961).

* In about a month I’ll be in San Francisco for J-Pop Summit, to see Babyraids Japan among others. I’m especially excited in seeing and hopefully meeting Rio Watanabe, for those interested former AKB48 member Misaki Iwasa will also be there.23. Sukatto Samaraba – Tsubomi (08/02/2017) (3,926).24. Oshiete Darwin – Purely Monster (08/02/2017) (3,582).29. You & I – Ayaka Ohashi (08/02/2017) (2,327).52. Ningen no Tochi – Lovely Summer Chan (08/02/2017) (1,055).58. Jikan wa Mado no Mukogawa – yanaginagi (08/02/2017) (1,018).

76. Kimi wa Rock wo Kikanai – Aimyon (08/02/2017) (748).

170. Love & Sweet – Celeina Ann (08/02/2017) (234).

172. Kibou no Kakera – Now On Air (08/02/2017) (228).

195. Innocent Angel – Amatsuka (08/02/2017) (182).


NMB48 3rd album “Namba Ai ~Ima, Omou Koto, which was release on August 2nd. Sold 159,387 copies in it’s first week of release, to ranked number one on the weeklr oricon album charts. When it comes to new materials I thought Keyakizaka46 album was bad (I double check it, it wasn’t that Bad), this one is even worse. This one is really bad it has only 3 new songs on all versions combine, 4 if you include the Theater Edition.

Limited Edition Type N Cover.

Limited Edition Type M Cover.

Limited Edition Type B Cover.

Regular Edition Cover.

Theater Edition Cover.







Oricon Top 10 Albums, Week 33, August 14, 2017.

Rank/Album/Artist/Release Date/Sales.

1. Namba Ai ~Ima, Omou Koto~ – NMB48 (08/02/2017) (159,387).

* NMB48 3rd number one album.

2. Tycoon – UVERworld (08/02/2017) (82,153).3. 360 ChamberZ – PKCZ(R) (08/02/2017) (42,004).4. Come Along 3 – Tatsuro Yamashita (08/02/2017) (28,382).5. Hey! Say! JUMP 2007-2017 I/O (07/26/2017) (25,126) (322,267).6. This Love – Mamoru Miyano (08/02/2017) (18,708).7. Masshirona Mono wa Yogoshitaku Naru – Keyakizaka46 (07/19/2017) (13,781) (321,107).

8. “GIGS” Case Of Boowy ~The Original~ – Boowy (08/07/2017) (11,699).9. #Twice – Twice (06/28/2017) (11,486) (219,376).10. Come Along 2 – Tatsuro Yamashita (08/02/2017) (10,541).________________________________________________________________________________

Of Interest To Me Only (New Releases Only) :

20. Zenith – PassCode (08/02/2017) (3,881).30. Seishun Wasshoi! – Seishun Gakuen (08/01/2017) (2,399).66. Why Doll – Why Doll (08/01/2017) (904).104. Bestiem – Bestiem (08/02/2017) (562).105. Parallel – G-Friend (08/03/2017) (562).

* Korean release mini album, I think they’re suppose to be releasing a Japanese single later this year. Another great release from them, the first K-Pop Girl Group I saw in concert.152. Ryuto Geigi – RYUTist (08/01/2017) (410).170. Seishun Bitansan – Let’s Poco Poco (08/02/2017) (373).

222. Canvas – Yunchi (08/02/2017) (303).249. Kirameki ~Best~ – Hime Kyun Fruit Can (08/02/2017) (262).

265. Prequel – Dream Catcher (08/01/2017) (248).

* Korean release mini album.


My Favorite Top 25 J-Pop Idols and Top 20 J-Pop Artist, July 2017.

August 2, 2017

I do this twice a year in January and July, Ok 1t’s the 2nd day of August. Wasn’t fast enough to get this done before August came, so you know I rush this a little bit. I just hope I didn’t overlook anyone. I don’t think I did it, although I rush this. I did check my list about 3 times to make sure who I wanted here, was here.

This will be very interesting to do since 4 of the Top 12 from the last time I did this ranking, have graduated from their respective groups. Also I had a very tough time on ranking the last 5 position, there were about 12 candidates for that position. I’m satisfied with whom I choose and where I ranked them.

25. Sakura Oda (Morning Musume).

I just can’t get enough of looking at her, she’s so sweet and nice. I don’t anyone that didn’t melted after meeting her, I did.24. Sakura Seta (Batten Show Jo Tai).

I’ve like her from the first time I heard about “Batten Show Jo Tai”, it was just a matter of time when she got ranked here.

23. Moe Kamikokuryo (Angerme).

Another very sweet girl, she’s the reason that I’m back to remotely being interested in Angerme (S/milage) again. Actually make that her and Rikako Sasaki.22. Mizuki Fukumura (Morning Musume).

The Leader of Morning Musume, before I met her in Houston last year. I wasn’t interested or even took notice of her. I probably wouldn’t even recognize her, after meeting her that all change. I guess she’s one of those you got to see very close in a person, to appreciate just how beautiful she is. She was the first member that I met, I think I froze for a bit. I just remember her talking to me, but wasn’t hearing anything. I just continued to stare at her, for a bit. I was very nervous about meeting the group, she had a way of making you feel more relax. Which help when I got to the other members.

Anyways after meeting her I started to really follow her and check her up quite a lot, I still do check up on her quite a bit.21. Rei Inoue (Kobushi Factory).

She’s been my favorite Kobushi Factory member right from the beginning, although earlier this year (even as soon as a couple of weeks ago) it look like Ayano Hamaura may dethrone her. But recently she has widened the gap little by little by day.

I have to say this I find her sexually appealing, always have.

A couple of weeks ago July 17th, was her Birthday. Happy Sweet 16th Belated Birthday, Rei.20. Kyouka (Yumemiru Adolescence).

She’s not as hot as Yuumi Shida, or I think as cute as Karin Ogino. She does it for me.

I rarely buy Photo Books, Buy for some reason I bough hers.19. Honoka Akimoto (Team Syachihoko).

For some reason I’m starting to get back into her, actually it’s been long a while now. I actually forgot just how pretty I thought she was.18. Misato Misaki (drop).

She seems unusual and weird, but I love her and think she’s really cute.17. Mai Ozeki (Country Girls).

She’s just getting prettier and prettier by the day.16. Rio Watanabe (Babyraids JAPAN).

My interest in her and Babyraids Japan had been declining a little bit, til I found out they’re coming to J-Pop Summit this year. I’m excited right now, just thinking about seeing and meeting her.15. Risa Yamaki (Country Girls).

I’m a little confused and a little concern with what’s going on with Country Girls right now, especially members Risa and Mai Ozeki. It seems like that Country Girls activities is going to become very limited.14. Mayu Watanabe (AKB48).

She has announced her graduation, I’d still like to know what’s become of her sole single. That they mention a long, long time ago.13. Kanako Momota (Momoiro Clover Z).

July 12th, was her Birthday. Happy Belated 23rd Birthday, Kanako.

She still brings a smile to face.12. Nao Sakura (Team Syachihoko).

She’s definitely the kind of girl I want to Hangout with and has have as a companion.

11. Seira Jonishi (Tokyo Performance Doll).

It was just over a year ago, I met her at the J-Pop Summit last year. I’m feeling a little excited just thinking about it.

In about a couple of weeks August 14th, it’s her Birthday. Happy 21st Birthday in advance, Jonishi.10. Kanna Hashimoto (Rev. from DVL).

Her and Rev. From DVL have been pretty quiet this year so far, although she was in movie earlier this year.9. Meru Tashima (HKT48).

She just open a twitter account in June, just like her Goggle+ account she’s always updating it. And posting cool interesting pictures, in a way you could say she’s probably the only one I’m checking up on a regular basis. I’ve been checking her Google+ account almost everyday for about 2 years now, and now her Twitter also. I always check it before a I start work, it just makes me feel so much better.8. Mai Shiraishi (Nogizaka46).

I really like to know just how popular she is Japan now or even before, I remember several years ago reading she was by far the most popular Nogizaka46 member in Japan. But it didn’t seem like it, now it doesn’t even seem like she’s in the Top 3. Maybe her fans are just very quiet like me.7. Asami Watanabe (Cheeky Parade)

My wife has been looking pretty Hot, very sexy lately.6. Ai Negishi (PASSPO).

I’m having a very difficult time finding any new news on her, her Birthday is on the same day as Asami Watanabe.5. Miki Shimomura (Fairies).

She cut her hair short very early this year, and she looks really cute with it. But I hope she grows it long again.4. Maria Makino (Morning Musume).

Maria is releasing a Photo Book really soon, pre ordered it already. She’s been doing a lot of bikini shoots the last year or so, so I’m happy really happy about that. I just can’t get enough of this girl.3. Haruna Iikubo (Morning Musume).

Talking about photobooks, I bought hers earlier this year. I had a very bad experience buying it, it came to the point. I just wanted to say screw it and not get it, if it was any other idol I may have. I just had to get this.2. Hitomi Arai (Tokyo Girls’ Style).

For fans of her that don’t check her Twitter, I recommend you should. She’s always updating it, and she usually post some good pictures.1. Yuki Kashiwagi (AKB48).

For those of you who thought this was expected, it wasn’t. I actually considered ranking Hitomi Arai number one, yes I like Hitomi Arai that much. As for Yuki Kashiwagi I really like her just as much as always, it’s just that she’s not in the news as much as before. It shouldn’t matter, but I think it does. Hitomi Arai is not really in the news that much either, or ever was. But that’s another story._____________________________________________________________________________________

My Top 20 J-Pop Artist :

20. There There Theres.

The idol group formerly know as “BELLING Girls Heart”, I’ve been a fan of BELLING Girls Heart for a few years. Anyways 3 members graduated at the end of last year, then on February of this year added 2 new members and renamed the group to it’s current name. I’m still warming up to the new members, they lost a couple of members who I really like a lot. They’re still unusual and entertaining as ever.19. Niji no Conquistador.

Fun and entertaining group, can’t wait for their summer single to come. I wasn’t into her before, I’ve getting into Nagi Nemoto the last few months. She’s hot.18. Babyraids JAPAN.

They’ll be coming to J-Pop Summit in San Francisco later on this year, I’m getting very excited about this. For the last 3 or 4 years I’ve been requesting them to invite them and Fairies over, very few idol groups I’d like to see perform more than Babyraids. Honestly I’m looking forward to seeing Rio Watanabe more than anything.17. Keyakizaka46.

Honestly, just like most people I’m also surprise how fast they’ve come to where they are now. And I like that they seem a little different than Nogizaka46, they’re like a “Dark Nogizaka46”. Unlike the 48 groups, I think this was what NMB48 was meant to be. But they got lost in their direction (or Chicken out), and just screwed it all up.16. Tokyo Girls’ Style.

Ever since they decided to makes changes almost 2 years ago, I found them kinda boring. That’s nothing new for a few years when I started to get into them, I found them boring. But I like them, especially my sweetheart “Hitomi Arai”. When you added it all up, only about 15 months I didn’t find them boring. I’m exaggerating and making an inside joke, It’s not as I make it sound to be.15. Kobushi Factory.

July was not a good month for Kobushi Factory as Rio Fijii left the group on July 6th, she’s the first member to leave the group since they formed in January 2015. On July 15th Rena Ogawa when on hiatus for health reasons, her hiatus will only be for about a month.14. NMB48.

I found them hard to follow ever since Milky left, and when Kei Jonishi graduated it got a lot worse. But they still have a few members I still really like, and check on now and then.13. Fairies.

Sora Nomoto has been looking pretty hot and sexy lately.12. SKE48.

With some few new members, I think future is looking good as ever.11. Country Girls.

I’m a little worried and concern about their future, in June Momoko Tsugunaga graduated from Country Girls and Hello! Project. And also 3 members would become concurrent members with other Hello! Project groups.

Chisaki Morito will become a concurrent member with Morning Musume, I think just like Morning Musume even more.

Morning Musume with Chisaki Morito, she’s at the front in the middle.

Nanami Yanagawa will become  a concurrent member with Juice=Juice, I can’t picture this. We’ll see I guess.

Juice=Juice with Nanami Yanagawa, 3rd from the left. The one with light blue top.

Musubu Funaki will become a concurrent member with Angerme, She looks like she fits in, kind of. Hey, it’s Angerme.

Angerme with Musubu Funaki, 2nd from the left at the front. The smallest one.

As for Risa Yamaki and Mai Ozeki they say will be spending more time with school, well anyway you look at it. From here on their activities will be very limited, at least until further notice.10. Nogizaka46.

Thanks to Asuka Saito, my interest in Nogizaka46 has been rejuvenated. Not that I was losing interest in them, it’s just that I haven’t been feeling this way about Nogizaka46 since I started following them. Seems like she just brought some freshness in my interest in Nogizaka46.9. Tokyo Performance Doll.

They will be releasing a single next month, it looks like a good one. I wish my J-Pop Idol ranking was a Top 30, they had a few members I wanted to included, like Nana Takahashi. She can speak english, I had very short chat with her at J-Pop Summit last year. It was very short, but enough to make a memory.8. PASSPO.

I think a lot of activities, as for any mew news that you can talk about. Hard to find.7. HKT48.

From what I’m reading and hearing, they’re future doesn’t look good.6. Yumemiru Adolescence.

Rei Kobayashi has come from her hiatus in June, unfortunately Akari Yamada officially left the group in March. I liked her too.5. Cheeky Parade.

Cheeky Parade Seran Mizorogi & Momoka Kodakari left the group on June 9th, I like those 2 a lot. I kinda expected this from Seran Mizorogi for a long while now it was just a matter of when, as for Momoka Kodakari it was a complete surprise. This really sucks, it really does.

Marin Yamamoto & Mariya Suzki are still on hiatus in Los Angeles, USA. They should be coming back next year, til then Cheeky Parade will a 5 member group.4.  Momoiro Clover Z.

I still like them a lot and still find them very entertaining, but I’m not having as much fun as I was following them.3. SUPER GiRLS.

My interest in them was rejuvenated over a year ago, it’s probably at an all time now. With no signs of falling in the near future, Nana Asakawa may have something to do with this. They did lose Ami Maeshima who graduated in March, whom I really like a lot.

2. AKB48.

The AKB48 now is definitely not the same AKB48 in 2011, when I started to get into them. They’re still fun to follow, theirs quantity if not quality.1. Morning Musume.

Still not sure what to think about the 13th Generation members Kaede Kaga & Reina Yokoyama, haven’t warmed up to them yet. Then theirs the 14th Generation Member (concurrent member from Country Girls) Chisaki Morito. She really looks good as a Morning Musume, you know what “I think she’ll become Morning Musume center”.


Oricon Top 10 Singles and Top 10 Albums, Week 20, 2017.

May 14, 2017

Oricon Top 10 Singles, Week 20, May 15, 2017.

Rank/Single/Artist/Release Date/Sales.

1. Colors / Taiyou to Tsuki no Kodomotachi – V6 (05/03/2017) (87,153).

* V6 29th number one single.2. Update – MAG!C PRINCE (05/03/2017) (45,482).3. Movie ~Japanese Version~ – BTOB (05/03/2017) (41,367).4. Hayatomo no Seto – Kaori Mizumori (05/02/2017) (16,622).5. Pa – Kana Nishino (05/03/2017) (16,116).6. Influencer – Nogizaka46 (03/22/2017) (15.929) (984.968).

7. Fukyouwaon – Keyakizaka46 (04/05/2017) (10,038) (717,557).

8. The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Little Stars! Kira! Mankai Smile – Uzuki Shimamura (Ayaka Ohashi), Miho Kohinata (Minami Tsuda), Mayu Sakuma (Yui Makino), Momoka Sakurai (Haruka Teru), Anzu Futaba (Hiromi Igarashi) (04/26/2017) (9,415) (62,148).9. Clockwork Planet – fripSide (05/03/2017) (8,629).10. Why Don’t You Relax? – 9nine (05/03/2017) (7,247).

* First single single since Umika Kawashima graduated from the group in July last year.___________________________________________________________________________

Of Interest To Me Only (New Releases Only) :

12. Sokode Sakende Watashi ni Oshiete Hoshii – 2o Love to Sweet Bullet (05/02/2017) (6,364).14. Bababahbabumkuchen / Geboku Gebo Gebo!! – Shiina Pikarin (05/03/2017) (5,164).19. Labyrinth ~Ichigo Hime no Tabidachi~ – Kiss Bee (05/02/2017) (4,232).20. Shocking Blue – Miku Ito (05/03/2017) (4,127).22. Stella Breeze – Luna Haruna (05/03/2017) (3,550).69. Treasure – LinQ (05/03/2017) (633).


Oricon Top 10 Albums, Week 20, May 15, 2017.

Rank/Album/Artist/Release Date/Sales.

1. Music Colosseum – Kis-My-Ft2 (05/03/2017) (205,720).

* Kis-My-Ft2 7th number one album.2. Yuzu Iroha 1997-2017 – Yuzu (04/26/2017) (49,848) (223,279).3. Best Selection “Blanc” – Aimer (05/03/2017) (34,433).4. Best Selection “Noir” – Aimer (05/03/2017) (34,044).5. Complete Single Collection – C-ute (05/03/2017) (14,456).

*Final album since they will disband on I can’t remember now, I think it’s month.6. The Fate Of The Furious : The Album – Soundtrack (04/14/2017) (14,221) (37,381).7. #1 2nd Mixed By DJ Fumi Yeah! – DJ Fumi Yeah! (04/26/2017) (6,525) (11,381).8. Lumiere ~Tenshi Edition~ – Ange Reve (05/03/2017) (6,409).9. Lumiere ~Datenshi Edition~ – Ange Reve (05/03/2017) (6,269).10. The JSB World – Sandaime J Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe (03/29/2017) (5,494) (442,027).________________________________________________________________________________

Of Interest To Me Only (New Releases Only) :

12. Guchokiparty ~Minna Nori Nori!~ – Momokurochan Z (Momoiro Clover Z) (05/03/2017) (5,152).

* I think this is some kind of album for kids.99. Decide – Tenka Goken (Rin Onigawara (Yuki Takada), Maru Kikakujo (Sayaka Kitahara), Satori Tamaba (Nozomi Nishida), Warabi Hanasaka (Rina Hidaka), Tsukuyo Inaba (Natsumi Hioka) (05/03/2017) (659).295. Yolo – DIA (05/01/2017) (218).

* Korean release album.

My favorite Top 25 J-Pop Idols and Top 20 J-Pop Artist, January, 2017.

January 31, 2017

I do this twice a year in January and July, although I’ve done it a couple of times in August. This was fun and interesting to do, especially trying to decide the bottom 5 in my J-Pop Artist. And the bottom 6 in my J-Pop Idols, with so many candidates to consider and with only 6 spots available.


My Top 25 Favorite J-Pop Idols :

* I was going include Marina Nagasawa of Houkago Princess at number 23, since she graduated from the group at the end of December last month. I decide not to, it was a last minute decision.

25. Rio Watanabe (Babyraids JAPAN).

I guess she has Marina Nagasawa to thank for this, I’ve always like her right from the beginning. Not the best dancer in the world, but I think she’s really cute.babyraids-japan-expo-interview-07-533x800

24. Mai Ozeki (Country Girls).

I really do like her, she’s really cute. she’s growing up to be a very beautiful young woman. Although I think she looks really cute in short hair, I think she looks really hot with her hair longer. I like her better with her hair long, if she cuts it short again it won’t change the way I feel about her.

On February 10th, it’s her Birthday. Happy 15th Birthday in advance, Mai.c1ojkbiusaaaolo

23. Rei Kuromiya (The Idol Formerly Knows As LADYBABY).

I debated if she actually belongs here or not, I guess she done enough music stuff to qualify.cyzneryukaejipl22. Sakura Oda (Morning Musume).

She’s the 7th Morning Musume Member to make my favorite J-Pop Idol rankings, at one time or another. By far the most, AKB48 is next with 4 members.

I didn’t like her at first, I think it was around late 2015 that I started to take notice of her. Last year in Houston at Anime Matsuri it was a big thrill for me to meet her (Ok after the fact), she was so nice. I think it was unintentional she’s a flirt, but in a really nice and kind of way. After meeting her my interest in her just grew and grew and grew.3f96e20821. Risa Yamaki (Country Girls).

I like her, she has sex appeal. To me she’s like Yuki Kashiwagi, that I find it embarrassing to watch when she tries to be cute.c05zn4gviaakgli20. Misato Misaki (drop).

I can’t remember who now, she reminds me of a cartoon or was it a comic (or both) character. I’ve like her for a long time now, and I’ve enjoyed fantasizing about her for a long time now. She has the same birthday day as me, September 9th.ctppivhuiaauxqb

19. Sayaka Yamamoto (NMB48).nmb48-sayaka-yamamoto-nante-suteki-na-bicho-on-anan-magazine-00518. Mayu Watanabe (AKB48).

She just release her 3rd Photo Book not that long ago, the 1st Photo Book I ever bought was her 1st one. Way back in 2011.akb48-mayu-watanabe-hip-on-wpb-magazine-00117. Kanako Momota (Momoiro Clover Z).

I must really like her cause when I went to watch Momoiro Clover Z in New York City, late last year. I was really excited about buying her T-Shirt, she really has the cutest dimples.20161117_momoclo-716. Nao Sakura ( Team Syachihoko).

Although my interest Team Syachihoko has diminished, my interest in her is just has high as it ever was at anytime. I just enjoy looking at her, I just think she’s really cute.cxojuc5vqaagosi15. Seira Jonishi (Tokyo Performance Doll).

She has sex appeal, that’s all you need to know.01%202-jonishi-seira14. Kanna Hashimoto (Rev. from DVL).

I’m getting a little restless with her, it seems like her or Rev. from DVL. Haven’t been doing that much lately.

In a few days February 3rd, it’s her Birthday. Happy 18th Birthday in advance, Kanna.24_hashimoto_kanna_00813. Meru Tashima (HKT48).

I’m really pissed off about this, Meru is not a senbatsu member for HKT48 up coming single.73590bc189af7b8690386f0d4f314a0d12. Seran Mizorogi (Cheeky Parade).

Looks like my days of fantasizing about her is just about over, it was great and it was for a very long time. I’ve never enjoyed fantasizing about anyone has much as I enjoyed fantasizing about her, great memories.ctihcd-ukaaoahu11. Mai Shiraishi (Nogizaka46).nogizaka46-mai-shiraishi-megami-no-bitai-on-friday-magazine-00510. Kei Jonishi (NMB48).

Her 2nd Photo Book is going to be release next month, you know I’m getting this. It looks like it will be just as good, hot and sexy if not better than her 1st one. Which I really enjoyed looking at.s-sato2017011519uenisi-ogp_09. Maria Makino (Morning Musume).

I’ve been Maria Makino crazy, since October. I always did like her, but I’ve been really into her the last few months. I’ve bought a few of her solo stuff like her Photo Book and one of her Life size tapestry the one with her wearing a bikini, which I hang in my room. I really enjoy looking at the one.

It’s only a matter of time when she’ll become my favorite Morning Musume Member, but Haruna Iikubo will be very tough for her to dethroned. Time is on her side.

In a few days February 2nd, it’s her Birthday. Happy Sweet 16th Birthday in advance, Maria.maria-0308. Asami Watanabe (Cheeky Parade).

It’s become an annual thing, she has change her hairstyle again, regardless how she has it she always looks beautiful. I really can’t explain this, she’s the J-Pop Idol that I want to marry.cxb8usmvqaam8o27. Haruna Iikubo (Morning Musume).

She’s my favorite Morning Musume Member because she’s cute and funny, but mainly because she has sex appeal.xzvdmmzeqevwzjgwotfupbv-mym6. Ai Negishi (PASSPO).

She hasn’t released a photobook in a long while, she needs to soon. Especially bikini shoots, cause she really looks hot in a bikini.cw9phblvqaanr_v5. Miki Shimomura (Fairies).

I debated for the longest time if I should ranked her ahead of Ai Negishi or not.dad020d44. Yufakin Doll (Afilia Saga).

I don’t know what’s going with this graduation thing about her, first in late 2015 she announced she’ll be graduating from the group in 2016. Then you never heard anything about it, then I think it was a few months ago I read she’s suppose to graduate in early 2017. But I haven’t heard anything about it since, you know what they say “No News” is “Good News”.c0qnqkousaaibmeI didn’t notice this before, here’s a picture with her and “drop” Misato Misaki. I can’t confirm that’s Misato Misaki, it looks like her.cprob8tvmaay6we3. Hitomi Arai (Tokyo Girls’ Style).

Cute Hitomi Arai, it seems like her and Tokyo Girls’ Style get no Love and respect. Or at least not enough of it.cwom3yjwgaik_bk2. Yuki Kashiwagi (AKB48 and NGT48).12774b8c1. Haruna Kojima (AKB48).

Her graduation from AKB48 is coming very soon, less than a month. February 23rd.2016120323596138313__________________________________________________________________________

My Top 20 Favorite Artist :

* Debated if to include ” Doll Elements” or not, who disbanded on January 14th, not to sure exactly where they would have ranked.

20. Moso Calibration.

I’ve been liking them a couple of years now, I especially like Nia Hoshino. Kinda funny looking, but I think she’s really cute.ct4fteoviae-1tq19. Fuwafuwa.

I first heard of them early last year, I don’t know a group this big. With so many cute members, I think they’re all cute.cuxwoasusaamxzr18. Niji no Conquistador.

I’ve like them for a long time now, I don’t know if it was laziness or what. I really didn’t start to really check them out, til maybe a year or so ago. A very fun group to watch. Nagi Nemoto is definitely very nice to look at.08_nemotonagi_00617. Keyakizaka46.

I think they might be a year or two away from doing any bikini shoots, can’t wait some really cute members there. Their first single was a great I like it a lot, but the next 2 singles they release I thought was kinda boring.cyqxugdukaazzka16. Kobushi Factory.

I’ve like them right from the beginning, but lately the last several months. I’ve been really into them, I especially like Rei Inoue for some reason. To me they’re like a cheap or a “Poor Man’s” version of Morning Musume, that was a compliment.cnulyclvmae5mbz15. Tokyo Girls’ Style.

Will be releasing a single, in about a month. One of the best J-Pop concerts I’ve ever seen (Top 3), was watching them at the J- Pop Summit Festival in 2014.c07drp4viaaks6814. Fairies.

Down to 5 members now, as Miria Fujita graduated from the group on January 10th. She was a cutie.cs2-gflviaegitg

13. NMB48.

Don’t follow them as much as before, with Kei Jonishi graduating soon. I’ll probably be checking them out even less.wcchw1l12. SKE48.

I never did follow them that much, they have or had a few members that I would check out regularly. But that was about it.

The 8th Generation they all look really cute, and the 7th Generation aren’t bad. So it’s looking good for SKE48.c1uk7n3vqaefpzy11. Country Girls.

They’ve been around for more than 2 years, but for some reason it seems a lot shorter. During that time they’ve had 2 members who graduated, and have added 2 members. and Momoko Tsugunaga will be graduating on June 30th. And she fitted so will with this group.

I like the fact they’re so very different from all the other Hello! Project groups, who seem to be all the same.rdxaypk10. Tokyo Performance Doll.

I think I’m still on a high from watching them at the J-Pop Summit in San Francisco last year, I just bought their latest album 2 weeks go. I’m still checking them out almost regularly, just not as much as before. I still like to fantasize about Nana & Seira.c0na1u6usaafwt19. Nogizaka46.

In my opinion the most classy, professional and discipline J-Pop girl group. Don’t ask me to explain.cohvug2vmaah2ts8. Yumemiru Adolescence.

Temporarily a 4 member group, since Rei Kobayashi is on hiatus.cxnxdnfukaaugtdYumemiru Adolescence with Tokyo Girls’ Style, as Yuumi Shida & Hitomi Arai release two singles last summer.cskdxx4uaaae9qt7. HKT48.

The most fun group in the AKB48 family to watch, lately they’ve done some things that’s annoyed me. Something AKB48 would do.70de08586. PASSPO.

I’m still debating if I like as a Band, yes still.c0_nrqeuoaave2h5. Momoiro Clover Z.

My interest in them as been diminishing a little bit for a long time now, I was hoping seeing them in concert late last year in New York City. Would change that, unfortunately it didn’t. Didn’t help either that I had a bad experience with one of the staff members, I think I got spoiled with Cheeky Parade when they came to New York City. Which I was basically allowed to chat with the members. The concert was great I enjoyed myself.tumblr_ogzqsg1hgc1r6njvto1_12804. SUPER GiRLS.

My only problem with them right now is that the last couple of years, they’re not releasing anything that much. Last year my interest in them has been rejuvenated, I’m starting to have fun following them. I think that was a great move when they transferred Nana Asakawa from GEM to SUPER GiRLS in 2014.822583. Cheeky Parade.

I just enjoy following and checking them out.cxclmy2ukaaotia2. AKB48.

They’ve dropped to number 2, nothing last forever. This maybe only be temporary time will tell.cxi75-zuqae2a651. Morning Musume.

Although it was almost a year ago, I’m still on a high from watching and meeting them at Anime Matsuri in Houston. They’re so much easier and more fun to follow than AKB48, when I’m checking them out at youtube for example. I get to see all the members unlike AKB48.mm16-akimyvision-groupphoto



Oricon Top 10 Singles and Top 10 Albums, Week 1, 2017.

January 2, 2017

Oricon Top Singles, Week 1, January 2, 2017.

Rank/Single/Artist/Release Date/Sales.

1. God’s S.T.A.R. – Quartet Night (12/21/2016) (107,765).cwqtikvukaaaq5f2. Winter Wonderland – SHINee (12/21/2016) (88,048).888879958386d3558b3ab225202352683. Dodonko Don’t Worry – Boys And Men Kenkyusei (12/21/2016) (57,996).o16671646138009266214. Don’t Be Afraid – L’Arc~en~Ciel (12/21/2016) (40,453).kscl-29005. Invincible Dangerous – B-Project (12/21/2016) (32,497).muteki-denjarasu6. Ensemble Stars! Unit Song CD 2 Volume 7 Valkyrie – Valkyrie (12/21/2016) (25,119).715o5wa-qql__sl1000_7. Koi Kiramekeshon!!! – SUPER GiRLS (12/21/2016) (24,866).cyrk391weai38ng8. Give Me Love – Hey! Say! JUMP (12/14/2016) (18,669) (266,274).7e806eb721abc16bbeef00c9e8a6c253-1440x14379. “Token Ranbu : Hanamaru” Utayomi Shu Sono Roku – Token Ranbu (12/21/2016) (18,573).71miz2wtiol__sl1429_10. Koi – Gen Hoshino (10/05/2016) (17,893) (219,899).hg3__________________________________________________________________________

Of Interest To Me Only (New Releases Only) :

12. Kagami no Naka no Parallel Girl – X21 (12/21/2016) (10,809).4988064837427_214. Ai, Kamashitaino – Negicco (12/20/2016) (9,884).cya0nmaukaepqxp15. Sakasazaka – Janken Min (12/21/2016) (9,462).

* This is the single for the Top 14 from AKB48 Jaken Tournament (Paper, Scissors & Rock).a10gq6hgdvl__sl1500_26. Fuyu no Himitsu – Pax Puella (12/21/2016) (2,884).fuyu-no-himitsu-type-c-500923_127. Arigatou wa Honno Kimochi Dayo – Tsubomi (12/21/2016) (2,819).457148756739440. My Resolution ~Mirai e no Kizuna~ – Plasmagica (Eri Inagawa, Sumire Uesaka, Manami Numakura, Ayane Sakura (12/21/2016) (1,679).c0g14p_usaar2ht42. Kimi wa Watashi no… / Growing x Heart – Pixie / Mute (12/21/2016) (1,574).719a00lcl8l__sl1000_76. Fantasy – Questy (12/21/2016) (730).81zzo3vut0l__sl1403_

83. Barenai Yoni Kiss wo Shite – dela (12/26/2016) (633).

* Here’s a that never disappoint me.czfvmj6vqaaa37i

105. Ano Oka no Ue Made ~Kirari Namida Koete~ – Ultra Girl (12/21/2016).

* Another group that doesn’t to disappoint me.61t0v7t1l4l


Oricon Top 10 Albums, Week 1, January 2, 2016.

Rank/Album/Artist/Release Date/Sales.

1. SMAP 25 Years – SMAP (12/21/2016) (667,802).

* SMAP 15th number one album.chomoranma-no-uta2. Neogene Creation – Nana Mizuki (12/21/2016) (46,804).cxwlihlukaa8rjx3. Oh! Suketora!!! Yuri!!! on ICE / Original Skate Song Collection – Soundtrack (12/21/2016) (44,935).00000003535210_a014. WWDBest ~Dempa Ryoukou!~ – Dempa Gumi. Inc (12/21/2016) (34,606).1200x1200-755. MCZ Winter Song Collection – Momoiro Clover Z (12/23/2016) (23,917).cx-7rojviaar2h_6. G.S. Meets The KanLeKeez – The KanLeKeeZ (12/21/2016) (15,980).cyweln7uuaawtsi7. For Life (Special Winter Mini Album 2016) – EXO (12/21/2016) (15,470).

* Korean release mini album.exo_1482686612_af_org8. U-KISS Japan Best Collection 2011-2016 – U-KISS (12/21/2016) (14,939).u-kiss_-_u-kiss_japan_best_collection_2011-2016_2cddvd9. Going Seventeen – Seventeen (12/07/2016) (12,805) (35,071).

* Korean release mini album.seventeen_-_going_seventeen_make_it_happen_ver_10. Pink Doll – APink (12/21/2016) (11,430).cx_y1suucaazgaq_____________________________________________________________________________

Of Interest To Me Only (New Releases Only) :

18. Maido! Ookini! – Takoyaki Rainbow (12/21/2016) (7,170).cxs1xpnviaevuaa-1024x86821. Live For LIVE – Saori Hayami (12/21/2016) (6,508).czys0w6uoaayypc25. Hashiridase! Chu Oh! Dolly – Chu Oh! Dolly (12/20/2016) (5,035).91bgtmonotl__sl1500_28. Magical Mystery Tour – Magical Punchline (12/21/2016) (4,479).img201611128magipun331. Doll Memories ~Best Of Doll Elements~ – Doll Elements (12/21/2016) (3,986).

* They will be disbanding in about 2 weeks, which really sucks. The last 6 months or so they’ve been one of a few J-Pop groups I’ve been really into, I’ve always been into them. It’s just that the last 6 months a lot more than before, I still remember when I first heard the news I actually cried. A week before the announcements my interest in them was at an all time high, I was checking up on them all time more than any group.

I really like this song probably maybe my 2nd favorite J-Pop song that was release in 2016. Doll Elements “Dear Future” .c0mriwswqaeuaqq54. RefRain – Reina Ueda (12/21/2016) (1,965).ddac519661. Dear (Special Album) – APink (12/19/2016) (1,723).

* Korean release album.apink_-_dear142. Zenryoku Batankyu wa Yoiko Dake – AOP (12/24/2016) (744).akoac-3

Oricon Top 100 Singles 2016.

December 31, 2016

Oricon Top 100 Singles Of 2016.

1. Tsubasa wa Iranai – AKB48 (06/01/2016) (1,519,387).

Limited Edition Type A Cover.

2. Kimi wa Melody – AKB48 (03/09/2016) (1,294,962).

Limited Edition Type A Cover.

3. Love Trip / Shiawase wo Wakenasai – AKB48 (08/31/2016) (1,213,660).

Limited Edition Type A Cover.

4. High Tension – AKB48 (11/16/2016) (1,202,533).

Limited Edition Type A Cover.

5. Sayonara no Imi – Nogizaka46 (11/09/2016) (910,811).

CD+DVD Type A Cover.

6. Hadashi de Summer – Nogizaka46 (07/27/2016) (851,229).

CD+DVD Type A Cover.

7. I Seek / Daylight – Arashi (05/18/2016) (828,533).CgDqgHGVIAAkgMp

8. Harujion ga Saku Koro – Nogizaka46 (03/23/2016) (828,315).

Limited Edition Type A Cover.

9. Fukkatsu LOVE – Arashi (02/24/2016) (541,121).20160129003603

10. Power Of Paradise – Arashi (09/14/2016) (471,619).o0864076713731918061


11. Futari Saison – Keyakizaka46 (11/30/2016) (467,485).

CD+DVD Type A Cover.

12. Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana – SMAP (03/05/2003) (439,774).122364_2_f

13. Sekai ni wa Ai Shika Nai – Keyakizaka46 (08/10/2016) (392,719).

CD+DVD Type A Cover.

14. Silent Majority – Keyakizaka46 (04/06/2016) (376,871).

Limited Edition Type A Cover.

15. Chicken LINE – SKE48 (03/30/2016) (365,328).

Limited Edition Type A Cover.

16. Boku wa Inai – NMB48 (08/03/2016) (363,583).

Type A Cover.

17. Saikou Ka yo – HKT48 (09/07/2016) (332,231).

Type A Cover.

18. Kin no Ai, Gin no Ai – SKE48 (08/17/2016) (324,415).

Limited Edition Type A Cover.

19. Maji SUNSHINE – Hey! Say! JUMP (05/11/2016) (308,610).56290283

20. 74 Oku Bun no 1 no Kimi e – HKT48 (04/13/2016) (305,137).

Type A Cover.


21. Tsumi to Natsu – Kanjani8 (07/06/2016) (300,357).Cln4iosWYAIw3x8

22. Amagami Hime – NMB48 (04/27/2016) (296,753).

Type A Cover.

23. Sha La La Summer Time – Kis-My-Ft2 (08/24/2016) (291,365).Cqqk93wVIAAcFn9

24. Fantastic Time – Hey! Say! JUMP (10/26/2016) (288,361).cupbcocvmaa6_0o

25. Gravity – Kis-My-Ft2 (03/16/2016) (238,550).CcEghNaUcAA9FwO

26. Noroshi – Kanjani8 (12/07/2016) (232,695).3

27. Another Starting Line – Hi-Standard (10/05/2016) (220,211).oriconstyle_2079727_1

28. Yamato Dancing – Boys and Men (08/24/2016) (217,975).Cp_V7tIVMAAfQp_

29. Unlock – KAT-TUN (03/02/2016) (217,454).20d5d32d3dc01424c01b3bc7d2225802_1456768182

30. Bara to Taiyou – KinKi Kids (07/20/2016) (211,800).ClcEtwOUYAEbpnJ


31. Colorful Eyes – Sexy Zone (12/16/2015) (196,539).49970036

32. Koi – Gen Hoshino (10/05/2016) (190,348).hg3

33. Michi wa Tezukara Yume no Hana – KinKi Kids (11/02/2016) (188,815).cujicqlukaa3est

34. Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby – AKB48 (12/09/2015) (182,786).

Limited & Regular Edition Type A Cover.

35. Panorama – Kanjani8 (10/12/2016) (180,218).csjc6ofvyaaf65v

36. Koi wo Shiranai Kimi e – NEWS (07/13/2016) (178,812).【通常盤】恋を知らない君へ

37. Welcome To Tokyo – Sandaime J Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe (11/09/2016) (175,046).cupcurnwaaawluh

38. Hikari no Shizuku / Touch (NEWS (01/20/2016) (163,802).tumblr_nzggu8Iguk1rn4xp5o2_1280

39. Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi / Endless Sky / One and Only – Morning Musme (12/29/2015) (153,242).Hello_Project-596364

40. Tragedy – KAT-TUN (02/10/2016) (144,954).CYfTpaHUsAEKvOM


41. Coming Over – EXO (12/07/2016) (140,074).14659274_1345617422117453_2863879176450998272_n

42. Mirean Gokoro – Kiyoshi Hikawa (02/02/2016) (139,241).81F5KQIRoiL__SL1500_

43 Jinsei wa Subarashii – Johnny’s WEST (07/27/2016) (137,226).front

44. Moment Ring – M’s (03/02/2016) (135,607).1200x1200-75

45. Run ~Japanese Version~ – Bangtan Boys (BTS) (03/15/2016) (133,469).vsKmn45

46. Yobisute – Sexy Zone (10/19/2016) (129,549).62819392

47. Gyakuten Winter – Johnny’s WEST (04/20/2016) (129,394).JECN-4452

48. Yoshiko-san – Keisuke Kuwata (06/29/2016) (128,904).4988002718948

49. Beautiful World – V6 (06/08/2016) (127,480).beautiful-world-cd-sbig

50. Suna no To – The Yellow Monkey (10/19/2016) (126,761).cvkaewgusae37fp


51. Hane – Koshi Inaba (B’z) (01/13/2016) (123,490).ed3256cea4531c1615db022a228862bb0671b749_large

52. Ukata Saturday Night! / The Vision / Tokyo Toiu Katasumi – Morning Musume (05/11/2016) (121,477).tGOKjg1

53. “Osomatsu -san (TV Anime)” Outro Theme : Six Same Faces ~Koya Wa Saiko!!!!!!~ -Voice by Iyami Feat. Osomatsu x Karamatsu x Choromatsu x Ichimatsu x Jushimatsu x Todomatsu (Kenichi Suzumura, Takahiro Sakurai, Yuichi Nakamura, Hiroshi Kamiya, Jun Fukuyama, Daisuke Ono, Miyu Irino) (12/16/2015) (118,415).s-l1000

54. Joyride ~Kanki no Drive~ – Exile (08/17/2016) (112,007).91Yz8e2YA7L__SL1500_

55. Dear Bride – BTOB (02/24/2016) (110,794).BTOB_-_Dear_Bride_reg_C

56. The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Master 03 – Chie Sasaki (Asuka Imai), Momoka Sakurai (Haruka Terui), Nina Ichihara (Misaki Kuno). Kaoru Ryuzaki (Natsumi Haruse), Miria Akagi (Tomoyo Kurosawa) (06/22/2016) (107,720).79q1Y86

57. Shouri no Mode – Sexy Zone (05/03/2016) (106,411).56244465

58. Sexy Cat Enzetsu / Mukidashi de Mukiatte / Sou Janai – Morning Musume (11/23/2016) (103,853).ggapnhr

59. BoyMen Ninja – Boys And Men (01/06/2016) (102,403).91r8sWboavL__SL1431_

60. Namida – Generations from Exile Tribe (06/29/2016) (101,447).cover


61. Promise (I’ll Be) ~Japanese Version~ – 2PM (10/26/2016) (101,106).71fpmd0thwl__sl1481_

62. Time Flies – Ace Of Spades x PKCZ(R) Heat. Hiroomi Tosaka (10/12/2016) (92,103).csbb2snuaai5knc

63. Hitomi no Oku no Milky Way – Flower (12/16/2015) (90,921).瞳の奥の銀河JK写_形態C_Imagination-ver

64. Kimi e no Tegami – Keisuke Kuwata (11/23/2016) (88,963).image_l

65. Yeah!! Yeah!! Yeah!! – Exile The Second (07/13/2016) (81,546).13501765_1040025912740726_7180494779983299646_n

66. Retun no Hatoba – Keisuke Yamauchi (03/23/2016) (81,510).71tNb5y6sOL__SL1429_

67. L.U.V – BTOB (06/15/2016) (06/15/2016) (78,836).Ck4Xt0qUgAY3xIi

68. Pierrot – Generations from Exile Tribe (11/16/2016) (78,100).cvanzqwueaa5ona

69. Koi no Naritai AQUARIUM – Aqours (04/27/2016) (77,193).0001357339

70. BiBi (Eri Ayase (Yoshino Nanjo), Maki Nishikino (Pile), Niko Yazawa (Sora Tokui)) (01/20/2016) (76,905).78ea58dc97e7b5a695485f7007d21249


71. Soup – Sakura Fujiwara (06/08/2016) (76,497).57598507

72. Hey Ho – Sekai no Owari (10/05/2016) (76,183).crwvwsoviaahkaa

73. Six Shame Faces ~Konya mo Saiko!!!!!!~ – Voice by Totoko Feat. Osomatsu, Karamatsu. Choromatsu, Ichimatsu, Jushimatsu, Todomatsu (Aya Endo, Takahiro Sakurai, Yuichi Nakamura, Hiroshi Kamiya, Jun Fukuyama, Daisuke Ono, Miyu Irino) (03/16/2016) (75,153).o1374137981-x3zwxk6l__sl1379_

74. Aozora Jumping Heart – Aqours (07/20/2016) (72,456).ww6287p

75. Hero – Namie Amuro (07/27/2016) (72,169).4988064990351

76. Pink Champagne – E-girls (08/10/2016) (71,353).Cpdmdg7UIAAJ1RZ

77. Kimi no Sen de – SHINee (05/18/2016) (69,886).Cffpd3lXIAIVOLD

78. Echigo Suibara – Kaori Mizumori (03/29/2016) (69,795).81Axhnqj9SL__SL1500_

79. E.G. Summer Rider – E-girls (07/20/2016) (68,176).e-g-summer-rider-472819_1

80. Shimantogawa – Hiroshi Miyama (02/03/2016) (67,622).shimantogawa-hatoba-to-iu-na-no-sakaba-fuyu-ban-444497_2


81. Yasashisa de Afureru You ni – Flower (06/01/2016) (67,214).AICL3115_2

82. Omoide Ijyoni Naritakute – Lily White (Umi Sonoda (Suzuko Mimori), Rin Hoshizora (Riho Iida), Nozomi Tojo (Aina Kusuda) (12/23/2015) (66,298).59083323

83. Naze Hito wa Arasoun Darou? / Summer Wind / Jinsei wa STEP! – C-ute (04/20/2016) (66,658).4942463721251

84. Wanna Be! – Boys And Men (02/03/2016) (66,053).KICM-91649初回

85. Devil / Magic – Super Junior (01/06/2016) (65,819).1cb0814f05282b68108af4e41e77690a11847c8a_hq

86. Mirai – Kobukuro (12/16/2015) (65,616).32071406_800_800

87. Universe – ShuuKaRen (10/05/2016) (64,034).cr-mkvxvyaiktiv

88. Aitai – Satoshi Hayashibe (02/24/2016) (63,994).71scnn7tyl__sl1417_

89. Dear Dairy / Fighter – Namie Amuro (10/26/2016) (62,141).ctf7gcjvyaaykxp

90. Juice Up!! – Wanima (08/03/2016) (62,006).20160714_115e10


91. The Golden History – Momoiro Clover Z (09/07/2016) (61,584).cpvsjfwxgaaipx

92. Mugen Climax / Ai wa Maru de Seidenka / Singing ~Ano Koro no You ni~ – C-ute (11/02/2016) (61,315).71ugfkp6chl__sl1079_

93. Dumb & Dumber – iKON (09/28/2016) (60,887).cover1400x1400

94. Ichido Dake no Koi Nara / Run ga Pika Ito Hikattara – Walkure (05/11/2016) (60,663).07

95. Loser / Number Nine – Kenshi Yonezu (09/28/2016) (58,970).59d6b4a8b866cbb875466d7f3d197706_content

96. Wings Flap – L’Arc~en~Ciel (12/23/2015) (58,680).L'Arc_-_Wings_Flap_reg

97. Love Summer – SUPER GiRLS (08/31/2016) (58,276).product_1023801

98. Cup no Naka no Komorebi – Love Crescendo (11/25/2015) (57,146).d8e6b123

99. Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku / Itoshima Distance / Koi Nara Tokku ni Hajimatteru – Angerme (04/27/2016) (56,865).TsugitsugiZokuzoku-r

100. Jingle Bells ga Tomaranai – Aqours (11/23/2016) (56,444).love-live-sunshine-original-soundtrack

Oricon Top 100 Albums Of 2016.

December 30, 2016

Oricon Top 100 Albums Of 2016.

Rank/Album/Artist/Release Date/Sales.

1. Are You Happy? – Arashi (10/26/2016) (747,115).image

2. The JSB Legacy – Sandaime J Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe (03/30/2016) (643,115).51Ugh6T4pWL__SL1351_

3. Fantome – Hikaru Utada (09/28/2016) (569,963).v_wxjx123_com

4. Ano Hi Ano Toki – Kazumasa Oda (04/20/2016) (412,496).71IqINkMelL__SL1500_

5. High & Low Original Best Album – Various Artist (06/15/2016) (362,024).13392740_288031041543881_1173043085_n

6. Kimi no na wa – Radwimps (08/24/2016) (351,811).kimi-no-na-ha-483615_1

7. Sorezore no Isu – Nogizaka46 (05/25/2016) (331,848).

Regular Edition Cover.

8. Fuku no Oto – Masaharu Fukuyama (12/23/2015) (302,628).61oJhJUFMDL

9. Chou Ikimonobakari ~Tennen Kinen Members Best Selection~ – Ikimonogakari (03/15/2016) (294,207).いきものがかり_

10. Dear – Hey! Say! JUMP! (07/27/2016) (292,426).CmQ6wmRVYAAVGoB


11. E.G. Smile ~E-girls BEST~ – E-girls (02/10/2016) (291,632).915YrK6v8qL__SL1500_

12. I Scream – Kis-My-FT2 (06/22/2016) (281,433).ClJ3d69UgAATXnT

13. Just Love – Kana Nishino (07/13/2016) (278,754).14a771ae69ab90a58d892065d67d7fe4

14. Butterflies – Bump Of Chicken (02/10/2016) (275,850).cover1

15. Ningen Kaika – Radwimps (11/23/2016) (258,138).rad2

16. Extreme Best – Exile (09/27/2016) (235,431).aeee536e49453b6b62020c29ca6ed3fe

17. Metal Resistance – BABYMETAL (04/01/2016) (230,264).a559362b0d_full

18. Kat-Tun 10th Anniversary Best “10Ks!’ – Kat-Tun (03/22/2016) (209,095).20160210113334892

19. Timeless World – Kobukuro (06/15/2016) (205,641).72cec46a910f07cfa7399b604b8037df_content

20. Made Series – BIGBANG (02/23/2016) (201,227).AVBY-58369


21. Dream Come True The Ura Best! Watashi Dake no Dorikamu – Dreams Come True (07/07/2016) (192,533).CmM4tmoUcAIHZfy

22. Cosmic Explorer – Perfume (04/06/2016) (185,876).per1

23. Chandelier – back number (12/09/2015) (185,819).sim

24. The World’s On Fire – A Man Without A Mission (02/10/2016) (167,992).1200x1200-75

25. Zard Forever Best ~25th Anniversary~ – Zard (02/10/2016) (165,508).54fddf3b580915d5e7eaf238b4c8699e4011de02_l

26. Sexy Zone 5th Anniversary Best – Sexy Zone (11/16/2016) (163,856).tbasexy-zone-496803_1

27. N Album – KinKi Kids (09/21/2016) (149,323).cpxwsphviaava7x

28. L’Epilogue – Kyosuke Himuro (04/13/2016) (144,212).1200x1200-75

29. Uta Monogatari ~(Monogatari) Series Shudaika Shu~ – Various Artist (01/06/2016) (144,212).Utamonogatari_Theme_Song_Collection_SH

30. This Is Flower This Is Best – Flower (09/14/2016) (135,590).folder


31. Samenai – Spitz (07/27/2016) (137,993).醒めない

32. Yellow Dancer – Gen Hoshino (12/02/2015) (133,872).4988002703357

33. Welcome To Sexy Zone – Sexy Zone (02/24/2016) (126,860).kIAlq

34. Walkure Attack! – Walkure (07/06/2016) (125,516).201607071507152c9

35. Quartetto – NEWS (03/09/2016) (125,415).oth827170347047c40dca30a4acebe90b416d5e5f65e1101

36. Galaxy Of 2PM – 2PM (04/27/2016) (122,685).2pm

37. Speedster – Generations from Exile Tribe (03/02/2016) (110,643).


38. Ryouseibai – Gesu no Kiwami Otome (01/13/2016) (107,802).img9170610114571

39. Snack JUJU ~Yoru no Request~ – JUJU (10/26/2016) (103,233).4547366270631

40. Dreams Come True The Best! Watashi no Dorikamu – Dreams Come True (07/07/2015) (99,793).15UMGIM29058_1200x1200-75


41. Hakkin no Yoake – Momoiro Clover Z (02/17/2016) (97,482).b47556d2e5

42. Amaranthus – Momoiro Clover Z (02/17/2016) (96,795).tsujo_H1-4_OL

43. May Dream – aiko (05/18/2016) (96,443).146158623801699600177_maydream_h1_B

44. Welcome Back – iKON (01/13/2016) (91,749).ikon-welcome-back-japan-ver-reg-ygeshop-benefit

45. Universal Library – Yumi Matsutoya (11/02/2016) (91,205).cwetgwaviaauiaq

46. Nowest – Johnny’s WEST (11/30/2016) (91,046).cx5nx40vqaezpyx

47. Towa – Yuzu (01/13/2016) (01/13/2016) (90,9850.E1452503334166_c220_2

48. Youth – Bangtan Boys (BTS) (09/07/2016) (87,067).coneqktuiaaeuue

49. Dangerous Woman – Ariana Grande (05/20/2016) (82,627).dangerous-woman-pre-order

50. The Getaway – Red Hot Chili Peppers (06/17/2016) (81,748).ThdZOQA-1024x1024


51. KPP Best – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (05/25/2016) (81,368).m1000x1000

52. The Best – Ai (11/25/2015) (81,312).151125%20AI%20-%20THE%20BEST_zpswfr88lao

53. Ketsunopolis 10 – Ketsumeishi (10/26/2016) (81,288).7b3e523918cff655f187d9b79beb9246_content

54. Exist! – [Alexandros] (11/09/2016) (80,892).62646727

55. Ao no Koukei – Motohiro Hata (12/16/2015) (80,525).6b29a4227e080ba68ef13854dd825ff5

56. Nakajima Miyuki 21st Century Best Selection “Zento” – Miyuki Nakajima (11/16/2016) (78,587).1024x1

57. This Is Me ~Ayaka 10th Anniversary BEST~ – Ayaka (07/13/2016) (76,758).Clsc80HUkAAORnl

58. Walkure Trap! – Walkure (09/28/2016) (76,057).0829-11

59. Niche Syndrome – One Ok Rock (06/09/2010) (75,463).niche_syndrome

60. Uta – Subaru Shibutani (Kanjani8) (02/10/2016) (73,946).JACA5574_8


61. Purpose – Justin Bieber (11/13/2015) (73,487).1024x1024

62. Debut Again – Eiichi Otaki (03/21/2016) (73,431).92c23f8b

63. 2020 ~T.M. Revolution All Time Best~ – T.M. Revolution (05/11/2016) (69,974).51a6cd92

64. Daydream – Aimer (09/21/2016) (68,905).aimer_-_daydream_reg

65. The Still Life – Ken Hirai (07/06/2016) (65,240).CmLq7iSUoAAr53m

66. Rainbow – Sayaka Yamamoto (NMB48) (10/26/2016) (64,898).mp3-sayaka-yamamoto-1st-album-rainbow-a

67. The Idolmaster Cinderella Master Cool Jewelries! 003 – Fumika Sawazaki (M.A.O), Kanade Hayami (Tomoko Iida), Arisu Tachibana (Amina Sato), Syuko Shiomi (Ru Thing), Asuka Ninomiya (Shiki Aoki) (06/29/2016) (64,449).CltK8o0UoAAiNg_

68. What You Want – JUJU (12/09/2015) (64,445).4547403041699

69. 25 – Adele (11/20/2015) (63,627).364547_20151127005439

70. Love & Letter – Seventeen (04/27/2016) (62,631).

* Korean release album.bf83e983-0690-48c7-a745-b4850177961b


71. The Idolmaster Cinderella Master Cute Jewelries! 003 – Frederica Miyamoto (Asami Takano), Shiki Ichinose (Kotomi Aihara), Momoka Sakurai (Haruka Terui), Yuka Nakano (Shino Shimonoji), Kyoko Igarashi (Atsumi Tanezaki) (06/01/2016) (61,378).s-l1600

72. D x D x D – SHINee (01/01/2016) (61,263).o0800079013503423310

73. We Love Seiko ~35th Anniversary Matsuda Seiko Kyukyoku All Time Best 50 Songs~ – Seiko Matsuda (12/09/2015) (60,357).81vC7zakqhL__SL1430_

74. “IDOLiSH7 1st Full Album : i7 – IDOLiSH7  (08/24/2016) (59,854).16663-first_image-1024x1024

75. Yama-P – Tomohisa Yamashita (01/27/2016) (58,896).61OYSzZ4wtL__SL1500_

76. Colorful Monster – Little Glee Monster (01/06/2016) (56,322).20160106-little

77. Dr. Izzy – Unison Square Garden (07/06/2016) (55,939).Cmj_qO7VYAAyPaR

78. Blackstar – David Bowie (01/08/2016) (55,552).s-l1000

79. The Idolmaster Cinderella Master Passion Jewelries! 003 – Yuki Himekawa (Mako Morino), Nina Ichihara (Misaki Kuno), Sanae Katagiri (Azumi Waki), Yui Otsuki (Nanami Yamashita), Yumi Aiba (Juri Kimuara). (06/15/2016) (55,273).CldcY3XVAAAi5GK

80. En – GReeeeN (09/14/2016) (54,216).co1zv6ovmaa2syc


81. Every Season – Da-iCE (01/06/2016) (53,904).1200x1200-75

82. 24K Magic – Bruno Mars (11/18/2016) (53,875).21a10d2c02741b9d9d62da8aa3d6de4f_1000x1000x1

83. Osomatsu-san Mutsugo no Oshigoto Talken Doramatsu CD Series Osomatsu & Ichimatsu “Uranaishi” – Osomatsu Matsuno & Ichimatsu Matsuno (Takahiro Sakurai & Jun Fukuyama) (02/24/2016) (52,688).52484551

84. Day Breaks – Norah Jones (10/05/2016) (50,940).ob_6c6284_aaaabcndd

85. Daikessakusen – Naotaro Moriyama (09/21/2016) (50,019).5b7412ef771ddb9f38e38d84c2d6323b_content

86. Osomatsu-san Mutsugo no Oshigoto Taiken Doramatsu CD Series Karamatsu & Todomatsu “Bengoshi” – Karamatsu Matsuno & Ichimatsu Matsuno (Yuichi Nakamura & Jun Fukuyama) (05/25/2016) (49,517).Cg47JA-U8AIj_7m

87. Live At The Hollywood Bowl – The Beatles (09/09/2016) (49,229).6287607c9b944e85ec5567e5f7456bbbc97b34ea_xlarge

88. Sayonara Hitori – Taemin (SHINee) (07/27/2016) (49,190).ClnJBpGWgAAh0sU

89. Anarchy – Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku (04/20/2016) (49,184).655e64e5a8

90. DSMIN – Junho (From 2PM) (07/20/2016) (48,644).4ef645daeae0dcdf967f5d9f164e64704ce86185_hq


91. EX’ACT (Korean Version) – EXO (06/13/2016) (48,617).CkwkC79UkAAt7hl

* Korean release Album.

92. Tashikani Honki no Koi Datta – Various Artist (09/16/2015) (47,535).151215

93. Kuro Crest Story – After The Rain (Soraru x Mafumafu) (04/13/2016) (46,240).CdAmxnmUEAAv6Vf

94. Sixth Sense – Naoto Inti Raymi (09/14/2016) (45,819).763494_00001

95. 51 Emotions ~Best Of The Future~ – Tomoyasu Hotei (06/22/2016) (45,345).81K64XI5EeL__SL1500_

96. V – Sakurako Ohara (06/29/2016) (45,004).Ck1Y4pvUoAEQXTm

97. GOGO DEMPA – Dempa Gumi. inc (04/27/2016) (44,934).160427%20DEMPA%20GUMI_inc%20-%20GOGO%20DEMPA_zpsvtpiu4jw

98. A Moon Shaped Pool – Radiohead (06/15/2016) (44,352).radiohead_6

99. Godzilla Resurgeance – Soundtrack (07/30/2016) (07/30/2016) (43,951).CpW-bZpWEAUnPle

100. Girlz N’ Effect – Happiness (10/12/2016) (43,821).happiness_-_girlz_n_effect_cd_only